(Last Updated On: January 10, 2013)

The journey called life begins when a baby cries for the first time to declare its arrival into the world and ends when this baby turns old and leaves the others crying for him. In between many lives are touched, many accomplishments are made, many good times are seen and many sleepless nights are spent. Is it enough to live life the way others want you to live? It’s the only chance that we have to do what we want with the time given to us under the sun. Of course some of the eternal optimists do have faith on the perpetual existence and life after death. But then there are no guarantees and I m not the one who will leave my life to chances.

Here I must ask the question “Why do people like to travel?” Is it because they get a chance to see new places or is it because they get to experience the new things or is it because the anticipation during the journey and the chance to break free from the rut and drudgery of life sets them free and lets them be what they want to be for the few days they travel.

Life itself is a journey. We see new people, learn about new behaviors which different people exhibit, learn new things, make sacrifices and adjust to different conditions. Isn’t it incredible that most of the times we don’t even realize this and concentrate more on the outcomes than the journey itself?

We are so full of life when we are born. The hunger to learn more things and the insatiable quest for knowledge propels us to have new experiences – good or bad. We lose this hunger and the never say die attitude as we grow. We are bound by the rules and start doing things that we are supposed to do and not what we want to do.

So pack your bags and take a plunge into the world that awaits you outside the cramped and polluted cities. It is not the only option to break free from the boredom that starts to pull you down; I guess that’s the reason that they use the phrase “having a sinking feeling”; but a very effective one. Take control of your life and do what you want to do, you never know when your time runs out and all that is left is regrets and unfulfilled dreams. Life is a journey and it can only be completed by traveling. Make sure you take the right path. Travel light (without any baggage) and explore your potentials.