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Thoreau brilliantly averred once, “this world is but a canvas to our imagination”, and yes, there are strikingly living examples portraying the concept literally well. Amazing Escape Room Game is the matter of concern here. With a genuine intention to spread the feather of happiness among the perplexed groups, be it families, school students or corporate teams, Amazing Escape Room Game gets flourished in the unrivalled metro cities, Bangalore and Mumbai.

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One hour of intriguing storytelling style of game is locked inside seven different sets of rooms. And they are daring those with a troupe of wild imaginations in their hearts to try to involve in these games. Rather, this escape room game is a kind of going back to those days when fiction overshadowed reality and a conglomeration of unexpected themes inside the rooms is asking your one hour for an escape from reality.

1 Goal, 8 Rooms, 150 Locks, 60 Minutes- Amazing Escape happily invites those brave hearts filled with creative and critical thinking to take these challenges.


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Bangalore: It is located on the 7th Main, Indira Nagar opposite to Harley Davidson Showroom. Click here to book tickets

Mumbai: It is located next to Times Now Office, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel. Click here to book tickets

About the game

Escape Room Game is a real life adventure game that locks you inside a themed room carving amusing imaginary stories and asking you to escape these rooms in a time limit of one hour. A detailed teamwork is needed to find the way out of the rooms, coding and decoding the puzzles, hints and clues hidden in the room.

You have to deviate from the common thoughts in order tackle the tricky clues and find the way out, quite challenging but these rooms make sure that everyone in your group is going through the most adventurous time of your lives.

What to do?


By creating the simpler methods to be a part of this wonderful game, Amazing Escape eases out the confusions and chaos usually revolve around the process of booking. Use the wide windows of your computer or the smaller windows of your phone to make a booking, any room you wish to be in, hassle-free.

Arrive at the location at least 15 minutes prior, the authorities will explain the rules, regulations, things to remember etc before the start of the game. Arrange your team, focus that the clock is ticking and start! Find the clues hidden inside the room, make use of your wide collection of wit to decipher the clues which at the end give you the proper solution to escape the room. Once you are out, yes, you have won the game!

Who can play?

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No! There is no restriction in terms of eligibility to participate. Are you a bunch of classmates? Or do you wish to have a great time with your family? Are you looking for a perfect corporate team outing? Whatever be your background scenario, Amazing Escape is inviting you to experience a unique time with your favourite ones.

Students: – This is the time you have to dig out your classroom knowledge so deep, find yourself a team leader, collaborating the brain stormed ideas and escape the room.

Family and friends: – You would be in any age group, it does not matter here. Use your creative ideas, think out of the box and experience unlimited fun with your beloved ones during the game.

Corporate: – An ideal team building activity where you can contribute a lot to tackle an issue with the proper engagement of all the team players together. Experience the wonderful time of working together and find a way out of your routine office tags.

Special Events: – Do something different rather than a cake cutting or just partying with your friends and relatives on your special days. Book the escape game for a differing birthday celebration or anniversary with a tailored set of experiences as per your requirements.


What Makes Amazing Escape Room Game Very Special

The Lost Kingdom Escape Game

If you have a daring mind to be in a lost kingdom where a bizarre atmosphere is prevailing with hidden dangers which are not uncommon, then the Lost Kingdom Escape Game can let you go through the most spine-chilling time of your life. Remember, you will be lost and forgotten forever inside the uncanny sanctum of the kingdom if you fail to escape the room in 60 minutes. Taking the challenge?

4-7 players at a time

Casino Heist Escape Game

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Challenge yourself to be a part of an elite group, the Ocean in order to attempt a heist at the Casino Royale. This is a triumphant way to make your identity marked worldwide. The experienced team of the Ocean has done the first half of the heist by polarizing the security cameras temporarily and gained access to the officer’s cabin where the gateways to the vaults are opened. Your duty is to find out the clues discreetly hidden inside the room and open the safe. After 55 minutes, the alarm sounds and you are left with just 5 minutes to escape the room before the cops arrive.

4-7 players at a time

Illuminati Escape Game

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The legendary vendetta against the Catholic Church by the Illuminati has reached the final phase of it and the breaking news if the Pope died under mysterious circumstances. You are on a mission or a hunt through the deserted cathedrals, the sacred sanctums and reach the interior, especially the private secretary’s room. The target before you is that you have to prove that the Pope was assassinated and escape the room in 60 minutes prior to the Swiss Guard captures you. Sounds intriguing?

3-7 players at a time

Prison Break Escape Game

Imagine your new home that is a cell which you are locked in for a wrongly accused case without parole. Remember, the previous inmate of the cell has vanished all on a sudden and there are rumours saying he must have escaped or he must have got murdered by the infamous inhuman warden. You are given a wonderful chance to escape the fate waiting for you like the previous inmate. 60 minutes are on your hand when the warden is out of office and tackle the clues to come out of the prison to live the free live outside.

8-10 players at a time

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The Evil Lucy Escape Room Game

This game is for the real brave hearts. Lucy, an unfriendly evil living alone in her haunted house is waiting for the bravest among you to play creepy games with her. But remember, she is asking for your souls to play with her, the very souls of yours. Scared? There is a chance to escape her evil spells using the hints hidden in her room, tackle them and unlock the room and escape. Otherwise…

3-7 players at a time

Escape the Tomb Room Game

The fascinated mind of yours is going to resolve the mysteries of a recently invented Pyramid of a forgotten Pharaoh which has set the world’s imagination afire. A leading archaeological team is with you to help you out on your mission to reach the obscure tomb and find out the identity of the mysterious king. There were many teams tried to know the secret but none of them could escape the dark, bizarre tomb. People believe that the Pharaoh had his chamber cursed. The crucial 60 minutes before you is to be used cleverly to know the Pharaoh’s identity and escape the chamber before the curse would engulf you as well.

4-6 players at a time

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Metro Bomb Defusal

The city police gets an anonymous call that says there is a bomb placed in the metro by a team of Laskha and you are required to be at the spot in order to defuse the bomb since you are working with the elite bomb squad of the city. Though the police had evacuated the metro station, your job would be an onerous one. The circuit of the bomb is a complex one but the terrorist groups had left many clues in the station to disarm the circuit because they took it as a sporty adventure. You have 60 minutes to save the city from a jeopardy. Do you have the courage to do it? Good luck!


For weekend and weekdays, there are different prices for each room depending on the number of people.

The price starts from Rs.449 per person if a minimum of 8 players in a room is there.

If there are only two or three persons in a room, the pricing will be starting from Rs.599 per person.

Hundreds of corporate teams, families and groups of students have escaped the multiple rooms here. The pure conglomeration of entertainment, fun and intrigue is not ubiquitous and it is here at Amazing Escape. Book your tickets now!