(Last Updated On: February 8, 2018)

Being the most eligible bachelor in the town, you know how eerie it is! No matter where you go or whoever visits you, wherever you party or whoever you meet, you always become the talk of the neighbourhood. Being more precise here, bachelorhood is the most short-lived and haunted phase of your life!

While going through this fascinating phase of your life, why not make the best out of it? Chuck all the random questions from relatives, family members and pack your bags to one of these international destinations; here is the master list of 20 trips every bachelor should take in 2015:

  1. Las Vegas, United States:

    m_Las Vegas, United States 1

    Love it or hate it, but you simply cannot ignore it! Yes, that’s indeed the best lines that define the aura and appeal of Las Vegas. This one happening resort city in the United States holds all the keys to party, glamour, fun and excitement!


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  2. Macau, China:

    m_Macau, China 1

    Be a night creeper and glow in the dark, scream to the loudest of your pitch, take a ride through the overflowing booze, or just enjoy the captivating crowd; there are lot more in Macau. Synonymic to Las Vegas, a party in Macau will make you guilty of not making it again!


    How to reach: Catch a flight to Macau from New Delhi at just INR 16,534.m_Macau, China 2

  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

    m_Amsterdam, Netherlands 1

    Get the best kick of the nightlife while partying in groovy bars and pubs of Amsterdam. Tap your feet with the total strangers, enjoy the best tequila shots, get yourself some of the hi-end brands and party like there won’t be any tomorrow!


    How to reach: Catch a flight to Amsterdam from New Delhi at just INR 25,622.m_Amsterdam, Netherlands 2

  4. Koh Phangan, Thailand:

    m_Koh Phangan, Thailand 1

    Jive with the tempting white sands around the beaches of Koh Phagan, Thailand on a ‘Full Moon’ party and romance the most happening crowd in the world! Revel with the best blends of booze, let yourself free with the tunes of the trance and have the best of your bachelorhood.


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    How to reach: Fly to the nearest airport at Thailand from New Delhi at INR 19,032.m_Koh Phangan, Thailand 2

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  5. Hvar Island, Croatia:

    m_Hvar Island, Croatia 1

    Bachelorhood fun without Europe; no ways! Mix the tepidness of the nifty beaches with the right dose of booze, romance the azure waters and be the party animal for the night! Be the captain of your luxury yacht for the night and host the liveliest crowd in Hvar Island.

    m_Hvar Island, Croatia 2

    How to reach: Fly straight to Croatia from New Delhi at INR 21,235.

  6. Prague, Czech Republic:

    m_Prague, Czech Republic 1

    A night well spent in the electrifying ambience of Prague will be the memories of your lifetime! Doesn’t matter where you are from, just join the amazing crowd in Prague and you will find all the reasons to fall in love with your bachelorhood.


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  7. Ibiza:

    m_Ibiza 1

    Insane crowds, never-ending parties and the home ground of the largest club in the universe; Ibiza is one of the most sought after destinations for the bachelors. Music that appeals you to the dance floors, stunning performances, overflowing booze and the alluring ambience all around; can you ask for more?


    How to reach: Catch a flight to Ibiza from New Delhi at just INR 45,265.m_Ibiza 2

  8. Belgium:

    m_Belgium 1

    Doesn’t matter whether you know Dutch or not; just pack your bags and fly to Belgium and enjoy the most happening and stunning party of your bachelorhood. Hire a limo, trained artists, uncork some of the best quality champagne bottles and make the mark of your bachelorhood in the most exotic ways!


    How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport to the countrym_Belgium 2

  9. Miami, United States:

    m_Miami, United States 3

    m_Miami, United States 1

    Wondering where to find the most thriving nightlife in the world or how to make the best of your bachelorhood? Make it to any of the night clubs in Miami and you will have all your answers! Host some of the most amazing parties while a bachelor, revel with the crowd and find yourself getting soaked in different colours of fun and amusement.


