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There are many things that set a good traveller apart from a plain tourist. Take to the below 18 tips and not only become a wise traveller but also get to experience your destination like never before.

1. Do understand the place you are travelling to is another person’s home


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In all the brouhaha of your tourist experience, it’s very easy to forget that the very place you are gallivanting about in as a holiday destination is also somebody else’s home. The moment you do, not only will you treat the place better but also get a whole new angle and flavour to your vacation.

2. A little research before goes a long way


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We are not telling you to be a walking map and tourist guide of your destination but it really helps when you do a little research about the place you are going to.  Get to know about the local etiquettes and culture. You will be thanking yourself by the end of it.

3. Respect the culture


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You wouldn’t want somebody coming to your terrain and doing things that you do not approve, do you? The same applies to the other party as well. Respect the culture and do not do anything to offend them.

4. Ask before photographing anyone


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Going in line with the former point, no matter how fascinating you find the other person, do ask them before you go trigger happy. And in case they decline, respect that too.

5. Learn a few key phrases


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Learn small key polite phrases like thank you, hello, please. The locals will appreciate the effort that you are making.

6. Meet some people


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Enriching your entire experience is meeting some people. Exchange stories, get to know about different cultures and unravel a whole new world that you never knew existed.

7. Buy local


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Not only will you get unique souvenirs but you will also help in boosting the income of the local craftsmen and artisans.

8. Stay in a homestay


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Get a true insight into your destination by opting for homestay. Dig into home cooked food and have the privilege of getting to know the way of life and culture of the place you are in.

9. Try the food


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They say that the culture of the place is bundled up in the food. Try out the food for a true flavour of your destination.

10. Breathe


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Among all the excitement and chaos, it’s important to just breathe! Smell the roses along the way and remember it is all just part of the adventure.

11. Be spontaneous


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Go with the flow and be spontaneous. Enjoy what seems like the best thing to do in the moment.

12. Get lost


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This may sound scary but discovering the nooks and crannies of place on your own does bring in its own charm.

13. Ditch the tour group, do it on your own


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Do things on your own accord, the way you want it to be. Ditch the tour group, learn things on your own and save some money too.

14. Seek the road less travelled


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And be amazed by what you will come by

15. The best things in life are still free, no matter where you go


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Ambling through the streets, playing in the ocean, trekking up hills, just observing people, the best things in life indeed are free, wherever you go.

16. Take public transit


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Lighter on the pocket, you will also get to truly experience the place and even might meet interesting people.

17.  Realize that your ideal vacation might not be where you expect to find it


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Think beyond the regular travel destinations and have fun every step along the way.

18. Travel


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The most important thing, just get up and get out there. Discover a world of splendours!