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Half of the fun of traveling is having a good place to stay. You may not spend much time indoors but there’s something to be said about coming home to a clean, inviting place that has all the amenities you need. Today, there’s a growing list of accommodation choices one of them being vacation rentals. These are houses or apartments that you rent for the duration of your stay. While some are compact and basic, others are loaded with facilities such as fully functional kitchens. They come with private pools and villa staff, are located close to popular spots and are set in quiet neighborhoods – the perfect recipe for a terrific stay!

If you’re planning a holiday and are wondering where to put up, consider a vacation rental. There’s just so much it has to offer! Still need more convincing? Check out these nine reasons why you absolutely need to choose a vacation rental!


1) Enjoy Living in a Home Away from Home

Traveling is all about getting away from the humdrum of life and experiencing new sights and sounds. It refreshes the mind, provides clarity and helps you get back to the grind with more vigor. Yet, despite the escape there’s no denying craving the comforts of home. Hotels just don’t seem to cut it even though they provide great service. Vacation rentals do, however, and you feel like you’re back home but in a totally different setting! There’s a familiarity that’s comforting and it’s so much easier to relax. Amenities that you may not have at home only serve to guarantee an even more terrific experience.



Imagine spending the day by a private pool and getting into a hot tub whenever you want to. Imagine being served sumptuous cuisine prepared by seasoned chefs. Imagine settling down for the night in a plush bed with the sounds of nature around you. It’s a dream that a vacation rental can make come true!

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Take a look at this villa in beautiful Bali, where the sun shines all day long and the surf is just a short distance away. Set in a tranquil tropical garden, the comfortable one-bedroom home is perfect for couples with its private pool and gazebo that separates the space from the main building. It’s like a mini paradise here and you could spend days lazing by the pool and never get bored.

The villa is part of a resort and staff ensure that all your needs are met. A shuttle service can take you to Kuta and back when you want to explore the area. It’s close to restaurants and shops and is just a few minutes’ walk from Mal Bali Galeria.

What’s Special About This Homestay?



The villa is incredibly romantic and no efforts have been spared to make sure that couples feel pampered and special. It’s the perfect couple’s getaway and a great place to flame the sparks of a relationship.

Perfect for what kind of travellers?

The villa is designed for couples but solo travelers may also consider it. It’s suitable for couples with one child as well.

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2) Beat the Crowd for a Memorable Holiday

Getting away for a vacation is something we would all do given time and money. But anyone who has gone on a holiday knows that the biggest annoyance is crowds. They can ruin a perfectly good moment and can be a bit of a shocker. Magazines and websites don’t usually depict the hordes of crowds that flock to tourist sites or accommodations like hotels. So when you arrive at your destination, you’re taken aback by the sheer number. Using facilities like the pool or gym can sometimes be a headache because there are just too many people around.



With a vacation rental, there’s a much better chance of beating the crowd. In fact, it’s guaranteed! You can wake up to the quiet with no one around except you and your fellow travelers. Want to use the pool? You have it all to yourself! Want to dine in peace? You can at your very own dining area!

Best Recommendation: 

Check out Villa Umalas to see what we mean. Also situated in Bali, the property is part of a complex that consists of eight one or two-bedroom villas. Each villa is properly sectioned off so that guests are offered complete privacy. The bedroom and living room open out onto a private pool for instant access. Lounge chairs create an inviting space for soaking in the sun and sipping a cool drink.


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Villa Umalas is located near the beaches of Seminyak and Canggu, two of Bali’s best known beaches. You can take in the surf and sand anytime you want since they’re just minutes away. Although the property keeps the crowd away, it’s conveniently located close to all the happening spots in the area. Cafes and restaurants dot Umalas while beach clubs provide plenty of entertainment.

What’s Special About This Homestay?



Villa Umalas boasts a terrific location with easy access to the best hotspots in the area. 5-star amenities let you indulge yourself while villa staff take care of each and every need.

Perfect for what kind of travellers?

The villa is great for couples and small families.

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3)The Perfect Accommodation For Friends and Family

Accommodation can be expensive. It can eat into your budget unless you’re willing to cut corners. If you’re traveling with the family or friends, the cost increases manifold. Sure, you could split the costs but you’d still have to compromise and may end up choosing a place that doesn’t quite fit the bill. Vacation rentals, on the other hand, help you avoid this problem. Even if there’s five or six of you traveling, you can find the perfect place without breaking the bank.


