(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

Celebrated by more than 1/4th of the world’s population and showcasing biggest display of fireworks, Chinese New Year is an annual celebration that becomes bigger and better every year. With a history of more than 4000 years, Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival amalgamates rituals and myths into a mind-blowing array of festivities to leave you spellbound.


Since it follows the lunar calendar, there are different dates for the massive celebrations every year and dedicated to one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. The year 2018 is going to be the Year of the Dog which signifies luck according to the Chinese calendar. And to increase your luck quotient, here are the most enthralling places around the world to apply for a visa as soon as you can to be a part of Chinese New Year:


1) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


One of the major holidays of Malaysia, Chinese New Year is a time to gather with your loved ones and join in the lively vibes with festivities. With the bright red decorations all around, delightful food and unique traditions, this festival in China makes a compelling case to become one of the most enthralling event of your life.

Whether it’s the tossing of Yee Sang as high as you could or the lively reunion dinners with the families, Chinese New Year in Malaysia is a pompous show for all. Some of the major highlights of the festival involve the fiery lion dance performances and a plethora of cultural acts. And who could forget, there is a lot of shopping and food too!

Dates to Mark on Your Calendar:

February 16th which is a Friday happens to be the date for Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a weekend ahead, the festivities could be enjoyed along with exploring the city.


What Not To Miss Here:


Ending the festivities with a bang, Chap Goh Meh or simply stating the 15th day of Chinese New Year is one of the events that will excite you the most in Kuala Lumpur. Also popularly witnessed as the Lantern Festival, this day brings out a carnival like feeling with fireworks doing their magic. Marking the grand finale to this extravagant festival, this day is filled with lanterns, colours and crackers to the joy of people.

Traditionally it was famous as Chinese Valentine’s day when single people women came out of their homes. The tradition has continued in Malaysia by putting an exciting spin as women throw mandarin oranges with their phone numbers in the sea and men scoop them out.


Where to Stay:

  • A Cozy and Budget-Friendly Apartment


A Comfortable Retreat in a Happening Neighbourhood


Comprising three bedrooms with an ideal space for up to 12 guests, this beautiful apartment in Kuala Lumpur is a superb place to enjoy a stay. Boasting of some exclusive amenities like a balcony with a lake view, swimming pool and free Wi-Fi, guests can enjoy a peaceful vacation. However, the most outstanding feature of this apartment remains the ease of access it offers to all the major restaurants, shopping places and tourist places in the city.


  • A Peaceful Apartment In The City


Your Quiet Sanctuary Away From the Crowds


This cosy apartment in Kuala Lumpur offers you all the comforts of home while you’re just a few minutes away from all the hustle and bustle. Some of the unique features of the apartment are well equipped kitchen, gym and pool and not to forget it’s quiet and tranquil ambience.

If you are a serious explorer, staying here in Kuala Lumpur will allow easy navigation to some of the most amazing places in the city like Chinatown, Masjid Jamek, shopping places like Pavilion, Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88 as well as Jalan Alor (KL’s famous food street) and Changkat Bukit Bintang.

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2) Singapore


Showcasing a happy marriage between the vibrant contemporary colours and vintage traditions, Singapore is a perfect destination when it comes to celebrating Chinese New Year. Filled with an exuberant atmosphere, Chinese New Year in Singapore boasts of everything wonderful with colourful processions, lion dances and exciting markets to soak up the festive spirit.

The streets of Singapore get decked up with bright decorations and the sparkle of firecrackers take over the city. Chinatown, the most bustling place to be during this festive season is a favourite among all the families in Singapore and offers an exciting line up of performances and competitions to blow your mind.


Dates to Mark On Your Calendar:

Singapore is going to celebrate Chinese New Year from 16th of February. With the Valentine’s Day coming along, its an exciting opportunity to enjoy the best of Singapore with Chinese New Year.


What Not To Miss Here:


To witness the most unforgettable scenes of Chinese New Year in Singapore, the Chingay Parade remains the most dazzling display of Singaporean culture. It’s the largest float parade in all of Asia and captivates the mind with its carnival like ambience constituting magic shows, fire eaters and a whole extravaganza of entertainment to symbolise good luck.

After the fiery acrobatics and juggling of Chingay Parade, tourists must head to River Hongbau celebrations in Singapore. Held at Marina Bay, this event awes the spectators with astounding lanterns, lip smacking delicacies, electrifying pyrotechnics and a wide array of street performances coupled with amusement rides to complete your Chinese New Year in Singapore.


