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“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”

These words by Elliott Erwitt inspire Prakhar to click pictures that speak for themselves.

Prakhar Bahad, a traveller, and photographer based in Indore, recently toured the state of Madhya Pradesh to find compositions that had never been captured before. What his eyes witnessed and his lens captured will tickle your travel bone, making you want to plan a vacation in Madhya Pradesh ASAP. Claiming himself to be a wanderer, Prakhar has travelled to many places and clicked crazy number of pictures before, but what Madhya Pradesh offered him took him by surprise and inspired the shutter bug in him to grab the opportunity.



When asked about the significance of photography, Prakhar explains, “We value photographs because we value our existence. We know that photography is one of the only ways to immortalize our existence and the things that exist around us.”



While he captured a lot of popular monuments and places there, what caught his attention were the amazing places not many people know exist. “Apart from an unmatched range of tourist places, there are so many hidden gems in Madhya Pradesh that will ensure that you fall in love with this state just like I did,” states Prakhar.



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🌍♥️ Mahadeva, a small, partly ruined temple on the same platform as Kandariya-Mahadev and Devi Jagadamba, is dedicated to Shiva, who is carved on the lintel of its doorway. It houses one of Khajuraho’s finest sculptures – a sardula (mythical beast that's part lion, part other animal – possibly human) engaged in a mutual caress with a kneeling woman. ———————————————— Shot on @oneplus . . @prilaga #madhyapradeshtourism #indore #jabalpur #thrillophilia #mp #prilaga @thrillophilia #gwalior #thrillophiliamp #travelseekers #outdoor #traveler #mptourism #traveller #travel #madhyapradesh #indiatravel #travelgram #mpoutdoors #nature #tripadvisor #traveldiary #trell #tripoto #wanderlust #bhopal

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Madhya Pradesh – Catering To All

Have you only known Madhya Pradesh as a place with rich biodiversity that also offers innumerable spiritual experiences? We would take this opportunity to show you the bigger picture. Irrespective of where your passion lies, the state has means to impress and entice you. There are plenty of historic monuments and ancient temples, featuring brilliant architectures, to delight culture vultures, history lovers, and architecture aficionados. 



And if you seek solace in the lap of nature, the rich natural heritage of Madhya Pradesh offers some popular and many not-so-known gems of places for an explorer to discover. Besides, the numerous wildlife sanctuaries that dot the land of Madhya Pradesh – housing exotic flora and fauna within their verdant landscapes – are no secret.



With plenty of time and extra memory cards for your camera, set out on a journey to explore the unexpected in Madhya Pradesh!


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Tour Madhya Pradesh!

If you are looking forward to planning a trip to Madhya Pradesh but feel clueless as to where to start, Thrillophilia has everything from the major information to the minutest details to help you plan your journey in the most organized way. Whether you want to indulge in thrilling activities, want to explore amazing places or need details about accommodation options – we have curated all the information you need to learn more about a vacation in the heart of India – Madhya Pradesh.