(Last Updated On: February 25, 2014)

For seasoned hard core trekkers, the tougher and more rugged the trekking trail is, the more they love it as such challenges are what give them the real adrenaline rush that they seek for.

What treks to choose while on a corporate team outing?

But, when it comes to trekking while on team outings, there is a lot more to be considered than just the adrenaline rush.  There are quite a few pointers to be taken care of while choosing a trek for a team outing.

Fitness of the members: It is very important to check if every member who is participating in the team trek is fit and healthy to take on the adventure trek. Team members suffering from weakness and fatigue, just recovering from illness, pregnant women etc are not to be part of demanding treks. Hence, if majority fall under this category, a casual nature walk, not requiring much exertion would be suitable.

Distance of the trek: If all members are fit and fine and are willing to go on a simple trek, another thing to be considered is the distance of the trek. Since, most of the participants may be first time trekkers; the trail should not be too rugged and should be not more than 5 km in duration. For amateur trekkers, a short distance, soft trek, which does not require much or no climbing is considered the ideal sort of trek to start with.

From easy to challenging there are so many  treks around Bangalore. Savandurga, Makalidurga, Skandagiri and Bheemeshwari are some places ideally suited for team treks.


Precautionary Measures: Carrying a first aid kit containing important medicines, bandages, anti septic etc are a must for team treks. Proper and adequate care must be taken to ensure the protection of every member participating in the trekking adventure outing. It would prove to be helpful if some experienced members from the team are identified, who would be able to guide the rest through the trek.

Proper Preparation: Finally, prior to the start of the trekking odyssey, some basic checks need to be done. Every member should have eaten well, as attempting a trek on an empty stomach could lead to fatigue. At the same time, eating too heavy can also be very uncomfortable to trek. Hence, eating just right is important. Everyone should be comfortably clothed, preferably in loose cotton clothing, since the trek would involve walking through sand, weeds, and slight climbs. Carry plenty of water along as keeping yourself hydrated is very critical while venturing into any sort of adventure sports activity.