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Many holiday homes feature two-, three- and four bedrooms, which is more than enough space for a group. The rooms are spacious and private so everyone can enjoy their stay. Ensuite bathrooms with showers and bathtubs add to the appeal while common areas like living rooms and family rooms provide the ideal place for socializing.

Traveling with kids means you need to organize everything to a T. This includes accommodation. Children need space to play and they can’t really do that in other types of accommodation. However, vacation rentals can meet this need because many of them are set in locations with pretty expansive grounds. If the rental is part of a condo, they can make use of children’s playgrounds and whatever facilities the condo has.

Best Recommendation: 

Have a look at this gorgeous two-storied three-bedroom villa in Central Seminyak, Bali. It features a lovely tropical garden and a private pool that can be used anytime. The spacious and airy interiors are perfect for tempering the Bali heat while the large windows bring the outdoors in. A pretty gazebo provides shade and adds to the overall appeal of the property.



The villa has a kitchen that’s fully equipped in case you prefer making your own meals or don’t feel like eating out.

The villa is located just 15 minutes from the beach and is just several minutes’ walk to many of central Seminyak’s restaurants and nightclubs. Such a central location means that you can easily get around with spending too much on transport.

What’s Special About This Homestay?



The spaciousness, tropical garden and excellent location make this a prized place to stay.

Perfect for what kind of travellers?

It’s ideal for a group of friends or a family. Kids will love it too.

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4) Show off your Culinary Skills in a Fully-Equipped Kitchen

One of the best things about traveling is feasting on food you’ve never had. From street favorites to fine dining, it’s half the fun of going on a trip. Yet, despite all the new goodies to sample there comes a time when you crave simple, home-cooked fare. What do you do?



While there’s not much that can be done if you’re staying at a hotel or a hostel, you can have complete reign of the kitchen by staying at a vacation rental. Not all of them have fully-equipped kitchens but many do and you only have to look for them.

What’s great about these kitchens is that they’re fitted with modern appliances such as stoves, ovens and microwaves so you can whip up anything you want to. They also have cutlery and crockery. If you’re traveling with kids – who can be really fussy eaters! – you know how important it is to make sure they eat well. By opting for a vacation rental with a complete kitchen, everyone’s dining requirements can be met.

Best Recommendation: 

This three-bedroom suite in Bangkok is just the place you’d want to stay at. It’s large, can sleep up to six people on beds that are plush and comfy and has all the kitchen amenities you could need. A microwave and an oven, a four-burner gas stove and other essentials await. Utensils and crockery are also available.



As you head into the bathroom, you’ll find personal grooming equipment and eco-friendly amenities. Enter the living room and there’s a large television to keep you entertained. A separate dining room lets you enjoy meals you’ve prepared. However, if you want the services of a professional, there’s a chef available.

The suite is part of a complex that features restaurants and bars. It also has a mini mart, a children’s playground, a spa and a lagoon style swimming pool. There’s something for everybody!

What’s Special About This Homestay?


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This is a holiday home that has it all from a fully-equipped kitchen to recreational facilities. It’s located close to the BRT express bus line so you can get to the city in no time.

Perfect for what kind of travellers?

The holiday home is designed for families and groups.


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5) Get Terrific Value for Your Money

There are many hotels that give great bang for the buck. However, vacation rentals do one better! Compare the cost and you’ll see what a big difference there is. Anyone who has traveled knows that accommodation takes out a chunk from the budget. You need to carefully plan where you’ll be staying at because you could be left with too little spending money.



Let’s say you’re traveling with a few friends and need a three-bedroom place and amenities like a pool, kitchen and Wi-Fi. Some hotels do provide them but you’d have to pay quite a bit. Not to mention, amenities like pools are typically shared. A vacation rental, on the other hand, offers all this at a very affordable price. You don’t necessarily have to choose a luxury rental to enjoy a dip in your very own pool, a fully-equipped kitchen or spacious living areas.

