(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

It is said that the beauty of West Bengal has been attracting tourist all over the world. Recently an ad released on West Bengal tourism is creating a sensation among the people. The beauty of this place has never been described with such vivid perception through the eyes of a tourist. Her journey through the busy streets, the authentic cuisine, culture and the people makes is portrayed in the most amicable way.


No one can deny the fact that the first image that pops into our mind when we talk about West Bengal is the beauty of the busy streets, the yellow cabs and most of all Rosogulla. In this amazing videos, each scene shares the picture of the architecturally rich temples of Bishnupur, the haunting music of the Bauls, Rabidra Sangeet. You will end up totally in an alternate world.

West Bengal Tourism Ad

What’s more, to add up to that glory you also have the mystic valleys in Darjeeling, to the spectacular beach of Mandarmani, the video captures it all. And at the end, we have our very own Shahrukh Khan humming Tagore’s song as the ambassador of West Bengal Tourism. This is truly an inspirational video which will surely make you say “West Bengal is Indeed the sweetest part of India.