Where to Stay:

  • A Travel-Friendly Apartment


Explore the Best of Singapore

If you look to travel around Singapore discovering its shops and restaurants, then this apartment is the best place to enjoy Chinese New Year. Just 15 minutes away from the airport, this single bedroom apartment is near to the beach, markets, shopping malls etc.

Offering fully air-conditioned rooms, this newly listed master suite comes at a reasonable price. Moreover, they also give you free MRT and SIM cards to help you with navigation. Some popular places nearby are Changi, Bugis MRT, Marina Bay Sands etc.


  • An Upscale Studio Apartment


Indulge in Singaporean Luxury

For lovers of luxury, this boutique serviced apartment offers a stylish property to enjoy a memorable Chinese New Year in Singapore. Located in Orchard Road, one of the most popular shopping districts, this apartment is a great retreat to explore and enjoy all the lavish amenities.

The beautiful apartment stands out with its location that offers many top restaurants and major shopping brand stores available at your doorstep. Also, while staying here guests are only minutes away from places like Marina Bay Sands, Vivo/Sentosa etc.

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3) Bangkok, Thailand




Chinese New in Bangkok is filled with grandeur of culture and overwhelming activities that brings out the joyous revelries. It’s time when locals in Bangkok decorate their homes and feast with families to usher in the new year and pray to the gods through ancient customs and various rituals that have their own interesting history.

Along with hoarding copious amount of oranges that symbolise good luck and decking the doors with beautiful lanterns, people in Bangkok make this festival a grand event for everyone. For tourists there are breath-taking acrobatic performances, ornate temples to visit during the day and some great musical concerts to call it a night in Bangkok during the eve of Chinese New Year.


Dates to Mark On Your Calendar:

Bangkok is going to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day from 16th of February in 2018. Although it’s not an official public holiday in Thailand, the Bangkok Chinese community gather together to enjoy the mind-blowing festivities.


What Not To Miss Here:



The most amazing place to visit in Bangkok during Chinese New Year is the bustling landscape of Chinatown. Its here when the colour red explodes from every direction from people’s T-shirts, decorations to the bright lanterns floating in the sky. Full of dragon parades and thrilling cultural shows, Chinatown in Bangkok will not leave you with a single dull moment to spare.


Where to Stay:

  • An Apartment With Pool and Gym

Take a Refreshing Dip in the Pleasures of Bangkok

Offering some amazing amenities like a swimming pool, fitness centre, library, digital TV etc, this budget-friendly apartment is all you need to soak in the magic of Chinese New Year in Bangkok. It comes along with a full kitchen room service and Wi-Fi and ideal for up to 3 guests looking for a great experience in Thailand. It’s also close to some cool places like Siam Paragon, Jatujak Market etc.


  • An Apartment For Shopaholics


Retreat with Your Favourite Hobbies in Bangkok


This stylish apartment is just the right place to stay in Bangkok if you want a shopping vacation along with celebrations of Chinese New Year. With 3 bedrooms, it’s a great place for families and friends looking for an exceptional stay.

While staying here, guests can walk up to the most fantastic malls and many happening places can be easily accessed by Sky Train and Underground Mass Transit Systems. Other amenities offered to make your stay unforgettable are a full concierge service, personal guide, car hire etc.

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4) Hong Kong, China


Comprising a number of celebrations that bring out the most fascinating spectacle, Chinese New Year in Hong Kong is an event that you should hurry to check off from your bucket list. It is revered all over Hong Kong by people visiting temples, exchanging gifts, sampling delicious treats and getting soaked in the festive ambience.

Some of the most exciting things to do in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year involves everyone’s favourite hobby-shopping, lighting up the sky with fireworks and watching the riveting display of floats on the streets of Hong Kong to leave you with an unforgettable memory. People also try their luck with betting on horse races, let’s hope you come back winning some!


Dates to Mark On Your Calendar:

Hong Kong is going to get doused in Chinese New Year celebrations starting 16th February and the city is going to continue the long weekend up to 19th February (Monday) which is the Chinese New Year National Holiday.


What Not To Miss Here:


When we talk about landmark Chinese New Year events in Hong Kong, who could forget the annual parade of dancing lions and dragons with the electrifying fireworks? The most famous night day parade in Hong Kong attracts a lot of crowds to give them a night to tell stories about.

