(Last Updated On: January 9, 2017)

Things to carry on an adventure outdoor trip

When you have finally decided to go on an outdoor trip, a lot of pre-planning and subsequent organizing follows. An adventure outdoor trip is not just a picnic outing or a sightseeing trip. The essence of such outdoor trips lies in adventure activities such as camping, trekking, adventure sports like kayaking, rock climbing to name a few. And such activities need some careful planning as these require the participants to be well prepared. Listed here are some basic carry-along items while gearing up for an adventure trip.

Equipments: The entire planning for adventure outdoor trip revolves around the adventure sport you are venturing out for. Based on the activity that you have chosen, make sure you have the essential equipments for the purpose. For instance, if it is rock climbing that you are heading for, a rope, suspenders, rock climbing shoes, helmet, hooks etc are some of the basics for the sport. Search the internet for a basic check list for the adventure sport of your interest and run through the items you have to pack.

Water and Food: Water is the basic necessity for survival and during such adventure outings, make sure to carry enough and more of water. And to cater to the high level of stamina required to involve in outdoor activities, you must also carry food that gives you quick energy.

Clothes: While traveling, comfort clothing is the key word. Wear something you are absolutely comfortable in and something that suits the climatic condition of the destination you are heading to. Pack enough changes to last the duration of your travel. Full sleeved t-shirts and pants are ideal comfort clothing which would not only protect you from the weather but also from insects.

Medicines: Adventure outdoor trips may take you far away from city and doctors, hence it is critical that you carry with you the basic medicines for the usual ailments that you are prone to. Apart from these essentials, make sure to carry an antiseptic cream, few band-aids, a sprain spray and a sun screen lotion. Always keep the numbers of some local clinic in handy, so that in case of an emergency, doctor would just be a call away.

Toiletries: Just as you would pack for a vacation, even for adventure outdoor trips, the indispensable toiletries like soap, shampoo, tooth brush and paste cannot be done without. You may want to pack small convenient travel packs of these in order to avoid mess and also to reducing the luggage you would be carrying with you.

Camera: Oh you would not want to miss capturing the special moments forever. Carry your cameras or video recorders along with you and ensure they have enough memory and are properly charged. Don’t forget to carry along their charger kits as well.

Enthusiasm and energy! Most importantly, carry along loads and loads of enthusiasm and energy with you on your adventure outdoor trip. Try to get ample sleep prior to the start of your trip in order to be fresh and ready to face adventure head on!