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Safely hidden under the bosom of Mother Nature lies this unexplored land of Northeast which has been provoking travellers from far and wide to explore its magnificence. With its unbound nature beauty and verdant landscapes, this mystical portion is tucked away in the pristine mountains. This part of the country is home to the famous ‘Seven Sisters’ Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. Very recently Sikkim was added as the Eighth Sister.

Northeast is the land of gripping scenic beauty formed of high hills, cascading waterfalls and undulating streams and an exotic wildlife. Every year thousands of tourist flock to this destination to explore its wonders. Connected to the rest of India via a narrow stretch of land, this enchanting land is very fast catching up the imagination of people around the world. Be it the indigenous culture or its amazing lifestyle Northeast India is totally divergent from rest of India. The serenity of the Blue Mountains, the dense forest, the striking wildlife, the distinct culture and the alluring handicraft will absolutely leave you with a lot of startling reminiscences from this magical land. So, let’s explore a bit about this enchanting land.


1. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

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Home to the mighty Brahmaputra, Assam is the passage to the other Northeastern states.  While you are visiting this magical land in Northeast the one most famous tourist attraction is the Kaziranga National Park. Famous for the endangered one-horned rhinoceros, The Kaziranga National Park covers an area of 2/3rd of the world’s total population.

An abode for over 250 species of avifauna, this National Park has a variety of black-necked crane, Pallas’s fish eagle, Bengal Florican and Great pied Hornbill. Also, acclaimed by UNESCO World heritage Site this National Park also has 35 35 species of major mammals like The Royal Bengal tiger, leopard, water buffalo, wild elephants and sambar. Don’t miss a chance to allure yourself with an alluring wildlife safari in Kaziranga National Park.


2. Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya

Image Source: BBC - Travel

Image Source: BBC – Travel

As the name goes Meghalaya, is the land of mesmerising scenic beauty with high mountains and colourful waterfalls. When you are exploring the beauty of this land then don’t miss a chance to visit the one of a kind ‘Living Root Bridge’. One of the major tourist attractions are the bridges here which are naturally grown. These bridges are centuries old and are very strong.

What could be a better example of nature wonder than this?  These double decker or single decker root bridges are grown in Khasi Hills and Jaintia from the species of India-rubber trees.  Some of these bridges are about 100 ft long. One can also head out for trekking in this region and explore the scenic beauty.


3. Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

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Another heaven on earth, Arunachal Pradesh is another Northeastern state which is gaining a lot of favouritism among the people around the world. This state has the thinnest density of population but a variety of tourist attractions. It is majorly known for its various types of orchids. But in between these the major tourist attraction is the Tawang Monastery.

Nestled at an altitude of 3300 meters this Gompa has attracted a lot of people for its stunning beauty. It is a huge monastery which houses a museum, institutions, living quarters, libraries and a big monastery. The monastery can accommodate around 700 monks and is home to 450 lamas. It has a 3 storied library and has a 400-year-old Kangyur Scriptures and other expensive books and manuscripts.


4. Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim


For many Sikkim has been a favourite destination for all. With the picturesque beauty of the mountains and the shimmering lakes, a lot of tourists opt this Northeastern destination.  Be it the zigzag roads or the whistling waterfalls you will definitely fall in love with this place. While visiting Sikkim you will come across the most beautiful lake on earth.

Nestle at an altitude of 17000 ft and also known as the highest freshwater lakes on earth, Gurudongmar Lake is a must visit destination for you. With its milky white colour, this place is one of the top places to visit n India. This lake also holds religious importance for Hindus and Buddhist.


5. Unakoti Hills, Tripura


Also, known as the Queen of Hills and encircled by the deltaic Bangladesh on all four sides, Tripura is another destination among the North eastern states. The strong seasonal rhythms in the climate make this place a unique one.  The scintillating rivers and the scenic backgrounds attract a lot of tourists. Among the exotic attractions in Tripura, Unakoti Hills is the most favoured place here.

Dating back to 7th century, Unakoti Hills is a shivaite pilgrimage site. It consists of numerous rock carvings, murals and natural beauty. The literal meaning of this place is one less that a crore (1 less than 10 million) and is believed to contain many rock carvings. Make sure to visit this place in Tripura and also take a detour to the nearby waterfalls there.


6. Vantawng Falls, Mizoram

Vantawang falls, Mizoram

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Blessed with a dramatic landscape and a pleasant climate, Mizoram is another stunning Northeast destination. Whether it’s the people or the culture you will never cease to explore this place as it gives you some of the best memories. A lot of tourist visits this place every year to see its attractions. Among such attractions Vantawang falls is the most visited place here.

This two tiered waterfall with its cascading milky waters makes the onlookers stare at it for hours. This fall is located 152 kilometres away from Aizawl and is considered as the highest waterfall of Mizoram having a fall of 750 feet. Bounded by lush green tropical forests filled with bamboo groves this waterfall is an ideal place for the photographer enthusiast.


7. Dzukou Valley, Nagaland


Image Source: The reDiscovery Project

Evoking the sense of wonder and awe in the minds of people, Nagaland is another destination which is a must visit in Northeast. Its culture and colourful festivals attract people from far and wide. Nagaland is mainly known for its famous Hornbills festival which is visited by thousands of tourist every year.  In between its rich culture, there is also another attraction in Nagaland.

One such attraction is the Dzukou Valley. Blessed with diverse species of flowers and shrubs Dzukou Valley is most unblemished and titillating places in North East. This green valley includes an array of rhododendron species. Soak in the amazing beauty of this region while heading out for an exciting trek here.


8. Loktak Lake, Manipur

Wonders of North East India

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Known as the Switzerland of East, Manipur is another state in the Northeast which is blessed with a variety of flora and fauna.  Manipur is also very famous for the Keibul Lamjao, the floating bird. Another main attraction of this incredible land is the Loktak Lake. The magnificent fresh water lake is located at near Moirang.

Its distinguishing floating vegetation in the lake makes it unique from any other lakes in the world. The lake is also known as ‘Phumdi’ which means Floating Lake. There are several ‘Phumdis’ spread across the whole stretch of the Lake and provides it with an astounding viewpoint. One can also find a variety of tasty fish in this lake.