    How to reach: Catch a flight to Miami from New Delhi at INR 49,854.m_Miami, United States 2

  10. Rio de Janerio, Brazil:

    m_Rio de Janerio, Brazil 1

    If you haven’t heard about the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, you are probably not the most eligible bachelor in town! And in case, you know them, why not make it to this Brazilian party capital this year? Mesmerising crowd, beguiling music and some of the most captivating beaches in the world; you just need to check out what Rio de Janeiro holds in its couch!


    How to reach: Catch a flight to Rio from New Delhi at just INR 63,780.m_Rio de Janerio, Brazil 2

  11. Mykonos, Greece:

    m_Mykonos, Greece

    An amazing party destination in the world, nights look more alluring than the days in Mykoons! Be it within the town or away from the town, fun, excitement, party-mood and liveliness will never allow any tedious moment to your bachelorhood.

    How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport to the country

  12. Bratislava, Slovakia:

    m_Bratislava, Slovakia

    A city where the appeal of the old world mixes with the grooviness of the modern times, Bratislava can get you high with its exhilarating parties. Stag parties, dazzling bars and pubs, laser parties or any other fascinating events; you just name it, the capital of Slovakia have them all!

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  13. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:

    m_Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Very few cities around the globe can beat the charm and appeal of this Mexican party capital. While in this city, don’t panic if you can’t trace out any crowd during the day time! Wait till the evening, and you can party like an insane till the midnight.

    How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport to the country

  14. Costa Rica:

    m_Costa Rica 1

    Hire a Limo, take a sip of the best champagne and be the host for the night. While partying in Costa Rica, you just cannot resist the temptation of letting yourself a changed man! Well, if this is not enough, hire a chartered helicopter and be a party animal in the air and enjoy your bachelorhood like never before!


    How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport to the countrym_Costa Rica 2

  15. Monaco, Monte Carlo:

    m_Monaco, Monte Carlo 1

    Though the second smallest city in the world, Monaco never ceases to amaze the bachelors with all its fun and captivating offerings! This year, make it this groovy city and get soaked with all the colours of party and fun making with the likeminded crowd.


    How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport to the countrym_Monaco, Monte Carlo 2

  16. Barcelona, Spain:

    m_Barcelona, Spain 1

    Yes, if you are right now planning for a grand bachelor party, you can’t skip Barcelona at any cost! The tenth most visited city in the world, it is a one-stop destination to charismatic nightlife, late night parties, open crowd and exciting moments!


    How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport to the country.m_Barcelona, Spain 2

  17. Montreal, Canada:

    m_Montreal, Canada

    Add a pinch of French flavour to your party, enjoy the best of booze, enigmatic crowd and delicious foods in Montreal. Be it on the streets, in the nightclubs, bars or in the trendy restaurants, don’t just let the fun and excitement go off the party!

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  18. New Orleans, United States:

    m_New Orleans, United States 1

    One just cannot stop partying while in New Orleans! Revel with the most fun loving crowd in the world, ride along the night over the groovy music, satiate all your gastronomic desires and make the remaining days of bachelorhood more accountable and exciting!

    m_New Orleans, United States 2

    How to reach:  Catch a flight to New Orleans from New Delhi at just INR 61,342.

  19. Barbados:


    Party in Barbados begins as soon as the sun finds its way back! Be it on the land or water, the liveliness of fun and party never ceases in this island country. While counting the last few days of your bachelorhood, do not miss to join the overwhelming crowd of Barbados.

    How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport to the country

  20. Lagos, Portugal:

    m_Lagos, Portugal

    The narrow streets of this city in Portugal are laced with appealing bars that can entice you within just a wink of your eye! Party all night long, enjoy pleasant times at the stunning beaches, hit on the local drinks and make the last few days of your bachelorhood memorable!

    How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport to the country

Remember…time and bachelorhood waits for none; do the undone, party like as if there is no tomorrow and don’t forget to create amazing stories while a bachelor! And in case, you miss any of these trips, you will definitely regret for the rest of your life.