(Last Updated On: February 25, 2014)

Why Outbound is a must for new hires orientation program

As little kids in school, don’t we all recollect how excited and happy we used to get the moment we were informed of an upcoming excursion outing, somewhere far away from our monotonous classrooms? A new found energy rushes through us on the thought of getting a break from the daily routine of studies and class work, just a fun day outing with friends with absolutely no worries about tests and exams.

Well, it’s not the case with just little kids. Corporate employees also look forward to such team outings with their buddies at work. A day when they can leave behind all those deadline tensions, review assignments, testing and coding tasks and the whole lot of office related mind bogglers out of their mind for a while. Well positive change is always welcome isn’t it?

These team outings, better called Team Outbounds, are not just a fun day out with buddies, but these leisure trips peppered with team building activities to help develop the employees into better team players by enhancing their team spirit. While such team outbounds are a much needed break for existing employees, they are even more crucial for the new hires.

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New hires face the anxiety of being able to fit into an existing established team, keep up to pace with their seniors and have a constant pressure to prove their capabilities, and fast! The informal feel of team outbound programs helps break the ice between fresh hires and their seniors by putting them together in a friendly environment, outside the formal norms of the office environment.

During the many fun tutorial activities that are a part of these outings, new comers and their seasoned seniors are thrown together as team mates and are seen assisting each other towards a team goal, in the most informal atmosphere. This casual interaction between them aids in nurturing a friendship between them not just on the game floor but would be carried back to office easing out their work relationships as well.

Fresh hires get to learn a lot about their colleagues through these outings which would not have come across to them at the work place. Similarly, new hires get to display their latent talents, leadership skills, analytical thinking and the like to their seniors while attempting team challenges and games at the team outbound programs.

The Thrillophilia effect: Team Thrillophilia is proud of successfully organizing over 100 corporate outbound programs for several corporate companies all over the country. With their innovative team games and activities, corporate leads have noted positive impact that these programs make on the new hires.

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