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From crystal clear ice expanses to the acutely hanging ledges- Chadar Trek is every avid trekker’s fantasy to fulfill. Make your dream come true by booking your Chadar Trek Experience with Thrillophilia.  

What’s more? You can avail up to Rs. 7000 or 25% worth of discount! Also, if you are a group of 8 people or more, then better avail a discount of Rs. 500!

Chadar Trek

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Chadar Trek happens to be one of the most technical treks you can undertake in India. The blue and green frozen water of the Zanskar river has a magnetic charm. Chadar Trek

We at Thrillophilia believe in doing everything the right way even if it is a little time taking. Keeping this in mind we have a proper and well-planned acclimatization time set aside. To keep your spirits up we ensure piping hot meals are served to you every day we host you.

Adventures are fun only when done safely. So, we make your safety during the trek our utmost priority. We hire highly trained experts with proper certification along with a caravan of ground staff. All done to ensure the safest experience possible. We promise not to cut corners when it comes to your safety and the high quality associated with our name. 

What To Expect When You Choose To Experience Chadar Trek With Thrillophilia?

Chadar Trek

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What Sets Thrillophilia Apart From All Other Chadar Trek Operators?

Opt-Out / Wildcard Exit Option

At times, there are cases when the weather conditions get the best of you. You feel that you will be unable to continue with your further or declared unfit after the checkup. Usually, you will be compelled to head back home without undertaking the adventure you had in mind. Anybody in such a case would be totally disheartened. 

Chadar Trek

But if you book with us, then we at Thrillophilia assure you that you will be able to have at least a taste of the vibrant Ladakhi culture. How? Well, for the first five people that are declared unfit, they will be provided with another tour of “Flavours of Ladakh” at no additional cost! You will be able to meet the locals and capture the smiles of those cute Ladakhi children with rosy cheeks. Have an experience of their warm hospitality in the chilling cold of Ladakh. Isn’t it better than just retracing back?

Gradual Acclimatization

Chadar Trek

Usually starting from the enchanting city of Leh, where you will have ample time to assimilate and reduce the effects of the low levels of oxygen and the subzero conditions. We at Thrillophilia care a lot for you. Within the nine days of trekking on ice, the first three days in our tour are purely set for acclimatization. While a lot of people might think of it as a waste of time, trust us, your further trekking experience will be a lot easier and fun if you just follow the instructions in these three days. 

1:1 Ground Staff To Participant Ratio

To ease you out a little bit during your trek, we always manage to keep one porter/caretaker for each person during this trek. The local porters with their smiling faces will be aiding you for the beginning to end by carrying the tent and food supplies. They will be quick and scuttle ahead to prepare meals and set up tents for you. Be assured that you will be in good hands of reliable support staff, professional trek leaders, and guides who are well-versed with their skills. 

Double-Layered Feather Coated Sleeping Bags

The quality sleeping bags we provide during the trek will keep you at bay from the sub-zero temperatures during the night. You will be able to cozy up and sleep like a baby at such high and rough altitudes. 

Centralized Camping Equipment

We believe that compromising on the quality of the equipment is not the right way for someone to have an adventurous experience. You will be provided with good quality tents, clean sleeping bags, thick camping mattress, and overall clean surroundings.Chadar Trek

Hot And Nutritious Meals Served During The Trek

Having piping hot meals with expansive views of the snow-white mountains is a surreal feeling. You will be able to experience this when you are provided with all three hot delicious meals on each day to fuel you up for the day! 

Flexible Dates

When you have booked with us, and for some reason, you would want to change your travel dates, then we are happy to adjust them for your convenience according to availability in the next few dates. You will have more chances to have this soul-stirring experience with us and live in the moment for the next nine days of your life.     Chadar Trek

Smaller Group size

We have reasons for adhering to book only 15-20 members per groupWhen there’s a small number of people on such a strenuous trek, then it will be easier for you to experience Chadar in a better way. We will also be able to manage the trek in a better way and give you the best possible sojourn. 

Experience Chadar Trek with Thrillophilia. You Only Trek Once, Buy the Best!

Chadar Trek

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