Along with that, Hong Kong really knows how to end the festivities with a bang. The Spring Lantern festival concludes the event with a carnival that boasts of street performances, jaw-dropping acrobatics, folk songs and dances and yes, let’s not forget the spectacular lanterns that light up the sky.

Where to Stay:

  • Homely Apartment in Excellent Location


Where Luxury Meets Comforts

If spending some quality time with your loved ones is your goal to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Bangkok, then this spectacular apartment is just the right pick. With three bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and all the contemporary amenities, this holiday home ticks all the boxes for tourists in Bangkok.

A standout feature of this beautiful home is its amazing location that offers you tons and restaurants to make the most of your days on the vacation. Within a walking distance, there is the beautiful Victoria Harbour, many music bars and a number of street food stalls to tickle your taste buds.


  • Apartment With A Spectacular View


Gorge On Some Of The Best Views of Hong Kong

Feast your eyes with mornings in Hong Kong at this holiday home which offers some breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour from your balcony. This 1-bedroom apartment comes fully furnished with a cosy space, great dining area and a fully equipped kitchen.

Some of the popular amenities which you can enjoy here Wi-Fi internet access, movie and music channels, fitness centre, swimming pool and a business centre. Moreover, for tourists who wish to explore there is no need to go much further as the property in-houses 4 mouthwatering cuisine restaurants featured with a vibrant ambience and live music.

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5) George Town (Penang), Malaysia


One of the most festive hotspots for Chinese New Year, George Town situated on the island of Penang in Malaysia is a happening and exciting destination. Roaring dance of lions, Chingay performances, big family reunion dinners, offering prayers for good luck and myriad other activities resonate with Chinese New Year in George Town.

Featuring cultural performances like Chinese opera, acrobatic displays of courage, flash mobs and delicious food dot the streets of George Town on this occasion. Adding to frolicking streets, there are fireworks and many exciting ceremonies like the famous ‘fire-watching’ that foretells the future to keep you enthralled in George Town.


Dates to Mark On Your Calendar:

George Town in Penang is going to welcome the Year of Dog on 16th of February. However, the celebrations are going to continue for the following 15 days for the tourists to see everything that this riveting festival has to offer.


What Not To Miss Here:



The most spectacular festivities can be witnessed at Kek Lok Si Temple, about 8 km from the city centre of George Town. With thousands of bulbs illuminating this century old temple turning it into a palace of scintillating light and beauty by the night, this temple is a sight that you wouldn’t forget soon.

Adding to the fun and charisma of new year, there is the Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta to catch a glimpse of the striking city from the air for tourists. Some of the other interesting things to not miss here are learning about Chinese traditional arts and cultural heritage of this beautiful town.


Where to Stay:


  • A Condo With A Vista of the City


Gear Up For Some Sweeping Views

This newly renovated 2-bedroom apartment brings out luxury for all the tourists combined with an outstanding view to make your stay in the city an unforgettable one. Some of the popular amenities to appreciate this holiday home are an Olympic sized infinity pool, yoga and pilates desk, glass box sky gym and many children recreational facilities.

Tourists here can enjoy a comfortable stay as there are a multitude of restaurants, shopping malls and retail shops available within a short distance from the condo. The location also offers easy access to many major attractions of Penang.


  • A Luxury Suite


For A Vacation To Have It All

Redefine luxury at this Maritime suite that offers 2 bedrooms to make a vacation great for up to 6 adults when they are visiting Penang for Chinese New Year. Hosting a panoramic view of Penang Bridge and filtering in natural sunlight through its beautiful windows, this duplex suite will pamper you with warm hospitality and luxury.

For the foodies there is McDonalds, Starbucks, many bars and clubs and a local food court available at a walking distance. And those who are into beauty and fitness, this holiday home offers access to many body massage parlours, cycling and jogging track which can be reached in a few minutes.

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6) Beijing, China



The biggest holiday of the year for Beijing, Chinese New Year is when you’ll get to experience the most colourful nuances of Chinese culture and traditions. Celebrating with family and friends, people in Beijing participate in worshipping the gods in temples, light incense and watch the popular Spring Festival Gala that often gets the maximum viewership in the world.

For pyromaniacs, Beijing is full of opportunities to light up the sky and for the foodies, the festival has got the best dumplings in the world to offer you. There are lively performances to entertain and the city is replete with shopping places to find your favourite souvenirs.