Best Recommendation: 

Just take a look at this gorgeous two-storey, three-bedroom villa with brightly lit interiors, contemporary décor and a pretty outdoor space. It’s located in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand, a resort town that’s hugely popular with tourists and has plenty to see and do. What’s even better is that it’s only five minutes from Ao Nang Beach. You can head there whenever you want to and go snorkeling and diving.


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Each of the three bedrooms is spacious and airy. They have ensuite bathrooms and balconies with views of the neighborhood. One of the bedrooms even has direct pool access. The ground floor houses the living area as well as a kitchen that’s equipped with modern appliances. You can prepare meals and enjoy them at the proper dining room that seats eight people.

The outdoor pool is extremely inviting. You can take a swim anytime of the day and lounge on the deck. Tropical plants lend a touch of green and are a refreshing sight in the Krabi heat.

The villa is conveniently located and you can get to Ao Nang beach and Krabi town in a matter of minutes. The neighborhood is also peppered with restaurants and bars.

What’s Special About This Homestay?



The spacious villa offers plenty of amenities at an affordable cost. It’s in a prime location that’s close to Krabi’s sights. A bonus is that it’s pet-friendly so you don’t have to leave your companions behind.

Perfect for what kind of Travellers?

This is a vacation rental for a large family or a group of travelers.

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6) Be Spoilt for Choice

It’s always great to have a choice but when you’re on a budget it can limit your accommodation options. While there are many great budget places they don’t always have the best facilities and location. Vacation rentals are different, however, and you’ll be amazed by the number of options available. You can get a spacious place with a pool and a great view without breaking the bank. If you aren’t concerned with spaciousness and don’t plan to spend your time indoors, you can opt for a small studio apartment and save even more money.



It’s this wealth of choices that makes vacation rentals so popular with travelers. Fancy staying in a villa? You can. Prefer a detached house complete with a garden and a pool? You only have to specify. Want the services of villa staff? Just make it part of your search.

Best Recommendation: 

Check out this large four-bedroom villa in Khao Thong, Krabi. It has the works and is perfect for someone who wants it all. The best feature has to be the tropical surroundings. We’re not talking about a few plants here and there; we mean a lawn with graceful palm trees, potted plants and garden statues. It’s a little slice of paradise and you’ll be hard-pressed to spend a day away!



Set amidst this gorgeous scenery is a private pool with a deck that’s perfect for socializing and enjoying a meal. But, the biggest draw of this tropical villa is its island view. It overlooks Phang Nga Bay and you can see green-topped islands in the distance. Even if you just stay home and laze, you can spend hours taking in the bay and chatting with your fellow travelers. What’s more, you can take along your furry friends too as it’s pet-friendly!

What’s Special About This Homestay?


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It’s large, it’s spacious and has an unmatched view! It’s like living in your own place but with more amenities and in a setting that you won’t find anywhere else.

Perfect for what kind of travelers?

The villa is perfect for a large family and groups.


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7) Privacy is Not an Option, it’s Guaranteed!

If there’s one thing that every traveler desires, it’s privacy. And when traveling, it’s not always easy to find a place that guarantees the same. Vacation rentals are different in this respect. If you choose a detached house or a villa, you can enjoy your time away from the crowds and prying eyes.



This gorgeous 200-year-old traditional Japanese house epitomizes what we’re talking about. Located in the mountainous region of Kyoto, it’s about an hour from the town and well away from tourist spots. It’s surrounded by greenery and overlooks the mountains and a river. The air is amazingly fresh and you can spend hours just breathing it in and taking in the Kyoto landscape.

Best Recommendation: 

The house is set in Keihoku, a place that’s rarely visited by tourists. The rural environment is a nice change from the buzz of the city and is perfect if you’re looking to escape into nature. Tours to parts of Kyoto can be arranged and you’ll receive a unique experience that commercial tour operators may not be able to offer.


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The house can accommodate up to eight people. Although it has three bedrooms, an additional room can double up as one. It also has a fully functional kitchen complete with a microwave, gas stove, fridge and dishes. The two-storey structure features tatami rooms for an authentic experience. The Japanese décor only serves to emphasize this.

Run by a husband and wife, your stay here is guaranteed to be unforgettable and they make sure of it. Homegrown vegetables can be harvested to prepare your own meals or you can enlist their help to whip up traditional fare. You can also request a day tour for a price. Waterfall and giant cedar trekking and visits to a shrine, temple and a sake brewery are some of the tours to choose from. Keihoku is a large area and seeing the sights on foot is not the best approach. However, there are bikes can be rented for free.

