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Road Trips… Yeah! I know, I know, that fun, that happiness and that trip, it will be the most memorable part of your life. Well, when you are on a road trip most of you might have comes across plenty of Sign Boards saying Drive slow, animal crossing, children crossing etc. But if you are taking the roads of Ladakh then guys you will laugh your heart out while reading these funny life lessons signboards. I hope you get that!!!

Ladakh has been always the most favored destination of all. Nestled at a high altitude with stunning views thousands of tourist conquer the rough terrains while taking a Ladakh bike trip. With such a lot of tourist visiting this place it has become important for people to give a few pieces of advice while taking the roads. So, to make their road trip interesting and amazing a lot of funny signs boards are put up with funny quotes which will make your day.

Leh-Ladakh is the place which you must see in one’s life. Visiting Leh Ladakh can be a great experience as these places have a lot of natural beauty. And this heaven opens doors to some amazing places to visit in Ladakh that is blessed by nature.

When you are planning for a road trip from Delhi to Leh Ladakh route then you will be open to two most amazing options which are equally beautiful in its own ways and those are Srinagar- Leh route or Manali to Leh Ladakh route.

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After reaching Ladakh, if you are looking for accommodations options, here is the list of best Leh hotels only for you. After getting all warm up, don’t waste your time and start exploring the best attractions of Leh.

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Have the thrilling motorbike tour from Manali to Leh which gives spectacular views of mountains, high passes, lakes, monasteries and much more.