Dates to Mark On Your Calendar:

February 15th to February 21 are going to be the vacation days for all the locals in Beijing. Although Chinese New Year falls on 16th February, it’s better you make your plans to stay over the whole week to catch a panoramic view of the festival.


What Not To Miss Here:


The annual temple fairs in Beijing constitute the most fantastic events to mark your presence when you’re here on Chinese New Year. These temple fairs boast of cultural extravaganza with a line up of activities like lion and dragon dances, displays of art and craft, acrobatic shows, carnival fairs, numerous street food stalls, opera, tea culture displays and so on.

Beijing has a long history of these temple fairs and represents the traditional customs in the most eye-catching manner. Some of the most notable temple fairs in Beijing are Ditan Park Temple Fair and Dongyue Temple Fair to awe the visitors with a variety of performances and fireworks on Chinese New Year.


Where to Stay:

  • A Kid-Friendly Apartment


Appreciate The Comforts Of Home In Beijing


With two bedrooms and a big living room, this cozy apartment in Beijing is a great pick for families with small kids or backpackers. The comfortable space offered here makes a compelling case with its affordable price making it an easy choice for many tourists.

The home is equipped with modern amenities and offers all you need for a convenient stay like heating, air conditioning, drinking water, fridge etc. There is a kitchen where you can rustle up a flavoursome meal for your loved ones and a garden is also available for a short evening stroll.


  • Lavish Bedroom With Pool and Gym


Enjoy The Best of Beijing

Featuring a luxe way of living with a beautiful and a fully functional gym, this bedroom apartment in Beijing ticks all the boxes for 2 guests on a vacation for Chinese New Year. It is equipped with all the basic necessities and turns out to be a great option for travellers exploring the city as it is strategically located with ease of access to all the major places.

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7) Shanghai, China


If you don’t like hustling in the crowds to revel in the delights of Chinese New Year, then Shanghai should your pick out of this list. As most locals flee the city to reunite with family in other parts of China, Shanghai presents the perfect time to explore this brilliant city along with filling your quota of thrill from the festivities of Chinese New Year.

This traditionally extravagant festival is celebrated with full fervour in Shanghai as people deck up their homes, hit the markets, dress in their finest and gather with their loved ones to witness the colourful merriment. While feasting is a major of part of this riot of colours in Shanghai, there are firecrackers used in plenty to partake in some explosive fun (or ward off evil spirits as the tradition says).


Dates to Mark On Your Calendar:

For the year 2018, Shanghai is going to be resplendent with Chinese New Year’s Eve from 15th February to February 21 that have been declared as public holidays.


What Not To Miss Here:

On the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations, Shanghai presents a wonderful Lantern Parade to illuminate the city with lanterns of all shapes and sizes. Yu Yuan Old Town Bazaar in Shanghai presents lanterns carved out paper and wood presenting an interesting glimpse of age old traditions. However, you can find a plethora of people parading modern paper lanterns in other parts of the city.  

Another fascinating sight that Shanghai offers can be witnessed at Longhua Temple where the bronze bell is struck 108 times-an auspicious number said to ward off misfortunes. You’ll be surprised to hear that many rich people pay hefty amounts to ring this bell to welcome the new year and after that only the public could strike the bell for a fee. Definitely need to ring a bell, right?


Where to Stay:


  • A Stylish Retreat With Peace


Your Serene Escapade Awaits You

A tranquil abode in one of the most gorgeous areas of Shanghai, this holiday home combines style and comfort in the most upscale way to the delight of tourists. Located in the beautiful part of the French concession, this apartment offers vistas of the green garden from windows and a peaceful setting with all the modern amenities.

Along with all the necessary offerings like Wi-Fi, laundry service and kitchen, the holiday home offers many additional services like airport pickup, food and wine service menu etc. Team up with a number of cafes, bistros and dining bars available in the vicinity of this holiday home and you are good to go!


  • A Smart Apartment For Smart Travellers


A Staycation For Sightseeing in Shanghai

Featuring superb services and offering a convenient location for the guests, this apartment home in Shanghai makes sure you have a great and comfortable stay. Exuding an ambience of peace and harmony, this place in Shanghai is known for its many amenities that include recreational facilities and a garden.

Being just a kilometre away from the city centre, this holiday home gives you enough leeway to explore the city at its best. Some of the most popular points of attraction in Shanghai are easily accessible from here which makes it a favourite choice for many travellers.

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