(Last Updated On: February 2, 2017)

Get up in the air, albeit in your bicycle. What seems to have come straight out of a futuristic movie is now a reality…a one that has been made true by XploreAir’s Paravelo. Estimated at $45,000 (Rs 26 lakh approx), it boasts of being world’s first ever flying bicycle.


The magic bicycle can cover 15mph on the road and a good 25mph when soaring to the skies. Making this possible is the integrated backpack that releases a para-wing, using a two-stroke gasoline engine to power the craft’s three-bladed carbon fiber propeller. It comes equipped with a high-grade aluminium construction, 20” wheels, and a built-in tent.


For a bicycle that is heavy on your pocket, Paravelo is relatively easy to carry around. You can dump it in the boot of your car and take it out whenever you wish. A technology coup indeed, feel the fierce wind as you ascend around 4,000 ft off the ground. Now wouldn’t you wish your bicycle would fly like this?