This traditional Japanese vacation rental offers extras to make your stay even more special. A BBQ set is available in case you desire some outdoor dining. Yoga mats are also available so you can practice whenever you want. A piano, acoustic guitar and Japanese toys are some of the entertainment to enjoy. The homeowners’ two furry angels will greet you and steal your attention throughout your stay!

What’s Special About This Homestay?



It’s the ideal opportunity to experience a traditional Japanese homestay. Nature and outdoor lovers will especially like this homestay because it’s surrounded by greenery.

Perfect for what kind of travellers?

The homestay will suit families.


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8) Get to Experience a Traditional Way of Life

Most holiday accommodation options are modern and follow a standard look. While this undoubtedly caters to a global clientele, it doesn’t offer anything in the way of an authentic experience. A vacation rental moves away from this model so that you get to know the local way of life, traditional architecture, décor etc.



Best Recommendation: 

Along this vein, we present to you a homestay that reflects Japanese style and décor. Immerse yourself in this three-bedroom house that features traditional décor with a touch of modern thrown in. It can accommodate up to six guests so you can travel with the entire family or friends. It’s located in Kyoto Higashiyama, a historic district with a lot to see. You get a good look at the traditional side of Kyoto and feel transported back in time. Narrow lanes, wooden buildings and old shops line the streets and although many have been renovated, they still retain an old world look and feel. It’s the perfect place to shop for souvenirs and visit temples and shrines like Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu-dera Temple.


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The homestay was once a Japanese restaurant and the spacious interiors are testament to this. Aside from the three bedrooms it has a large bathroom, a living room and a kitchen where you can cook (advance notice must be given). Kitchen appliances such as a fridge and microwave are available.

What’s Special About This Homestay?



It’s an old house, which was once a restaurant, and this lends a certain character to it. The traditional interiors give a good sense of the Kyoto of old. It’s situated in Kyoto Higashiyama and is close to tourist spots.

Perfect for what kind of travellers?

This is a perfect place for families and groups.

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9) Space Doesn’t Have to Be at a Premium!

Ample space is not something you typically enjoy at many holiday accommodations. A bedroom, bathroom, living room and a dining area are usually what you get. While this is fine if you don’t need much space, it can feel cramped especially when traveling with several people. Vacation rentals can be the complete opposite, however; you can choose one with several floors, a garden and outdoor living area. It’s all depends on what you want. Feast your eyes on the lovely four-bedroom Clove House in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. It’s huge, full of character and with more space you’ll know what to do with. The renovated house is serviced and fully staffed too so all your needs are met. What’s more, it’s close to Unawatuna Bay that’s known for its beaches and corals. Popular places like Galle Fort and Thalpe Beach are just minutes away.



Best Recommendation: 

What we love about Clove House is its design. It’s incredibly airy to counter the Sri Lankan heat and you have a great view of the outdoors. The upper level houses the master bedroom while the ground floor consists of a poolside room and a children’s room. Although it’s meant for eight people, the house can accommodate as many as 12 with converted day beds and bunk beds.

Clove House has a massage room that you can make use of whenever you feel the need for a little pampering. The lawn is perfect for practicing yoga although you can also do it indoors. And, whenever you’re in the mood for outdoor dining, just head to the standalone dining pavilion. It seats eight people and overlooks the pool.



The homestay has an in-house cook who prepares some of the most mouth-watering dishes. In addition, houseboys will attend to your needs including doing the laundry. If you want complete privacy, you can put in a request so that the house staff cater to their responsibilities from the staff house and not from Clove House.

What’s Special About This Homestay?


Unwind yourself in this Holiday Home


This is a large, expansive house. The two-storey building is ideal for people who crave privacy and space. It’s close to the beach too.

Perfect for what kind of travellers?

Clove House is meant for large families and groups of travelers. 

Accommodation is no longer limited to hotels, motels and hostels. Vacation rentals have become some of the most sought-after places to stay because they offer so much. From privacy to spaciousness to terrific amenities, they can transform your vacation into one you won’t ever forget.

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