(Last Updated On: March 21, 2015)

How often do you fly? If you are one of the frequent fliers, you might know these 20 interesting characters inside the flight. In case, you are an occasional flier, you need to have a look on these 20 different kinds of passengers travelling in a fight. So, what you waiting for? Fasten your seat-belts and take off with these 20 most annoying characters in the flight:

  1. The Howling Kid:

    All of us know kids are innocent…but don’t always go with the looks! Once the flight takes off, you never know, how these innocent devils going to react and intrude your happiness with all their tears and screams.


  2. The Toilet-te:

    Seems like these specific flyers has an eternal bonding with the toilets! No matter, the seat-belts are ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’, they can only be found near the toilets.


  3. The Hand Rests Conqueror:

    It is always you, who are sitting beside them. And as you are the ‘be-side-r’, both the hand-rest belongs to them. Ask him/her for a hand-rest, and you might end up experiencing a tornado inside the flight!


  4. The First Time Flyers:

    Have you ever boarded a flight with a first-time flyer? If no, you are flying correctly! These flyers and their silly rounds of questions; both are just like a heavy turbulence!

    first timer

  5. The Stinky Neighbour:

    Well, no words for these flyers. Just a piece of advice: keep your nose clips ready!


  6. The Super-Marios:

    These classes usually come to life only after the announcement goes: you can now use laptops or your other electronic devices. Without even sparing a single minute they get engaged with their PSPs or other gaming devices till the next announcement!


  7. The Selfie Obsessed:

    Whether getting coffee from the air-hostesses, in the toilet, near the cock-pit or even getting on or off from the flight, they just love to click a few selfies and update them on their social networking profiles!

  8. The Late Comer:

    In every flight, there is this one passenger, whose name has to be announced a multiple times. Only the holy God knows if these types of fliers really forget their own names and the airport authority hold the responsibility to remind them!


  9. The ‘Kumbhkarans’:

    From the take-off to the landing, they only have one unfinished task: complete the last night’s sleep. However, they are also the most humble creatures in the flight; irrespective of whose shoulder it is, they will always take it as their own!


  10. The Blabbing Uncles/Aunties:

    Meet these groups of creature called the blabbers. Seems like they plan their flight only after they have enough topics to discuss on the flight! And in case, they do not have any specific topics, they will just get started with ‘Sharmaji ki beti ne ye kia!’ to ‘Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta hai!’


  11. The LOL Types:

    Yes, you heard right! For these classes of flyers, the flight is just as the same as their drawing rooms, where they can laugh-out-loud at any silly jokes from the co-flyer.


  12. The Fast and the Furious Types:

    Yes, they are both fast and furious ones! They always have a rush to reach the exit before anyone in the flight does. Seems like they have a bus to catch right outside the plane and are already late!

    Fast & Furious

  13. The Lucky Chap:

    He is ‘lucky’ as he is sitting beside one of the gorgeous flyers. All you can do the entire flight: imagine yourself in his place and let the imaginations do the rest!

    lucky chap

  14. The Godfather and the Mobs:

    These classes of flyers always face the same problem as you do! The moment they finds you complaining about anything (say the flight is delayed or flush in the toilet or the temperature of the coffee), you have a company to back you up; seems like they have also faced the same problem just before you did!


  15. The Snorer:

    If you are one of the frequent fliers, you have surely met this version of the ‘Kumbhkaran’. Needless to mention here, these classes of passengers usually sleep with their ‘NOSE’ wide open!


  16. The Bookworms:

    The entire journey, they remain glued to some of the random books or novels. In extreme cases, if they are not able to find any of these, the safety manual seems to be amongst the best-sellers to them!


  17. The Foodies:

    For them, the best foods in the world are served only in the flights. Their appetite is decided only by the duration of the flight.


  18. The Rebels:

    Even after the flight attendants ask them to switch off their electronic gadgets, they hardly care about it. And if required, they might end up asking for a conversation with the pilot!


  19. The Scare-crow:

    Almost in every flight, there is that ‘one’ flyer with something unusual that makes him/her the disgusted attraction of the flight. All through the flight, most of the passengers will be found staring and speculating about him/her.


  20. The Sherlock Homes Aunty:

    Well, these Aunties have their daughters or sons ready at the airport. More than a flight, it’s a matrimonial research for them. ‘Beta, kya kaam karte ho?’, ‘Mahiney mein kitna kamatey ho?’, ‘Beti, tumhari gharwalo ko kaisa ladka chahiye?’ are some of their usual questions! And in your mind you’re like,


Irrespective of with whom you are flying, enjoy the experience to the max and have a very safe flight. You really don’t get to see so many characters uniting in one place at the same time!