(Last Updated On: January 29, 2019)

Can you guess which is “The Highest Motorable Road” in the World?
Well, If you’re thinking Khardungla Pass then it’s not. Actually, It’s Umlingla Pass in Ladakh.

You may not be knowing how many “Travelers go to Ladakh” every year.
Surprisingly, It is more than 1.5 Lakh+ travelers who visit every year – Out of which, Thrillophilia contributes to sending more than 10,000 visitors to Ladakh.

Ladakh is the pride of our nation and like everyone, we also have a strong affection and love for Ladakh. And that is why Thrillophilia has decided to give happiness and empowerment to thousands of Ladakhis instead of some.
You can read more about how we have successfully contributed to changing the lives of 400+ Locals & increased Tourism in Ladakh.


400 Happy Ladakhi Homes, Thousands of Happy Smiles – Our Ladakh Story!

Discover New Ladakh

  • Over 55+ products were re-created with innovative itineraries in accordance with the interests of Travelers.
  • However, 20+ New Experiences were created with local suppliers on the platform in order to increase the Tourism in Ladakh.

Online Visibility

  • Ladakh has been marketed through several Thrillophilia solutions which garnered us really good figures.
  • We have reached over 20,00,000 potential travelers throughout the world & over 10,000+ travelers traveled with Thrillophilia in the span of 1 year.


The Local Impact

The personal touch of more than 400 families directly or indirectly involved in spreading smiles on Lakhs of travelers. Considering the monetary value of what these 10,000 visitors and thousands more before this year have created, Ladakh has garnered revenue of several crore rupees from Thrillophilia alone. It is a proud feeling that these funds received via their bookings through Thrillophilia has lit up several Ladakhi homes in terms of facilities and raising the standard of their living.

Education in Ladakh

Amongst various contributions in Ladakh, One of the major contributions that Thrillophilia has made is “Education”. We helped in setting up an entire computer lab in a school, so everyone can ride the wave of theDigital India”┬ádream.

Check Out the Tales of Our Ladakh Travelers

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