(Last Updated On: January 10, 2017)

Combine recreational equipment with hotels and resort facilities and you have a trillion dollar Adventure Tourism industry. Commercial adventure activities only form a part which does have a substantial standing. If we talk about outdoor adventure, adventure sports occupy 1/5th of the global tourism. This stat signifies the importance of adventure in the overall tourism industry.

For more than two decades adventure tourism has been a trillion dollar industry. Blame it on the large population of under-35, who has more than average salaries, are single/divorced, independent and short on time. Adventure tourism has tapped into their lives and managed to lure them into spending fortunes. And they do not mind because they believe in grabbing the limited jiffies they have left after deducting the long hours at office. They treat adventure activities more like luxury holiday packages than activities to gain special skills.

If we talk in figures the ‘serious’ adventurers are mainly males in their 20’s. The rest of the people make up the leisure-seeking, do-it-for-thrill segment. A study by the Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) shows that out of total number of travelers, 20% belongs to adventure tourist.

These days, 2 out of every 10 youngsters have been to a trekking camp and are planning to go rafting/bungee jumping. Several are part of adventure clubs and many aspire to make an entry into the adventure tourism market. Another reason why adventure activities have taken such a huge upswing is the increased awareness of the fitness levels. They also become aware of the growing importance and benefits of doing physical activity in the natural surroundings.

Being away from home helps young people learn the importance of being self-sufficient. There is a hell lot to learn in terms of emotional and practical independence. A new level of adjustment has to be brought in order to stick around with others and work in harmony. A change of environment can impact on young people in many ways. Huge numbers of young people are involved in adventure activities due to its mental, cognitive, social and emotional benefits. Adventure sports give an adrenaline high and have obvious health benefits.