(Last Updated On: December 28, 2017)

Now, now it’s time to unleash the party animal in you. With New Year just around the corner, it calls for some celebration. Whether you’re planning to shed some pounds or kick a bad habit why not just take the last fling? From beaches to the bar, all you can think of is to party hard till the end of the night.

Nope, I didn’t mean that! The night is still young and with each beat comes the new dawn. It’s the time you decide where you want to spend some of the ecstatic time with your friends. Just let your hair loose and hit the dance floor. Say Cheers to the night.

1) Copacabana Beach, Rio De Janeiro

Dance at the beach till the stars come down from the rafters!

Image Source: metro.co.uk/


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2) Pacha, Ibiza Spain

The Night is still young and so are we. You just can’t stop singing ‘Cause we are Young and Wild and Free’ in Ibiza

pacha-ibizaImage Source: myibiza.tv


es-pacha-ibizaImage Source: residentadvisor.net

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3) Madeira Islands Cruise Party, Portugal

Did I just hear islands? Turn up the music Guys, it’s a party cruise.

Image Source: nightlife-cityguide.com


Image Source: caribbeanworld-magazine.com


4) Sanxenxo, Galicia, Spain

Drink like a fish at Sanxenxo night club!



5) Time Square, New York

It’s just the beginning! Raise a toast to the amazing night at Times Square

Image Source: timeout.com

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6) Plush Ski Resort, Aspen, Colorado

Let your hair loose at the Plush Ski Resort

Image Source: fivestarcolorado.com


Image Source: roughguides.com


7) Tel Aviv, Israel

Once you step on the floor all you can say is Le Haim!

Image Source: thousandwonders.net


Image Source: lonelyplanet.com


8) Mykonos, Greece

Dance the night away in the beaches of Mykonos.

Image Source: mykonosestates.com


Image Source: mykonosx.com

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9) Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam

Wait a second, it’s Amsterdam. All you do is Party hard for all the hours.

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10) Goa, India

All I can say we’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

cafe-mambosImage Source: goaholidayguide.blogspot.com


Image Source: flyinheaven.com

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11) Mandala Cancun, Mexico

Let’s hear it for the night work hard, play hard, and party even harder at Mandala Cancun Mexico

Image Source: 10best.com


Image Source: 10best.com


12) Brussels, Belgium

Make a toast to the wildest party on the planet in Brussels, Belgium

Image Source: visitbrussels

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13) South Lake Tahoe, California

All I can hear you singing California calling 20 miles to go.

Image Source: globaldanceelectronic.blogspot.in


14) Reykjavik, Iceland

Double your celebrations with the glittering Northern light and the fireworks for the night.

iceland-reykjavik-new-year-fireworksImage Source: enjoyfestivals.com


nightlife-in-reykjavik-1Image Source: guidetoiceland.is

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15) Edinburgh, Scotland

Grasp your breathe as you dance to the EDM music with the flickering light at the top.

Image Source: uguest.com


Image Source: studyinuk.universiablogs.net

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16) Sydney, Australia

The night is young and it’s all ours, let’s go party at the Sydney bars.

sydneyfireworksImage Source: internshipsdownunder.com


Image Source: funkthefame.com

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17) Dubrovnik, Croatia

The sun goes down and lets’s just greet the fun party night!

Image Source: total-croatia-news.com


Image Source: wondercroatia.com


18) Gdansk, Poland

Dance like it’s your last night at the bars in Gdansk, Poland

Image Source: Patryk Kosmider



19) Cala Jondal Beach, Ibiza

I say Party you say Dance, this is what we do at the beach for the night.

Image Source: stayatbase.com

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20. Miami, Florida

In Miami, Until further notice, We are celebrating everything.

miami_new_years_eveImage Source: miaminewtimes.com


Image Source: exclusivee.com

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