(Last Updated On: February 2, 2017)

The idea of an ideal holiday for most of us, isn’t romancing terrifying volcanoes, chasing hurricanes and following blizzards. Well, there are the others who nurture these hidden fascinations within them which get ignited by such fearsome forces of nature. They go out there and face these adrenaline pumpers and double it as an adventurous holiday trip. The dormant volcanoes attract who are called as the volcanophiles curious to climb up and into a conical crater and explore the remains of a once active volcano. Volcano trekking is considered to be one of the liveliest and beautiful adventure activities that involve descending and climbing severe and steep paths.

Let us take a tour of the hotspots for volcano trekking:


With its 400 inland and several undersea volcanoes, with 130 of them active, Indonesia becomes the first choice for volcano trekkers. Indonesia is the most exotic adventure destination in the world to trek and observe volcanoes. Bali and Java islands of Indonesia are the world’s most volcanically active islands. The Semeru is the most active and highest volcano peak in Java. Trekking this volcanic peak is a real challenge as its height is 3,676 meters! Upon making the ascent, the spectacular view of the beautiful sunrise from top or the view of the erupting ashes from the mouth of volcano is breath taking. Bali’s highest peak, Mount Batur is around 3,142 meters. The cold lava stairway that has been created by the active volcano’s lava, along the sides of this peak is enchanting.

United States of America:

Mount St. Helens in Washington blew her cone in 1980, and since then has become a volcano trekkers sought out destination. The journey passes through dense woods, verdant meadows and snowfields. At the summit, replacing that perfect cone top is a lava dome just 500 feet deep, where shades of yellow, red and white rock flank the crater wall surrounding chunks of rock and ash. The summit of this volcanic mountain is ash covered with snow. Apart from trekking, skiing and mountain biking are the other adventure attractions, up here.


Standing majestic at 5,500 feet, Eyjafjallajokullis a volcanic glacier in Iceland. The difficult 6-8 hour climb over the crevasse-riddled glacier to the summit gives way to mesmerizing lava falls at the summit and new post-explosion craters and mountains.


It is believed that Nicaragua’s volcano Cerro Negro is due to erupt again any day now since its last erupt in 2002. Adventure crazy trekkers have braved the 2,300 feet hike up this volcanic peak through ash and rubble to enjoy surf/snowboarding over a blackened bed of congealed lava back down to the bottom.

 St. Kitts in the Caribbean:

Of the 18 volcanoes dotting the Caribbean, Mt. Luimuiga nearly 4,000 feet in height is one of the most challenging. The circular hike up this inactive volcano passes through the rain forest where the mix of trees thickens to form a canopy reaching up to a height of 100 feet!

Volcano trekking is more endurance than technical. A trekker needs utmost stamina and willpower to complete a volcanic trekking expedition. Prepare yourself well, prior to putting yourself out there on this extreme adventure sport activity. Besides understanding the finer nuances of trekking on volcanic slopes, it’s important that you also know how to survive an earthquake in these spots. Once you are confident of handling a volcanic trek, try some serious adventure thrills like paragliding, hot air ballooning over a volcanic peak, or even zip lining across the mouth – an experience you can only experience!