(Last Updated On: February 3, 2017)

A perfect break seems to be where there is a perfect blend of all the important aspect of life : Health, Beauty, Vitality and Well being. What can be more tempting than leisure and a mix of nutrition? Perfect ingredients to penetrate one’s body and soul. They are also known as wellness holidays.

According to Experts the definition of wellness is not limited to only one sense. In fact it varies as it meets different criteria for different set of people. But despite the difference in opinion all definitions have Relaxation, de-stressing and healthy living as their base. European Wellness Union go a step ahead and include spiritual as well as mental fitness  also positive work positions work positions, synchronized private life and harmony with nature.

Wellness holidays are a hit with a lot of people. The reasons are obvious. They have all what one longs for; say a person running the whole day long would want to go to a nice spa or a luxury holiday. Because the relaxation it brings is beyond words. All those hosts of NDTV that travel far and wide and are spoilt for massage choices. We all want to do that. We all want to be that host someday. Wellness holidays are more like dream holidays and that is why they are longed for, wished for.

But have you ever chosen adventure vacation over a wellness one? If not then give it a try. A large number of people refrain from adventure holidays because they think it is some sort of a body building championship. There is a lot of strain and hard physical work. There is, agreed but those kinds of holidays are for the hard core adventure lovers. For people who want to try out adventure there is a hoard of options available.

Adventure tourism involves exploration and traveling. But this exploration is different from the rest as you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected. It is a myth that adventure holidays put your life at risk. In fact the change from a boring routine to an absolute thrilling one is a good massage for those rusting grey cells. Adventure Tourism is a great reviver. It changes your perception about the world, helps you deal with things better and boosts your confidence. Just like wellness vacation adventure holidays too are a treat to your senses.

To clarify your doubt about adventure holidays call up adventure tourism companies who will be able to fill you up with lots of information. They will run you through a variety of soft and hard adventures and you can choose whatever suits your temperament.

But before you call here are two sure shot reasons why you should choose adventure traveling;

It is not about doing the same old thing you do every holiday. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone and see yourself change.

Adventure if done outside the country is exciting beyond words. The cultural exchange you have and the newness of the place will make every moment you spend there memorable.