(Last Updated On: December 22, 2016)

Why camping is more fun than resort for corporate outings?

Corporate team outings spell fun, entertainment, bonding and enhancing team spirit amongst colleagues and work teammates.  The importance of organizing such team outings cannot be emphasized enough as the impact it creates on employees is always positive and this helps in bettering the team bonding at work place.

While planning a team outing, selecting the venue is crucial. Based on the team consensus, a venue needs to be chosen that serves the purpose that the outing is planned for. If the team outing is organized with the prime purpose of conducting team activities, such as team games, seminars etc, then a resort would be ideal as the organized structure that a resort facilities provide would aid in handling team outbounds better. However, if the motive of team outing is pure fun and frolic, then camping at an adventure camp site scores over resort, as the perfect venue for a team outing.

No boundaries for fun! Camping offers unlimited fun options as there are no rigid boundaries at a campsite. Pitching up tents in the open gives a complete adventure feel to the team outing making it a very memorable one for all. As more space is available at your disposal, you have the liberty to make use of it all to make the team event completely fun filled. Organizing team games out amidst nature is way better than in the closed boundaries of a resort outing.

Closer to nature: By setting up tents in the wilderness, you get to enjoy the beauty of nature in its abundant purity thereby rejuvenating and refreshing you like nothing else! Camp fires, song and dance, gazing at the star spangled night and casual bonding with each other creates memories for every member to cherish for a long time to come.

Adventure unlimited: Nature camping brings in more of the adventure element into the outing. Unlike resorts, there are no firm rules that one needs to abide by thereby dampening the fun aspect. For instance, out in the nature camping, you can venture out into the woods any hour of the day and be back to your tent, but some resort may have some time restricting not permitting such odd hours explorations.

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