(Last Updated On: March 10, 2014)

The Jaramadagu waterfall is located in the North of Chikkaballapu inside the forest area of Ketenajhalli. The Jarmadagu water plummets down from a height of 90 feet amidst five mountains—Nandagiri, Skandagiri,Brahmagiri, Divyagiri and Vishnugiri.

In the monsoon season, Jarmadagu water cascading down a rock, surrounded by greenery, is a sight to behold. The roar and the murmur of the water can be heard in the adjoining areas.

Kolar and Chikkaballapur are the two drought prone districts in Karnataka. But, it’s a miracle that the area has been blessed with green patches and waterfalls, especially Ketenahalli village which has dense forest area. The path to the waterfalls is marked with small streams and forests.

[The landscapes of Karnataka are ideal for trekking]

Other Attractions in the Vicinity: 

Kaurav Kunda: These are two joined peaks visible from the Jaramadagu waterfall. It is an ideal place for pitching your camp. There is a temple on the hill and the kund has historical significance. You can climb Kaurav Kunda from Hariharpura village side.

Nandi Hills: Nandi Hills is said to be the hill fortress of South India. Penner, Ponnaiyar and Palar rivers originate from these hills. A garden is maintained by the state horticulture department. Ancient Nandi temple, Shiva and Parvati temples are situated at the hillock.

State: Karnataka

Exact Location: Jaramadagu Waterfall is situated on the way towards Ketenahalli village road in the forest area which is about 14 + km away.

District: Chikkaballapur Taluk

Nearest Town: Bangalore (56+ km)

Distance from Bangalore: 56+ km from Bangalore

How to Reach: 

Bangalore → Devenahalli → Chikbalapura → towards Ketenahalli village

Board a Bangalore to Chikbalapura bus. From Chikbalapura, hire a local transport, and take a turn after the Church—coconut market is written on the signboard. This road leads you to Ketenahalli village. Again, take a left turn after you see Gerehalli village sign-board for Hariharpura, Kaurav Kunda. It’s a straight concrete route till Jangamarappanahalli village. You can take your vehicle till Jangamarappanahalli, and reaching here, you can trek to the waterfall, located at a distance of nearly 3 km.

Best Time to Visit: September to February

Keep in your Trek Bag:

• Walking stick
• Hiking shoes
• Woolen clothes
• Water, juices, snacks
• Electric torch
• Medical kit
• A good compass
• An extra pair of clothes