(Last Updated On: October 3, 2018)

Kerala is an eminent travel destination for the visitors because of its enchanting beauty and serene backwaters. There are a plethora of activities that you can do especially if you are visiting Kerala for the first time. Below, we are mentioning some things that you should do when you are planning your Kerala trip.

These are certain things that you must do during your first-time visit to Kerala. There are many tours and travel operators who offer some lucrative Kerala tour packages so that you can make your trip memorable and exciting.


Stay at Houseboat and Spend Some Time with Nature:

Alleppey and Kumarakom are popular backwaters in Kerala attractions and you can’t miss them during your Kerala trip. Alleppey is known as the “Venice of the East”, so try to stay at the houseboats in Alleppey backwaters and enjoy the celestial beauty of nature. All the houseboats are beautifully adorned and decorated with various items to entertain the visitors. During your stay in the houseboats, you will get a chance to see the paddy fields, you can also notice the life of the villagers, lush greeneries, palm trees and other imperative attractions which will make your trip memorable.


Pamper yourself with the Ayurvedic Massages:

Kerala is a place which is popular for the Ayurvedic treatments and massages. Every year, a chunk of tourists used to come to Kerala for this holistic treatments so that they can lead a normal life. You may find many resorts and spa centres in Kerala which will give you the best ayurvedic therapies for rare and chronic illnesses. All these massages and spas will invigorate your life and you will become more robust and feisty. The starting price of the spa massage is Rs.1000/- and it can easily go up to Rs.5000/-.


Don’t forget to taste the Authentic Keralite Food items

If you are a connoisseur person, then don’t forget to taste various non-veg and veg food dishes in Kerala. Kerala is a place which embraces the visitors with a lot of food options. Here, most of the food items are served on banana leaves. During your Kerala trip, don’t forget to taste the food items Puttu, Vada, chickpea curry, fried banana chips, fish curry, etc. In Kerala, coconut is an integral part of every food item.


Go for Kayaking on the Backwaters:

Kerala often considered as “Gods own country” and this is a perfect place for all the backwater lovers. In Kerala, you should go kayaking which is an adventurous water sport. The total duration of a kayaking tour is nearly 7 hours. The starting point is Alleppey pick up point and you will go to Thottathodu Pallam ( the base camp of kayaking). Once your brief session is finished, your tour will start from here. You need to go through many canals and backwaters including Kuppapuram, Panakal Thode, Umpikaran Thode, Chennamkary Vattakayal, Pallathuruthy and Kainakary. Your last destination is at SNDP Thode and your tour will end here.


Visit Karumadi:

Karumadi is very close to Ambalappuzha and this place is famous for the 10th Century Buddha statue of granite. The idol of Buddha is around 3 feet and whose left hand is missing. His Holiness Dalai Lama also visited this place in 1965. Try to visit this granite statue during sunrise. The orange sky and the silhouette of the black huge standing Buddha are very pleasurable to watch. Every year, a chunk of tourists and archaeologists used to visit this place.

Picnic at Marari beach:

Marari beach is situated only 11 km from Alappuzha town. This is a serene and tranquil beach and thus, it is an ideal spot for picnic and beach strolling. Here, water is very safe and unsoiled. This is a sand beach. You can easily lie down here and can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, and other water sports activities.


Enjoy the collection at Revi Karunakaran Museum:

If you are zealous about the ancient arts and crafts, then don’t forget to visit this place Here, you can see all the precious collections of Revi Karunakaran family. Mr Revi’s wife Betty was the inspiration behind this museum. After his demise, she decided to exhibit all the exclusive and unique art and crafts that are collected by the family over the years. Here, you will be mesmerized to see all the sought-after Swarovski crystal collection, fresco. crystal wares, antique furniture, Tanjore paintings porcelain wares, ivory works, and many more rare and precious items. Nearly, 3000 collected items are housed in this museum.


When considering these things before you select a kerala tourism packages, it will be ever memorable  moment  that will cool down your mind will thinking about it. So now its time to check it out and experience this great opportunity.