(Last Updated On: October 30, 2018)

With the evolution of technology and destinations at your fingertips, travelling today has become so easy. But, have you ever wondered how the world was in the 90s especially when it came to travelling?

Relive those exciting as well as adventurous experiences, revisit those nostalgic moments and embark on a journey back to the glorious 90’s. And in case, you have missed it, we have listed some of the travel experiences from that era:

1. The thrilling bus and train journeys


Today, almost all the nooks and corners of the country are connected with each other. But back then, transport was the main concern. Travellers had to rely on the timely trains or buses that at times even made a no-show!

2. You would have to stand in line to book tickets


Image credit: Sreejithk2000

These days, even if you are travelling after 3 months, you can easily book the tickets. This was not the same in the 90’s! During those times, there was hardly any booking engine and travellers were not allowed book their tickets before a certain period. How adventurous you think it was?

3. Travelling with money was a challenge; there were no credit/debit cards


In these modern times, there will hardly be any road without an ATM! But, in the 90’s, only the prime locations used to have these instant money delivering machines. All the way from the beginning to the end, people had to keep their valuables in safe custody; under the socks, hidden pockets or secret pouch!

4. The Walkman – A loner’s only companion


How hard is it now to carry 1,000 songs with you while travelling? Back in the 90’s, there was this ‘walkman’, which used to run on external cells and has become history now!

5. Google Maps had not been invented, map reading was a skill


What can be more adventurous than getting lost in an unknown destination? And in case, one lacked the insight of the locations, destinations and directions, an unwanted piece of adventure was inevitable! Today’s guidance-guru- the ‘Google maps’, was not even born in the 90’s.

6. Before the Internet, there was something called books and magazines


With the growth and evolution of technology, the world is getting into one single platform. What happens thousands of mile away, reaches the other end within a single click of the mouse. But in the 90’s, this was mere a dream!

7. Photography meant only 36 precious clicks with a film camera

One of my favorite film Cameras. Light and fast, not to mention beautiful!

Image credit: Attila Siha

Once again, technology has made things so easy for us today. Even for clicking the memories of your journey, today you don’t have to carry the massive cameras; just have the latest quality mobile phone with a decent camera and everyone is a photographer!

8. Petrol did not hurt the pocket so badly


Burn the fuel and you will reach Utopia! During the 90’s, the low cost of petrol was not less than a kick to the roadies.

9. Traffic was so light that you could even land a jet


Spread your wings and fly, hit the road and don’t bother about anyone! If you were driving or riding in the 90’s you would have wondered what is that something called ‘traffic’!

10. Off-roading was the key element of your trip


If off-roading excites and gives you an adrenaline kick today, you have surely missed the road trips during 90’s. It was a time when not all the towns and countryside had the silky roads as of today. The experience was nothing less than an off-road one!

11. Toll booths – what were these?

Western U.P. Toll Road by Paul Hamilton

Image credit: Paul Hamilton

Almost all the silky-smooth roads of today are accompanied by toll-booths. Now if you ask about these so-called toll-booths to any of 90’s travellers, don’t be surprised if they admit: “Hell no…I have no clue about what you talking!”

12. The only way to call home was the phone booth

Phone booth with the coolest view I've ever seen... by EaglElla

Image credit: EaglElla

Walking miles away, standing in a long queue and finally getting to make a call from the public phone booth – how does it sound to you? Ask the same to a 90’s traveller and see him giggling about the fun he had during his days!

13. You could run a marathon between the puncture and repair shops

Tire shop along the highway in India by Derek A Young

Image credit: Derek A Young

Running out of fuel, having a flat tyre or the machine going dead was one of the most commonly found scenario during the 90’s. It was no less than a voyage through the ‘dead waves’ as the puncture and repair shops used to be miles apart from each other.

14. The ever thirsty car radiators which drank more water than the entire family

by Gabriel Jorby

Image credit: Gabriel Jorby

When was the last time, your car or bike broke down halfway through? 90’s were the time the machines used to run on fuel as well as on water. After every 50-80km, those cranky machines required water and maintain their cool; sound bizarre, doesn’t it?

15. The amazing cold water race at every railway station


It was during the summer of the 90’s, when travelling by train was no less than an affair of getting baked in the scorching heat of the sun. And to overcome these helpless circumstances, travellers used to load their water bottles with cold drinking water. Also, one had to fight a mob in order to get his/her bottle filled!

16. How many times you got lost was part of the experience


When you have all the GPS and other locating devices, the answer might be not even a single time. But back in the 90’s, people used get lost quite often, and it was quite an adventurous experience, finding way back to home!

17. Local rides with the local folks

Travellers by gnlogic

Image credit:gnlogic

At times, when a bus or train was missed, rather than waiting for the next 3-6 hours, one opted for a local ride with the local folks. Exploring the local areas with the local folks was never so fun than in the 90’s. Also,  one can plan rail journeys in india for a safe and secure travelling along with your family and friends.

18. ‘Did you say Selfie?’

colors of belief ! by sreejith Kenoth

Image credit: sreejith Kenoth

It was the era when the travellers were involved more in real photography and not clicking their self images in various poses!

19. Horse carts or bullock carts – An adventure in itself


Hitchhiking was always an easy way for the travellers to move from one place to the other. But unlike today, during the 90’s, it was mostly done on horse carts, bullock carts or bicycles and hardly on private cars. This was equally funny, exciting and adventurous as well!

20. Trip planning was as difficult as an exam

planning trip

Due to the dearth of experienced travel curators, individuals not only had to plan their trips, but also had to arrange for the accommodations and other experiences. Most of the times, these ended up with a bitter result and the travellers got a bit of adventure into their travel diaries!

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