(Last Updated On: February 9, 2018)

An experience for the business revolutionaries to set off and make nature their new playground. This journey of the great minds into the wilderness, surely calls for attention.

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross in partnership with Thrillophilia organised The Great CXO Adventure on the 4th and 5th of November with an aim to reach out to all the CXOs out there and awaken the adventurer in them.


Great minds work hard to build and expand what they so religiously believe in. With so much on their plate, adventure escapes and weekend getaways seem far fetched. But this time, six well respected and known CXOs decided to take up this challenge. Their love for off-roading got these businessmen to put their mettle on the pedal and set off on an exhilarating adventure to Coorg. So why not get in, fasten your seatbelts and let us drive you off through their fun and exhilarating adventure with the most divine vistas and experiences worth sharing.



The Best Metal For The Best Men!

Six teams had the privilege to be a part of this prestigious adventure, an off roading journey and road trip from Bangalore to Coorg. The extravagant convoy included-

  • Mr. Ajay GoelManaging Partner & Producer at Crestlight  Ventures
  • Mr. Krish Sheshadri – India Head – Growth & Partnerships at Facebook
  • Mr. Mukesh Agarwal – Cofounder & COO at The Media Ant
  • Mr. Sanjay Goel – Sr. Director, Engineering at Cleartrip.com
  • Mr. Sean Blagsvedt – CEO at babajob.com
  • Mr. Shivaraman R – Founder & Director of Accendere Knowledge



With the best at the wheels, India’s First Adventure Utility vehicle was all set for those who dare to drive trails, where no roads lead.  The vehicle is designed for a smooth and exciting adventure, to tread over obstacles that strike its path.


The Grand Take Off – Let’s Hit The Road

It was the morning of November 4th 2017,

  • Six well decked teams of esteemed personnel with their families arrived at the Isuzu Service Centre in Bangalore.
  • After being served with a round of snacks and refreshments, they were briefed about the car with route guidelines and other technicalities they needed to know.
  • A session on the Campaign and it’s collaboration with Thrillophilia and their itinerary for 2 days was explained and discussed with all the participants.

These adventure enthusiasts were all ready and set off in great pomp with the gust of adventure pumping in their veins.


After a short drive and a sumptuous breakfast at Vaishali Restaurant on the Mysore-Bangalore Road, everyone was booted to begin the drive.

  • The convoy set out through the city with blaring horns and traffic commotion that slowly turned into a queer calmness.
  • As the drive pursued, the men were enjoying themselves, racing and revving the engine, while families with kids were caught up in enjoying the breeze and playing small games to make the drive all the more exciting.  

The troupe drove non stop for about 4 hours, testing the vehicle and enjoying the thrill at every curve along the route.


Campfire Stories – When The Great Minds Meet

Tucked far away from the crowded city life, the Civet Creek Camp in Coorg was the perfect abode for the CXO Great Adventure junkies. Six teams delved in the spirit of off-roading and were proud and excited on reaching their destination by noon.

A great and warm welcome at the campsite by the Thrillophilia team was the perfect treat to a long drive.


The campsite was set amidst coffee plantations, pepper vines and paddy fields by it’s side that called for an excellent photoshoot. But, not long on arrival, there were greeted with a heavy downpour that sent the entire hill station into a quiet and serene transition.

Everyone had to stay indoors and listen to nature show her might.

  • There were ice breaker sessions held during this time for the participants to mix around and get to know their company for this entire adventure. The families synced in really well, especially the children who began with their own set of games.
  • Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it for the trek planned that day, but nonetheless, they found solace and fun in the company of each other.

A Campfire at the end of the day to keep you warm, deliciously cooked Kodagu cuisine and amazing people to set the vibe, who would complain? With a great end to the day, all slept off early to wake up fresh and energised for the next day’s adventure.


Thrill-Oh!-Filled Ride

The next morning brought in a cool climate and the sounds of birds chirping along with the rustic scent of the the wet mud, set in the right vibe.

  • A strong cup of the famous and the finest Coorg coffee did the trick to the sleepy heads, when they set off early in morning
  • Six majestic Isuzu D-Max V-Cross driving off into the jungle was a spectacle in itself. After turning off the tarmac, the participants were in for a treat
  • The 4 km drive was not a piece of cake by any means.They had to drive up and down slippery slopes (thanks to the heavy downpour), cross small streams, run over tree barks and crawl over boulders as well

The drive was quite the adventure and the participants got a real taste of what off-roading is all about.


On reaching a certain point, they now had to get into the groove and trek for a little more than a kilometer to reach their destination. The trek wasn’t much of a task and the participants had a good time hiking to the falls. The beautiful white cascade was definitely worth the effort and adventure. Thrillophilia was all set to give the participants a good time and helped them with getting into the water and enjoying the cool gush of clean mountain water. The flow was strong enough to give you a thrill and maybe even sweep you off your feet if not for safety precautions from the team.


Everyone had a really great time in the water and like no holiday would be complete without capturing these fun filled memories, this group got into character and posed to their heart’s delight. Couple photos, family pictures, group madness, solo poses, waterfall pictures, random flower pictures and the list could go on..

Exhausted and tired after spending a great time, the smiles on their face just grew wider and all were pleased that it was a success.

The group then headed back and reached the campsite!


An Ode To THAT Road

After an exciting day’s event and the journey back that laid ahead, the participants decided to skip off the next adventure for the day and recharge themselves. Spending time in the company of each other and the sweet exchange of ideas and perspectives was definitely worth it.

Completely delighted with their sweet escape from their humdrum and fast paced lives, the participants set out for their journey back to Bangalore.


Each one of the participants were delighted with the excellent performance of the ISUZU D-MAX V-Cross and with no hesitation applauded the Thrillophilia team for organising the adventure with complete precaution and the jam packed zeal needed for true ‘thrill’ junkies.


Shout out to all the great CXOs who want to keep their adrenaline pumping with Thrillophilia. Get in touch with us for the next Great CXO Adventure and be sure to make the best memories. Remember, that numbers and happiness might not go hand in glove, so make the time to live and escape life before life itself escapes you. So stay tuned, until next time!