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What we all know about Thailand is not exactly what this Southeast Asian country has to offer! Known for an array of wrong reasons, this exotic country is disguised as a paradise for those who wants to satiate all their greed and desires!
However, on looking closely, Thailand proves to be a country whose electrifying ambience can get you smitten with the travel bug in you! It is a country, where the stunning beaches and groovy islands can hold you captive with their miraculous beauty! It is a country, whose overwhelming beauty and offbeat experiences can make you fall for it!
But again, when it comes to plan a tour to this magical land, the cult called ‘budget’ kills all our hopes and dreams. Well, in case you also have had to slam you last trip to Thailand, we would suggest you to pack our bags again and re-plan a visit to this wonderful country; after all a trip to Thailand within a budget of 50k is not a deal you get every day!
Yes…you heard it right; Thailand trip within 50k! And swear to the travel bug, you will enjoy some of the least known or offbeat experiences during your trip!

  1. Round Trip to Thailand


    Image Credit: Michael Garnett – Flickr

    If you think a round trip to Thailand might create a hole in your pocket, you need to rethink on your perception. If you plan your trip well in advance; say before 2-3 months, a round trip to this wonderful country can be completed within a budget of INR 10,000-13,000. And for further help, you can always check the airfares in ‘Skyscanner’ and other flight booking portals.

  2. Stay Cost


    Image Credit: David McKelvey – Flickr

    Without proper stay options, any trip might turn out to be a disaster! And in order to find a better place to stay in Thailand, you can seek help from websites like ‘Airbnb’ that showcases homestays on rent. A quick search on these homestays will easily get you accommodations on sharing basis with a homely feel! On an average, these stay options start from INR 600-1,000/visitor/night.

    Things You Can Do Within 50K

    After you have landed in Thailand along wYith a fixed place to stay, here are some of the offbeat experiences that you can enjoy within 50k:

  3. Fly Boarding in Koh Samui


    Image Credit: Guillaume P. Boppe – Flickr

    The second largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui is one of the most sought after names for the adventure and thrill seekers! It is in this scenic island, you can experience extreme fun and thrill while trying your skills on a fly board. The azure waters around the island makes it a happening place for the fly board enthusiasts and is swarmed by thousands of aspirants from all over the world.

    Estimated Cost: 4,000 Thai Baht = INR 7,558 (approx.)

  4. Ziplining in Chiang Mai


    Image Credit: arwcheek – Flickr

    Nestled amidst some of the highest mountains in Thailand, Ching Mai; also known as ‘Chiengmai’ or ‘Chiangmai’ is the home to one of the most fascinating zip lines in country. While on a trip to this region of Thailand, catch the thrill of ziplining over the lush and dense forests, through the fascinating hills and mountains and enjoy the most enchanting aerial views of the city.

    Estimated Cost: 3,600 Thai Baht = INR 6,799 (approx.)

  5. Learn Muay Thai


    Image Credit: wales_gibbons – Flickr

    During your visit to this exotic country, don’t just spend your days in sightseeing or lazing around! Make this visit a reason to boost your combat skills with Muay Thai classes from the experts. Learn all the techniques involved in this martial art and get yourself much more disciplined and stronger than before!

    Estimated Cost: 3,000 Thai Baht = INR 5,665 (approx.)

  6. Rock Climbing in Ton Sai


    Image Credit: Maria Ly – Flickr

    Accessible only through waterways, Ton Sai beach is considered as a paradise by the rock climbers. The fascinating rock formation in this region not only attracts a large number of visitors, but also entices them to climb up these protruding formation and complete a milestone during their Thailand trip. Within the vicinity, you can find ample amount of certified climbing organisations that operate and also rent out climbing gears to the visitors at an affordable price.

    Estimated Cost: 1,100-1,950 Thai Baht = INR 2,079-3,686 (approx.)

  7. Visit the Kanchanaburi Falls, Erawan National Park


    Image Credit: Xavier Sandel – Flickr

    Established in 1975 as the 12th national park in the country, Erawan National Park is among the most picturesque and appealing reserve forests in Thailand. During your trip this magical land, make it to this park and visit the Kanchanaburi Waterfalls, a seven-tiered cascade that is counted amongst the most scenic waterfalls in the entire of Southeast Asia.

    Estimated Cost: 200 Thai Baht = INR 377 INR (entry fees)

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  8. Learn Scuba Diving form PADI Certified Divers


    Image Credit: Torben Gregersen – Flickr

    Bestowed with alluring water bodies and mesmeric marine life, Thailand also proves to be a year-round scuba diving hotspot around the world. Surrounded by the clear and charismatic water, the islands in this country is the home to a wide and fascinating range of coral reefs, marine and underwater life. Also, scuba diving experience from PADI certified divers make scuba diving, a truly enthralling and exciting experience in Thailand.

    Estimated Cost: 1,000-4,000 Thai Baht = INR 1,890-7,560 (approx.)

  9. Bamboo Rafting through the Jungles


    Image Credit: Miles Tuttle – Flickr

    Yet another exciting as well as enthralling expereince, Bamboo Rafting through the dense and evergreen forest of Thailand has its own delight! A rustic way to explore the lush thickets along with fascinating views of the wildlife, this experience will get you closer to the charm and appeal of Thailand’s natural beauty.

    Estimated Cost: 250 Thai Baht = INR 472 (approx.)

  10. Kayaking in Koh Phangan


    Image Credit: soma-samui.com – Flickr

    After all the enthralling experiences and activities in Thailand, if you yearn for some of the serene and tranquil moments on the azure water, you must make it to Koh Phangan. A stunning island; an extension of the Samui Archipelago, though it is popular for the much acclaimed ‘Full Moon Party’, it also plays a salubrious host to kayaking. Whether you are a beginner or ans expert in kayaking, the mild and alluring water aroud Koh Phangan will surely offer you all the fun and excitement of kayaking.

    Estimated Cost: 100-150 Thai Baht = INR 189-284 (approx.)

  11. Feed the Sharks in Sea Life Ocean World


    Image Credit: Johannes Zielcke – Flickr

    How often do you get to see the monsters of the sea? During your Thailand trip, visit the fascinating Sea Life Ocean World in Bangkok and witness some of the sea monsters like sharks and stingrays from a close hand. In addition to this close encounter, you can also participate in feeding these underwater species and satiate all your fascinations for them!

    Estimated Cost: 180 Thai Baht = INR 340 (approx.)

  12. Elephant Show and Crocodile Wrestling


    Image Credit: Sophia Lucero – Flickr

    Take the adventure and thrill one step ahead with a delightful elephant ride and crocodile wrestling show in Sam Phran. Located on the southernmost part of Thailand, this region; around 30km from Bangkok, is known for its amazing wildlife and is a sought-after destination for nature and wildlife lovers. During you trip, visit Sam Phran and witness an Elephant Theme Show along with the unbelievable Crocodile Wrestling.


    Estimated Cost: 900 Thai Baht = INR 1,700 (approx.)

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