(Last Updated On: August 2, 2018)


Tourism has gradually become a global trend, and more and more people start their journey. According to data released by the WTO(World Tourism Organization), 598 destinations around the world welcomed 598 million. There is a part of the large tourist population are disabled. international visitors in the first half of 2017.

Disabilities are either visible or invisible. They affect around 1 billion people around the world in one way or another. That number represents roughly 15 percent of the global population. You can read more about this here. This group needs assistive products to make their lives at least a bit more enjoyable, comfortable. They need to move around easily too, especially when traveling to any destination of their choice. Disability should never be a reason for uncomfortable, unenjoyable trip anywhere in the world.



Granted, some destinations have done everything possible to help this group of travelers.

Other destinations are still a long way behind.

What struggles do they face?

  • Inadequate facilities
  • Prejudice
  • Misinformation
  • General hassles
  • Higher prices


Below are a few tips to help people with disabilities enjoy a wonderful time on their travels.


Contacting the Airline for Assistance



Most airlines have no problem assisting travelers with disabilities. They have developed what is essentially called “disabled travel.” The best time to ask for help is right when you are booking or some days prior to the journey. Airlines often send one of their staff to meet the disabled traveler when alighting from the cab or at the check-in point. The staff then guides the traveler right past security. Airlines don’t charge disabled travelers for this service, which ensures the trip starts well.


Advance Planning with the Hotel



It pays to inform the hotel that you’re a disabled traveler. Travelers with disabilities are welcome in most hotels regardless of the price charged. The welcome is not subject to any condition. Let the hotel know in advance so they can plan your stay well. Ask the hotel for information on the measurements of its front doors and bathroom doors. Ask to speak with hotel concierges too, as they are full of information you need to make your stay there comfortable and enjoyable.

Room delivery services are available for travelers who struggle to reach the bar.


Cooperate with Your Travel Agent


Choose your travel agent well. The agents have no problem taking and serving travelers with disabilities. However, ask the agents if this is the case first. Never assume they will gladly serve you. Some agents specialize in disabled travel only. Find them. Let them take charge of all aspects of your upcoming trip. They will willingly book hotel rooms, airline tickets, restaurants and everything else regarding the trip for you. The agents can do more to make the trip a highly enjoyable one. They can:

  • Verify hotels and the accommodation therein
  • Confirm the accessibility of restaurants and resorts you wish to visit
  • Do everything possible to ascertain that your trip is comfortably smooth

In fact, the best agents don’t charge travelers with disabilities additional fees for these services.


Work with the Right Guides



The choice of guides also determines the success of the trip. Identify guides who like serving travelers with disabilities. With the best guide in tow, your trip has a 100% chance of being hassle-free. Such guides know the types of sites you should visit. They can send you a list of the most accessible and inaccessible sites, which then helps you to plan the trip more effectively. The best guides even know where to find scooters, wheelchairs, canes and everything else that you need to move around freely.


Register for a Tour



Travel operators offer different packages for travelers with disabilities. These packages include group trips. Private trips are also available. However, you’re better off joining the group trips. Such trips allow you to meet others facing similar challenges to yours. Nevertheless, feel free to join the private tour if you’re comfortable with that. Regardless of the tour or package you choose, just make sure that it considers your needs. Any itinerary in these packages should prioritize your needs and include activities that you can take part in comfortably. You can read this for invaluable advice.


Travel with Your Doctor’s Note


Embark on the trip only after consulting your doctor. Ask the doctor for a note describing your condition and the medication that you take. The note should be on an official letterhead. Carry it with you wherever you go. It should contain information pertaining to the likely complications and unique needs arising out of your condition or disability. Travel with your doctor’s number too. This way, the doctor is easy to contact in case of an emergency any hour of the day or night. Don’t leave home without the note!


Ask about Availability of Healthcare



Some physical disabilities do not require the constant taking of medication. However, some types of disabilities make it hard for the traveler to do anything without medicine. It’s important for travelers with disabilities to acquire all the information they need on the availability and accessibility of healthcare. It’s not easy to carry every medication you need on your journey. At times, you have to trust that you will find whatever you need in your destination. Ask your agent for information on this. You could also contact the following for information:

  • Your doctor
  • Your insurance company
  • Your healthcare provider
  • The local embassy, especially if you intend to travel outside the country


Choose the Best Car Hire Service


It’s wise to screen out the car hire services available carefully. Importantly, consider your specific needs when making a selection. Choose a car hire service that’ll move you from point A to B stress-free. Since there’s a long list of options, you can find the best ones around by:

  • Researching online
  • Reading testimonials and reviews
  • Seeking authoritative references from your friends or family members.

The Easyrentcars offer topnotch services at reasonable fees, so it’s worth considering them.


Keep off Connecting Flights


Connecting flights can be a massive inconvenience to travelers with disabilities. The situation is worse for travelers with a wheelchair and other similar types of equipment they rely on for improved mobility. Direct flights are the best. The only issue may be the struggles you face trying to take bathroom breaks repeatedly. Your other alternative would be to go for shorter trips. This way, you visit many destinations midway before arriving at the main one. Travelers who prefer connecting flights should choose the ones with long breaks in between.

In summary, travelers with disabilities can do more to make their trips more enjoyable and less stressful. Finding a good agent to help plan the whole trip in advance also contributes to making everything more convenient. Focus on finding accommodation, airlines, and agents that love serving disabled travelers. The goal is to take all the hassle out of your planning and the actual trip to and from your travel destination. Do not forget to call people who can assist you ahead.