(Last Updated On: February 1, 2017)

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Anderson. When you travel, you discover new people, new culture, new geography and above all, you discover yourself. Everyone wants to travel, but there are certain travel myths that cause hindrance on your way. To stop right there, or to convert that obstacle into a stepping stone, depends on your will to move forward.

Here, we bring forward some of the conventional travelling beliefs and why you should stop believing in them right now.

No it's not. Go for it!

No it’s not. Go for it!

Be watchful ladies, and own the world!

Be watchful ladies, and own the world!


Expect the unexpected!


You can’t say no to food!


Gone are the days, mate.


“itne paise mei itna hi milega”


Age is just a number!


“Forever alone” is not always bad.


You can eat your cake and trek a mountain too!


Why should parents have all the fun?!

Now that we have busted these common beliefs, pack up your bags and set out into a world full of delight. Do not waste a moment to think twice because #YOLO 😉