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India, the magical land, has a mysterious, unexplored charisma that makes it truly fascinating and endearing. Partial credit goes to the warm and welcoming people of India. Besides, the rich culture and heritage of the country adds to its unique charm. While some people love India for its diversity. The breathtaking natural beauty of this country makes one swipe off their feet.

Top 10 most beautiful valleys of India

India is blessed with stunning lake, flamboyant river streams, high-reaching mountain ranges, and some of the most beautiful valleys. These valleys are major centres of attraction in India because of their splendiferous appeal. Here is a tabulation of top 10 most resplendent valleys of India, not ranked in any specific order.

1. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Valley of flowers

Situated in Chamoli region of Uttarakhand, the canyon has been appropriately named, taking into account the massive variety of beauteous flowers that one can catch sight of in the valley. The Valley of Flowers is an abode to some exquisite collection of lovely flowers that are found only at the upper stretches of Himalayas. It also houses rare and endangered species of animals consisting of blue sheep, Himalayan brown bear, snow leopard etc. A 17 km trek from Johimath leads you towards the wonderful Valley of Flowers, which is a nature’s blessing in its true sense.

2. Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Dzukuo Valley

Nagaland is an uncharted State of India, having many undiscovered mysteries. Dzukou Valley is one of the loveliest secrets of Nagaland. An expedition to Japfu Peak takes you to this valley that is wrapped up with wildflowers during summers. The ideal time for a trip to Dzukou valley is June-September.

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3. Chambal Valley

Chambal valley might have been defamed by its renowned dacoits, but the sheer beauty and grace of this beauty is undeniable. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, it has a distinct appeal as compared with other Himalayan valleys. You would rarely find imposing snow capped peaks around you, but instead, lush green forests, shelter to incredible assortment of flora & fauna. A few prehistorically important sites are also present in this valley, which makes it worth-exploring.

4. Spiti Valley

Recognized as “Middle country” or “Little Tibet”, the valley is placed between Ladakh, Kinnaur, Kulu, Lahual and Tibet. The landscape of the canyon is largely mountainous, making it suitable for a thrilling safari or a trek. You will come across some absolutely deep canyon while treading through this Himalayan gorge, along with an opportunity to explore a few unquestionably fanciful villages.

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5. Silent Valley, Kerala

Silent Valley

Based in the Nilgiri Hills of Kerala, the Silent Valley National Park is a treasure-trove of nature. It abodes woody natural forests and sanctified with a huge conglomeration of flora & fauna. This valley is undoubtedly worth visiting and lets you to discover the natural elegance of Kerala.


6. Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

The Dibang Valley is one of the newborn gorges of Arunachal Pradesh. The valley is divided into two sections – the upper section and the lower section. The lower half of this gorge interests ornithologists, anthropologists and botanists because it has protected species of animals like mismi takin and gongshan, lovely flowers and a plethora of bird life.

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7. Kashmir Valley

Kashmir Valley

It is considered as one of the most well-known valleys of India, and is named as “Heaven on Earth..  Terrorist activities in the past may have hit The number of visitors in the valley got a hit in the past due to terrorist activities but that hasn’t  impacted its natural beauty that still remains mesmerizing. Whether it is the delightful snow laden hills of Gulmarg or the breathtaking Dal Lake, the Kashmir valley never ceases enchanting you with its beauty.

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8. Yumthan Valley, Sikkim

Yumthang Valley is placed in the northern region of Sikkim, nearby the Tibetan border. It has an altitude of over 3500m above the sea level. The ideal time to visit this valley is February-June when it blossoms with various types of flowers, inclusive of bewitching rhododendrons. One can spot hot springs too in the valley that are said to have curative powers. You can get a glimpse of snow laden Himalayan slopes from the gorge during winters in the months of December and November.

9. Ketti Valley, Tamil Nadu

Ketti valley, the second largest gorge around the globe, is famous for its immense natural beauty. Enveloped by mesmerizing blue Nilgiri Mountains, this valley is full of different types of flora. It is an ideal place when it comes to bird watching, trekking, and hiking. If you are planning a trip to Ooty, then you must visit Ketty Valley for having an enthralling experience.

10. Zanskar Valley, Ladakh

Zanskar Valley

It is a remote valley in the region of Ladakh, well-known for its immense natural beauty.Nestled in the midst of the Zanskar Range, the canyon is an ecstasy for nature lovers. One can explore some of the loveliest secrets of nature in this amazing valley. During summers, you can visit the pleasing villages of the gorge and have a thrilling river rafting experience in the Zanskar River. During winters in the months of January & February, the gorge is coated with a sheet of snow. This is the ideal time for taking an exciting trek in the region of Ladakh popularly called as the Chadar Trek.

A walk on frozen Zanskar River, passing through the gorge, exploring various ancient monasteries on the way is an unforgettable experience.

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