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Yak Safari

yak in ladakh

Meet the Yak – The Yak, or dong as it is locally called by natives, is the largest animal of this cold desert land. About six ft in height and more than a thousand kg in body weight, this mammoth animal is covered with a coat of thick black hair which protects it from the extremities of the Himalayan local weather. They also have amazingly adapted themselves to snowstorms and blizzards.

Another characteristic feature of this animal is its curved horns whose tips can be as wide apart as 90 cm. and measure 76 cm. over the curves.

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The yak spends its summers at a height above 6,000 meters while during the chill winter months, it moves in herds to the lakes, marshes and lower valleys of the Himalayas.


Where are they found? You can find these shaggy animals in the wilderness of the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Yaks, the useful wild beast:

  • Several of these Yaks have been domesticated by locals of Leh for thousands of years and are considered to be a very valuable animal in the Himalayan economy.
  • They used yaks as a beast of burden which carries loads and ploughs the fields.
  • Yak milk and meat provide as food to some of the local people in Ladakh.
  • The Yak’s thick hair is used to weave warm blankets.
  • Yak dung provides fuel in the treeless areas of Leh.

Yak Safari:
Yak Safari in Ladakh is truly a safari with a difference and an experience you would cherish forever. This is an adventure distinctive to Ladakh. Exploring the pristine lakes, glacial valleys, gurgling streams and chiselled snow peaks of Ladakh while saddled atop a yak may be a lifetime encounter. It provides breathtaking views of large peaks of this rugged land. It is requested from the tourism development of Ladakh that all those who want to encounter Yak Safari in Ladakh need to be respectful towards this majestic animal and treat it with care.

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