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Choices, chances and changes! Three C’s that holds the potential to make or break your life. But what if you implement this mantra while vacationing too?

Choosing the perfect place for a perfect vacation solely depends on you. Travelling to a new destination while vacationing, can be made more enthralling by picking an ideal place to stay. However, if you believe in doing things differently, then take a chance, explore something out of your comfort zone, something that is away from ‘normal’.

From an underwater laboratory now turned into a hotel, to a room that has everything suspended from air, we bring you some of the off-beat places of accommodation around the world. These hotels are actually so unusual that it makes them a wonderful change worth experiencing.

  1. Defy  Gravity, Propeller Island City Lodge – Germany


    Image Source: natgeotraveler

    Have you ever wondered how does it feel to live in a room that has beds and chairs suspending from ceiling or have you ever imagined how comfortable a coffin is? Well, if not, you would certainly give a thought after reading this. Propeller Island City Lodge, designed by German artist Lars Stroschen provides you with an experience of ‘living in art’.

    The entire hotel looks like an imagination of a fiction writer. Every room is unique and gives customers a feeling of entering a surreal land. While you wish to choose sleeping in a room covered with magic mirrors on all sides or a padded room that gives you a feeling of lying in a coffin…the decision is yours!

  2. Up above the world so high, Faralda Crane Hospital – Amsterdam


    Image Source: casagrazia

    Consider sleeping 50 m above ground in a machinery room of an industrial crane. No! This is not an emergency evacuation place but a fully functional hotel. Faralda Crane Hotel is located in a shipyard and is a three star rated hotel with all modern amenities.

    Do not mistake this hotel with a lodge primarily made for people who work in the shipyard. The Faralda Hotel is one of the projects under Amsterdam’s high profile developments. Each luxury room has a king size bed, Wi-Fi, Jacuzzi and Bungee Jumping ride too!

  3. Get spooked, Hang Nga “Crazy House” – Vietnam


    Image Source: viet-muine

    Not all masterpieces are named by creators, some earn their name. Hang Nga Hotel is an architecture’s attempt to enter the surreal world. The brain child of owner Hang Viet Nga, this hotel is famous for its unusual design and spooky appearance, thus, rightly known as the ‘Crazy House’.


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    The entire look of the hotel resembles a tree. The cavernous rooms with lava shaped interiors and slim bridges which give this place a dark fairy tale mood. Wander around this fictional paradise, getting lost in this crazy creation is just a part of the experience.

  4. Feel the blue, Jules Undersea Lodge – USA


    Image Source: sekainohotel

    A hotel where you need to dive in to check In. This is not a marketing stunt or a funky tag line for this hotel, but, a reality. In order to enter this hotel, guests are required to scuba dive 21 feet beneath the sea surface.

    Initially an underwater research laboratory, Jules Undersea is now a popular destination among marine life lovers. Each room is provided with a window, where you can get unbothered clear view of the aquatic life. While in some hotels the drinks or breakfast are complementary, in Jules Undersea Lodge you are given an unlimited supply of oxygen tanks.

  5. Hotel on wheels, The Beer Moth – UK


    Image Source: vnews

    Commer Q4 a 1950’s Fire Truck began its journey as a cozy Hotel in 2011. Parked in the vicinity of Caimgorma National Park, The Beer Moth truck is well furnished with a Victorian styled bed, a comfortable leather armchair and a wood burning stove.This exceptionally charming venture, however, accommodates only two people at a time. An ideal getaway for wildlife enthusiasts, where time can be spent biking and hiking the Scottish hilltops. Be alert, as even the slightest sound may give you goose bumps.

  6. A journey to the center of the earth, Sala Silvermine Underground suite – Sweden


    Image Source: hospitalitymarket

    Sometimes best of luxury is not offered on rooftops but 500ft below ground. Sala Silvermine Hotel is located in a preserved mine, which can be accessed only through a mine lift shaft. Despite of just one suite, the hotel is fully booked throughout the year.

