(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

While longing for the most extravagant escapades of our life, many times we fail to notice the mundane enterprises available at our doorsteps. Just to remind you of the fact, Thrillophilia has joined hands with Uber allowing a thrilling chance to triumph over the daily hustle and bustle.

In a partnership with Uber, Thrillophillia is all set to enthral the citizens of Pune and Mumbai who are yearning to get their pulse racing with some crazy adventures. Offering some thrilling experiences in and around the twin bustling cosmopolitans, these one-day adventures are your ticket to an unforgettable getaway.

For both the beginners looking for an electrifying retreat and the adventure junkies who have run out of exhilarating excursions, you are just one click away for an exciting outing near Pune and Mumbai, all thanks to Thrillophilia and Uber.

To unlock a series of spine-tingling exploits near Mumbai and Pune, all you will need is to get away from your city in an Uber HIRE by using the promo code UBERTHRILL on experiences tagged as “Uber Exclusive’ at our website. As soon as you book these, you are in for a zestful getaway with flat 15% off on your outings and Rs. 200 off on HIRE rides on UBER.

Brace yourself for a sensational adventure to break the monotony of 9-to-5 by enjoying the gains of a prolific partnership coming alive between Thrillophillia and Uber. Here are some of the riveting adventures specially curated by both the organisations which you can enjoy on your next weekend-


1) Paragliding at Kamshet

Live your fantasy by soaring like a bird in the sky with paragliding in Kamshet. With the help of expert professionals, one can have great fun while enjoying the gorgeous views of the panoramic landscape beneath.


2) Rafting at Kolad

Experience the wonderful beauty of nature with an experience of rafting in Kolad on the banks of Kundalika River. Along with the quaint charm of the landscape, one can enjoy a thundering activity throughout the day with fantastic adventure.


3) Day Adventure in Pawna

Indulge in a mixture of adventure and leisure with this splendid activity that involves an enthralling trek. Capture the breath-taking sights of nature, gorge on a sumptuous lunch and partake in the memorable water activities by the lake side with this day outing.


3) Adventurous Day Out in Nasik

Get your Uber HIRE to have a mesmerizing day out amidst the picturesque setting of Nasik. Your day trip to this luxurious resort near Mahiravni will help you rejuvenate with adrenaline rushing activities with a gamut of outdoor and indoor games to choose from.


4) A day of adventure near Vaitrana River

If you are looking for some serious thrills near Mumbai and Pune, here’s the thing that will lift up your spirits. Indulge in exciting activities like swimming, cliff jumping, archery, air rifle shooting etc to quench your thirst for adventure with a day getaway near Vaitrana River.


5) Trek to Rajgad Fort

Replete with idyllic landscapes, a trek to Rajgad Fort is the picture-perfect escape from your city life. Explore one of the most serene forts, appreciate it’s stunning architecture and enthral yourself with a gripping experience of overnight trekking on this breath-taking adventure near Mumbai and Pune.


6) Torna Fort Trek

An ideal getaway to light up your weekend, Torna Fort is moderately challenging but an extremely gratifying trek. Spending the night in a temple under the full moon’s light, discovering the historic fort and an adventurous hike make it a surreal escape to revive your senses away from the dusty cities.