(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

There are many places and opportunities to enjoy exhilarating watersport activities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and indeed further afield. One such place is at the Sofitel, Palm Resort & Spa at Palm Jumeirah where you can hire equipment and go on excursions to kayak, paddle board, sail, and surf to your heart’s content. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced watersport enthusiast, these sports will get you out into the open water enjoying the fresh air and the sea.

If, after hiring equipment, you decide you want to take the next step and buy your own, there’s a superb shop, serving the whole of the UAE and selling many kinds of kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, sailing boats, and windsurfers. Located in Dubai, Al Quoz 2, you can buy watersports equipment from renowned brands such as StarBoard, RTM, RS Sailing, and Severne Sails, among many others. With free delivery in the UAE, there’s a huge range of high-quality watersports equipment to choose from.


1) Investing in a kayak



If you’re thinking about kayaking, you may enjoy a single, double, or even a triple kayak. Keen fishermen may also like the range of fishing kayaks on offer. Since the UAE benefits from fairly calm waters at various times of the year, watersports of all kinds are growing in popularity. Consider getting a white-water or sea kayak! High-quality sea kayaks are stable and built for speed, while white-water kayaks are shorter and designed to make rolling easier. They’re also better suited to the fast flowing powerful environment of white-waters.


2) Choose from Sea Kayaks, Surf Kayaks and Inflatable Models



Sea kayaks have a flatter hull, are longer and less maneuverable but are faster too. Providing great stability, they give you more distance per stroke, which makes them ideal for longer distances. Surf kayaks are a real adventure on the sea and are basically a longboard you sit on. With designated fin clusters, hard edges and flat bottoms, they’re very comfortable. Fishing kayaks are cost-effective and low in maintenance, providing great lateral stability to ensure you stay afloat when you’re fishing. The wide range of kayaks for sale are made of different materials, including plastic and fiberglass. For quick convenience and a lot of fun, choose an inflatable kayak, which folds flat for easy transportation and blows up in a matter of minutes to get you out on the water.


3) Windsurfing Opportunities



Windsurfing is a sport that anyone from beginners to expert surfers can enjoy. If you’re looking for a windsurfer for sale, consider whether you want a beginner or advanced board. Both types are available to buy. A beginner windsurf board is a little slower and less responsive than a more advanced board, which benefits from more speed and greater maneuverability! If you’re past the beginner stage and it’s time to start thinking about your buying your next windsurf board, a freeride windsurf board is a great choice and will feel a lot faster and responsive than beginner models.


4) Freestyle Windsurfing and Racing for Die-Hard Enthusiasts

Freestyle wave windsurf boards are extremely popular and are a combination of a freeride board and a wave board. These will hold their own when waves are small or moderate and, unlike dedicated wave boards, are great fun on calm waters too. Really hardcore windsurfers will enjoy race windsurf boards or even formula boards. However, if you want to enter the world of freestyling, freestyle boards will let you perform all the tricks. Why not treat yourself to two or more boards, such as a wave board and an all-around freestyle/freeride board to reap the best of all worlds?


5) Sailboat Recreational Fun



With a wide range of high-quality sailboats for sale in different sizes, you can enjoy the fun of sailing in various conditions. The boats on offer are all extremely modern and great to look at, featuring the most up-to-date designs. As they’re capsize-friendly, you don’t have to worry about flooding and will benefit from smart features like self-draining cockpits! All sailboats in the range are quick to rig, getting you out on the water in minutes. They’re light, easy to handle and both young and old will easily be able to launch and recover them. When it comes to transporting any boat from the range, many will fit onto a car roof rack or trailer. They’re also easy to store when not in use.


6) Durable and Easy to Handle

Made from durable materials, the wide range of sailboats for sale are virtually maintenance free and can be kept outdoors. If you fancy something a little more high-performing, there’s a great range of performance sailboats which will deliver pure exhilaration when you’re out on the water. As extremely lightweight vessels, they’re very easy to handle too.


7) Fun on Standup Paddle Boards

Anyone looking Sor standup paddle boards for sale will be amazed at the great range on offer for fun in the water. Choose a rigid recreational board, for example, which is short in length and eminently maneuverable on the water while keeping up your speed, holding your tracking, and providing great stability. Many paddle boards have bungee cords to tie down kit you take with you. With a slender nose, paddle boards pierce quickly through the water while being very buoyant. If you’re feeling more adventurous, opt for a rigid race board. These are very versatile and the most popular race boards among beginners and elite riders offer superb performance in many different conditions.


8) Don’t Rule Out an Inflatable Board

If you’re just starting out in the sport and want a board that’s extremely easy to store and transport, consider an inflatable board. These are really safe options for everyone, including children, and will easily store in a backpack, inflating in a matter of minutes. Inflatable boards allow the entire family to pack up and go off exploring, making days out on the water exciting and exhilarating.


For all boards and boats, visit this exciting shop that sells all the top brands. You can also browse the wide range of boats, kayaks and boards to buy online. When you decide it’s time to take the plunge, this specialist outlet will ship your purchase to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, East Africa, and the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the water and the waves!