    For a person who cannot live without social interaction, this place is a big ‘No’. As no mobile phones or Wi-Fi connections are available, the only medium to connect with the outer world is a personal intercom facility that runs between the suite and reception. Take a deep breath as you are going deep-deep down!

  7. A husky stay, Kumbuk Hotel, Buttala – Sri Lanka


    Image Source: techblogs

    Unravel the experience of sleeping inside a 40ft elephant! No! This is not a part of some trippy experiment…but a reality. Kumkuk Hotel is an eco-lodge facility tucked in a beautiful green paradise, bordering the river, Kumkukkan Oya.

    This primary villa is in the shape of a giant elephant, only 12 guests can be accommodated in this uniquely beautiful residence. While you enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding the river in the day time, enjoy a good night’s sleep in the elephant’s belly at night.

  8. Feeling Choco-licious? Godiva Chocolate Suite – USA


    Image Source: nyse

    You certainly need a die-hard-chocolate obsession before you enter this chocolate paradise. The Bryant Park Hotel in New York along with the famous chocolate maker Godiva designed a chocolate suite inside the Manhattan Hotel as part of the Valentine’s Day giveaway in 2008.Literally speaking, this suite is made entirely from chocolate including all the furniture, lamps.

    Located on the 21st floor of Bryant Park hotel, this suite is a certainly a place for couples to live their fantasies. Satiate your craving for chocolate as this room is a full-fledged chocolate dream-turned-reality.

  9. Divine tummy, Tianzi Garden Hotel – China


    Image Source: thesecondglobe

    “Oh-My-God”, Yes! That will be your reaction once you stand in front of these three gigantic mannequins. Hold your breath as these mannequins are not a part of some Chinese festival but structure of a popular Hotel.The three mannequins are actually Chinese Gods for fortune, prosperity and longevity.

    The entrance to the hotel is from the foot of the first God in red. While windows of the rooms can be identified by tiny glass holes on their robes. Tianz Hotel also holds a Guinness World Record for ‘World’s biggest image building’. Think twice before doing anything naughty, as God is certainly watching you while you sleep inside his stomach!

  10. World in a bubble, Bubble Tree – France


    Image Source: blogcitroem

    Well, if you always desired for a small world of your own, then, thank God as he has sent a genie to fulfill your wish. This genie is actually a hotel called Bubble Tree in France. Designed keeping in mind the nature lovers, this hotel gives you an unblocked view of nature while you sleep in a transparent plastic globe.

    The bubbles are located in a walking distance from a building, which provides all the other facilities that are not included once you are inside the ball such as meal, telescope and an outdoor Jacuzzi. Do not worry about your personal time as the globes are covered at night to give the visitors a little privacy of their own.

  11. Think out of the trash, Save the Beach Hotel – Rome


    Image Source: haschult

    Would you like to stay in a hotel made completely of trash? Nah, its not that bad, as you think!I A temporary structure, Save the Beach Hotel was first built on the banks of Tiber in Rome. The idea behind the entire creation was to attract attention of people regarding increase in waste collection on mountains and beaches.Made entirely from the trash collected, the hotel was initially not open to the general public.

    However few people including supermodel Helena Christensen have stayed here to create awareness in people for this social cause. Taking inspiration from Rome, several ‘Save the Beach’ hotels have been erected in various places around the globe.

  12. Vroom, Vroomm…V8 Hotel, Stuttgart – Germany


    Image Source: constructii24

    In this era of ‘Fast and Furious’, people are getting more and more attracted to the automobile world. V8 hotel in Stuttgart, is a theme hotel which is a heaven for car lovers. Located in an auto museum, hotel features themed rooms that has everything inspired from the automobile world.

    The automobile dedicated suites have everything ranging from a car workshop to cinema drive in to even a car wash. Well furnished with original car parts of famous brands like Mercedes, Morris Minora and various others…this place will definitely leave your heart accelerating for more.

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