(Last Updated On: October 30, 2018)

“My life is shaped by the urgent need to travel and wander, and my camera is my passport;”– Steve McCurry

If you are a person who stands knee deep in mud and dirt, endures storms, natural disasters; if you have been chased by angry locals and stood hours in the sun, all for the one shot that you really want to freeze in your camera lens, then you know you are officially a member of the Travel photographers’ club.

Photography is silent art that doesn’t need a paintbrush or a beautiful voice; it is what you see as the artist and it captures what you want to freeze without any modification or alteration; pure raw art.

The life a Travel photographer leads proves that doing the job you love comes at a price; but luckily, one that you don’t mind paying for and here are 15 reasons why you should take your love for travel photography with pride and joy.

  1. You are both an artist and a scientist!


    Image Credit: virtualphotographystudio.com

    There are scientists in labs that rely only on facts to get them the best results. But if you are a travel photographer, you know the importance of combining both the elements of art and the accuracy of science to grab the best frame and click an amazing photograph.

  2. You don’t just click; you freeze!


    Image Credit: wallpapersup.com

    If photography means the world to you, then you know that the minute you put your eye into the viewfinder, you are not capturing a photo, you are freezing pixels of a moment into your camera and it is yours forever. You capture the beauty of life and the pain of death, for the world to know not what it looks like, but what it feels like.

  3. Its work you find enjoyable!


    Image Credit: wallpapersup.com

    You may be sent on assignment to the deep and dark jungles of the Amazon, you could find yourself in a long customs queue at the Iran airport, you could be shivering in the caves of Iceland and the best part is; you love every second of capturing every single thing around you. There may be deadlines, but you find pure joy in just being where you are, in the air of something new and different.

  4. Being fearless is part of the job description


    Image Credit: 3.bp.blogspot.com

    You may be chased down by an angry African tribe for taking a photo of their dance performances, you may have to hold your equipment above your head as you wade through swamps in Thailand; but you are determined through it all to get your best shot, even if it means your pants caught fire.

  5. You see what the naked eyes ignore


    Image Credit: empoweringcreativeminds.com

    Your eyes dart around whilst the rest of the menial world goes gaga over the monument right in front of them. You see what others ignore, and keep a firm eye on it as you adjust the shutter speed and the aperture of your camera and in one swift motion, capture the photo that you already framed in your head.

  6. You learn the true value of patience


    Image Credit: wikimedia.org

    It doesn’t matter whether you are on an assignment or doing it in your free time, getting the best shot is everything to you. You could wait hours for the cheetah to return from his hunt, for the sunrise at 4 am or the baby to open his eyes at the right time, camera at the ready. If Rome wasn’t built in a day, then your photograph requires the time it needs to become a masterpiece.

  7. An expensive DSLR isn’t all you need


    Image Credit: greatbigscaryworld

    It doesn’t take a Canon 70D and 100-400mm lens to get you the best photograph; sometimes all it takes is a phone, a beautiful moment and you. The elements required for a perfect picture don’t lie in the more expensive gadgets, it lies in the eyes of the photographer and you know it better than anyone else.

  8. You speak languages without saying a word


    Image Credit: flyforgood.com

    The dialects of the world do not intimidate you, because in the photographs you take, there are cultures and stories that speak a universal language. Art in its most pure and best form, don’t require any words to explain it. You have witnessed the wars in Syria, you have seen the Northern lights in Denmark; and you have realized that the world is too small a place for the mind of man to explore.

  9. It’s unlike any other hobby you’ve ever had


    Image Credit: lindistevenson

    Travel photography, unlike other hobbies, require the grit and love for adventure that a photographer can acquire only after years and years of endurance and practice. To make a career out of photography is a choice many take, but which only few persevere to turn it into something they love to do at the same time.

  10. Holidays? No, not for you.


    Image Credit: pexels.com

    The best thing about being a travel photographer is also the worst thing about this profession; and that is the small fact that you almost never get a holiday. Luckily, travelling the world is part of your job, but if sleeping sound at home was on your mind at any point, you will not really miss it whilst you wait for the early sunrise shoot in Netherlands or any other beautiful place you’re at.

  11. You have a social life with nature


    Image Credit: wikimedia.org

    As a travel photographer, it is important to connect with other photographers no matter where you are, and you keep your social media pages updated when you can; but the only interaction you truly have is the one with nature. You prefer spending hours on a hilltop relaxing with your Canon and Nikon than with the other travelers by the camp.

  12. You don’t need an office


    Image Credits: wikimedia.org

    The profession that requires for you to observe, click and possibly run away from danger, doesn’t really provide you with the comfort and the lethargy of the office chair and desk. This is something you don’t really miss, as the best office for you would be behind the bushes of the African savannah, as you try not to get noticed by the Lion you are trying to capture.

  13. You are not a tourist!


    Image Credit: epsos.de-Flickr

    There are people who visit Italy for the Colosseum of Rome and then there is you, camera and paraphernalia in hand, eyeing the streets of Sicily for the perfect angle for your photograph. You do not look for the conventional beauty of the city or place or people. While the tourists dangle water bags and backpacks, you carry the canon kit on your sturdy back.

  14. The camera is a part of your body


    Image Credit: Vitalmx.com

    You don’t go anywhere without it; the camera is always on you and you just can’t leave the room without it. You cannot risk missing a pivotal moment, or a beautiful object that catches your eye, and your camera almost latches onto you while you make your way into the world of photographs.

  15. Your work teaches you life lessons


    Image Credit:weddingrsvp.com

    You have met people, interacted with them, befriended tribes and gotten tackled for taking photos in a place that had no sign whatsoever; however, you have learnt lessons of patience, you have seen the purest forms of love, the scariest forms of violence; the people around you have changed the way you see the world and you have evolved to be more than just a man or a woman with a camera.

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