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The soft tinkle of colorful bangles on beautiful hands as they are laden with Mehendi and the garlands of marigold painting a happy occasion! The mélange of colours that adorn doorways in Diwali with Rangoli and the unspeakable number of hues that splash about on the festival of Holi! The unfailingly warm patchy quilt that your mom stitched for you when you moved out of home and the bright red of the pickle she packed for you; there are colours everywhere!

Colours bind us, colours bring us closer and colours are the only language that is common to us. Our beloved country is composed of thousand hues that make it what it is! Incredible to the last degree and blindingly colourful to the last syllable!

Come, put on your rose tinted glasses and take a walk with us as we show you around these 10 most colourful places in India!

  1. The Placid Colours Of Naninital, Uttarakhand


    Image Source: priyanshiholidays.com

    The ‘Lake District’ of India and the glittering jewel in the state of Uttarakhand sparkles prettily with varied hues and glints. The facets of this gem of a city are beautified by its lakes, where boats, shikaras and even yachts lilt merrily with the approaching waves. As soon as the sun opens its eyes over this lake town, the Naini Lake reflects back a thousand diamonds and transforms into a paradise, the gorgeous Mall Road also comes alive with souvenirs, wares and weaves from all over India! This destination is surely a treat for the sore eyes!

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  2.  The French Colonies of Pondicherry

    A relic of its heritage, the French colonies of Pondicherry are what lend the place its poetic charm. The beautiful cobbled streets , which line the older part of the town are a heaven for the calm and solitude seeking traveller. Carrying with it an idyllic bohemian charm, these streets and the houses here are worthy of a painting! Still reflecting the older, Gallic style of architecture, the French Colonies of Pondicherry are a true measure of its beauty.

  3. The Calming Vibe of Mcleod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh


    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    The meditative and spiritual capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh, McLeod Ganj is also the seat of the Tibetan Government in exile. It is the destination of choice for many, who have had too much of the slick city life and now just want to be by themselves in the company of beautiful nature. Wherever you flit your eyes, you will see monks clad in maroon robes, yellow sashes swinging with the wind, prayer flags dotting the skyline and the charming colours of boho-chic world cafes that cater to tastes from all over the world!

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  4. The Holy Colours of Holi in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh


    Image Credit: henrykkcheung

    If you want to see how Holi – the festival of colours is really played; you must head to Vrindavan. An ancient city on the banks of the Yamuna River, it is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. People from all over India and the world come here together to play the festival of colours. Regradless of cast, creed, religion, gender, colour and language everybody engages in revelry and relive the tales of love between Lord Krishna and the local village belles. It is more a celebration of divine love than anything else!

  5. The Romance of Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan


    Image Source: vascotravel.net

    The tale of Jaipur began in 1876 when the Maharaja decided to paint the city pink in anticipation of the arrival of the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. Since then, the city has retained this colour of hospitality and it is now compulsory by law for the citizens to paint their houses pink. When viewed from a distance the Pink City embodies all the beauteous charm that it is so famous for!

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  6. The Tinkling Of Colours In Chudi Bazaar Of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


    Image Source: bewallpaper.com

    Everywhere else you will see colours, but in the market of bangles, Chudi Bazaar you will hear it! The jingle of various bangles of all sizes, colours and materials is a sound that you are not likely to forget. Moreover, the markets are always resounding with the distant hums of a ‘Qawwali’ being sung in mosques, which lends a feeling of immense peace to the entire scenario.  The hues and beauty of these charming bracelets is sure to turn even the most unsuspecting females into a shop-a-holic!

  7. The Devoted Vibe of Dashashwamedh Ghat in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


    Image Source: happytrips.com

    Resting on the banks of the Holy Ganga River, the Ghats of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh are places of worship of all kinds. From the naming ceremonies, marriages, thread ceremonies to the Shrradha Puja that is done after a person passes away; you can actually see life come to a full circle around these Ghats. However, the most colourful and famous amongst them is the Dashashwamedh Gha, where a puja that is performed to worship Lord Shiva. Young priests dressed in red, yellow and white hold up huge ‘Aartis’ and incense sticks to worship the deity with marigolds and other flowers. A riot of colours that will bring out a feeling of immense devotion!

  8. The Blooms of Kaas Plateau in Satara, Maharashtra

    m_Kaas Iris Outdoors2

    Image Source: Kaas- Iris

    Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Biodiversity Site, Kaas Plateau is one of the most beautiful plateaus that you will ever come across in India. Moss covered and barren during other times, in the months of August to September the region transforms into a beautiful carpet of almost 850 different species of flowers all of which are unique to the region. A walk across the basalt plateau reveals beauty and bounty such like you would have never seen before. Since vehicles are now forbidden on the plateau, the region is now free from pollution and human interference!

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  9. The Blues of Jodhpur, Rajasthan


    Image Source: wallpaperswide.com

    It’s as if the cities of Rajasthan embody its colourful soul! The ‘Blue City’ Jodhpur has been chronicled in many a photographic anecdotes, written stories and beautiful canvases; but to see it come alive in front your very eyes is a majestic vision! However, why exactly the houses are blue is actually a funny reason, it is believed that the city used to suffer from a huge termite problem and thus, the locals began adding Copper Sulphate to their whitewashes, which lent the city its beautiful blue hue!

  10. The Kaleidoscope Of Colours In The Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand

    m_ATT00001 God spilled the paint

    Image Source: dreadlockssite.com

    Valley of Flowers, a gift of Mother Nature to India, is a national park in Uttarakhand. Adorned with endemic blooms of various colours, it is very likely that you may even see some that are indescribable in words. As you walk from the nearby town of Joshimath to complete this 17km long trek, you are greeted by the heady scent of forest flowers and the vibrant reds of wild strawberries. Walk further and a huge meadow of alpine flowers greets you at this exquisitely beautiful destination!

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