(Last Updated On: February 9, 2018)

Indian culture is thousand years old and it reflects harmony and peace. The Indian Culture is an integration of the traditions, dreams and ethnicity of the variety of empires that dictated the country as and when they ruled. India even today has deep imprints of Indus Valley Civilization in terms of culture, the Buddhists, Mughal Era, etc.

Indian culture is huge to understand and it cannot be covered in just a few words. From language to food, to religion and beliefs, each family in India represents a different culture, a different outlook towards life. Such diversity is all aspects of life signify the high endurance level of the culture and the ability of the citizens to adapt and adjust according to the changes. That’s the base of Indian culture which has successfully thrived.

Wherever you go, you will find people speaking different languages and eating different food. The clothes too reflect start differences between modern and traditional. The villages of India still have the old feel to them with women dresses in sarrees and men draped in sarongs driving ox. Whereas, the modern India is technical and growing with leaps and bounds.

The Indian value system has respect for everyone at its base. Tradition in India is not new but has been transferred from generations to generations. Though there cons of it like old dogmas and folly beliefs which the rural parts still fight with, the culture is simple and exuberates piousness.

Westernization has affected India too and it has been has brought about several positive changes like women empowerment and gender equality. Although, an Indian work in multinational, wears western clothes and speaks in English he is absolutely grounded and has firm Indian values. Indians everywhere are famous for their hospitality and adaptability. It doesn’t come as surprise that Indians everywhere are doing so well in all the fields.

Apart from all this India is a great country form a tourist point of view. There are millions from abroad that visit India for number of reasons. Some come here for self discovery or have some thrilling adventures. India is one of the best places to indulge into a wide variety of adventure sports. If you want to go Trekking or Jeep Safari you can go to the north into the Himalayas or if you wish you love water you can travel to south to the Andaman islands or Goa. If you have always dreamt of hot air balloons then Rajasthan is the place for you or if you would like to be closer to Wildlife India has a huge list of must visit national parks and tiger reserves. Whatever the degree of sport be India has it on offer. With the tourism industry investing millions in its infrastructure India is on its way to become one of the leaders in tourism.

Adventure is one of the best way to explore the country. It offers lots of opportunities to interact with the locals and take a sneak peek into the normal Indian life style. You can experience traveling in rickshaws and local trains and buses. You can see the heat and dust and be as close to reality. The stark difference that you find within a few 100 kms being at just one place is a jolt to the senses. And traveling is the only way one can understand this. The vividness of India can be put into words but to have an up close and personal experience you need to get involved in one of the several adventure activities available here.

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