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Singlehood is not a curse! It is a choice, a statement, a way of choosing the best from the rest and a way of leading the mob! Being single, you are just like the bird in the open sky who knows no boundaries; every country it flies to, becomes its own!

In addition, if singlehood get accompanied by awesome friends, one cannot ask for any more! Some crazy mates, undiscovered plans and the entire world to explore; singlehood just makes life more than a blissful journey! If you are also one of the lucky singles, have some weird creatures around you called friends and has a travel bug in you, here are some of the trips you must take:

  1. Paris, France

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    Does not matter whether you know French or not, Paris will make you fall in love with its charm and appeal! The abode of the Eiffel Tower, this city is an ultimate destination to witness how the rustic charm of the old world mixes with the extraordinary essence of the modern times.

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  2. Rio de Janeiro

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    While with friends, every moment is a festival and every day is a carnival! Attend the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and surrender yourself into the hands of unlimited joy, fun, excitement and a riot of extravagant moments.

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  3. Bangkok, Thailand

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    Whether you love or hate this Thai city, you simply cannot ignore it! Make sure, while touring around Bangkok with friends, you do all the crazy things in Bangkok and don’t let the revelry stop at any cost.

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  4. Leh-Ladakh, India

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    Ride to this celestial abode in the Indian Himalayas, or biking through the curvy terrains of Leh-Ladakh, or just fly, you will not be single anymore! Amidst the fascinating beauty of the snow-capped peaks, the enchanting appeal of the meadows and the myriad list of things to do, you will definitely fall for Leh-Ladakh.

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  5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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    The city of the Petronas Twin Towers is a true fit for a bunch of those crazy friends who want to explore the exciting side of life. An ideal shopping destination, Kuala Lumpur hosts an array of fun and exciting things to do for the young souls. Batu Caves, Menara KL Tower, Aquaria KLCC and Sunway Lagoon Theme Park are some of the most popular attractions in the city.

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  6. Johannesburg, South Africa

    m_Johannesburg, South Africa

    Not only the largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg is counted amongst the most vibrant cities in the world. Whether you are a nature lover, leisure seeker, cultural bug, nightlife enthusiast or looking for fun, it is the perfect city for you to enjoy your singlehood with friends.

  7. Costa Rica

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    Very few destinations in the world can match the charm and appeal of Costa Rica. On a trip to this country, you and your friends cannot seek for more! From nature tours to adventure activities, groovy beaches to lush rain forests, relaxing spas to all modern luxury and comforts, Costa Rica offers everything.

    m_Costa Rica 2

  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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    At times, amazing things come is small packages! Rather than going on Amsterdam’s size, enjoy the beauty of the canals in this city. Explore its colourful corners, enjoy tram rides, go cycling, visit its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other major tourist attraction points with your friends.

    m_Amsterdam, Netherlands 2

  9. Taipei, Taiwan

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    Tucked away between the Yangming and Central mountains, the capital city of Taiwan takes pride of being an ideal tourist destination. Home to the Taipei 101, this city is one such destination where party or liveliness continues all night long; what else would you wish for while with your crazy friends?

    m_Taipei, Taiwan 2

  10. Zurich, Switzerland

    m_Zurich, Switzerland

    The Alps of Switzerland, with their captivating beauty and appeal, has always fascinated thriving souls. Stunning and surreal it its own ways, you just cannot miss Zurich while planning a trip with your friends.

  11. Stockholm, Sweden

    m_Stockholm, Sweden

    When you are single and travelling with friends, you know you are doing the right thing! Stockholm in Sweden is one of the most befitting destination to visit with friends and discover age-old history, witness the fascinating beauty of the city and embrace the amazing company of the locals.

  12. Melbourne, Australia

    m_Melbourne, Australia

    One should try everything when s/he is single. Be it the love for music, sports, festivals, fashion or even leisure travelling, Melbourne in Australia will satiate all your yearnings. In addition, the fact that it is one of the friendliest cities across the globe, you must visit it with your friends!

  13. Auckland, New Zealand

    m_Auckland, New Zealand 1

    Life is all about embracing everything that comes on the way; whether good or bad, enjoy everything with full heart and soul. The openness and heart-warming ambiance of Auckland can be an ideal way; you can learn to appreciate everything that happens in life.

    m_Auckland, New Zealand 2

  14. Seoul, South Korea

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    Seoul is the home to some of the most trending youth cultures in the world. Be it fashion, technology, economic boost or indigenous cultures, you just name it…and you will have them all while visiting the capital of South Korea.

    m_Seoul, South Korea 2

  15. Colombia

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    If tropical climate, amazing life, stunning beaches, myriad list of things to do and the enchanting nature are the elements you are looking for on a trip, Colombia is your destination. Take a trip to this jolly country with your friends and curate some of the ever-memorable moments of your life!

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  16. Madrid, Spain

    m_Madrid, Spain 1

    Visit Madrid during any time of the year, and you can be a part of any of its fiestas. Laced with a legacy of immortal cultures, arts and history, the capital of Spain also showcases an array of places to visit and things to do for singles who seeks fun and excitement with friends.

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  17. Dublin, Ireland

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    Somewhere, your social status gets influenced by the places you visit or trips you take! Visiting Dublin, which has been called as one of the topmost cities in the world, will not only add to your social status, but will also make you feel adventurous as well as young at heart.

    m_Dublin, Ireland 2

  18. Masai Mara, Kenya

    m_Masai Mara, Kenya

    If you and your friends are the devotees of nature, you must visit Masai Mara reserve in Kenya. Home to some of the rarest as well as extinct wildlife species in the world, your trip to this game reserve will help you understanding the nature and ways to conserve wildlife.

  19. Las Vegas, USA

    m_Las Vegas, USA

    Needless to say, but no one can deny that Las Vegas is one of the most sought-after destinations in the entire world! While single and planning a trip with friends, a trip to the entertainment capital is a must for you.

  20. Bhutan

    m_Bhutan 1

    Unlike other international or national destination, Bhutan is a quaint, tranquil, serene and bountiful destination for the singles. Every step in this traditional country brings you peace of mind, makes you fall in love with the mighty Himalayas and inspire you to become a traveler for life!

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