(Last Updated On: September 11, 2018)

1.Life slows us down, so a little reminder inked on your arm always helps!

Source – Instagram/ausmpott_


2. Is Travel always on the back of your mind? Get a tattoo to prove it!

Source – Instagram/alessamusso


3. Want to show off all the places you have been to? Ink up visa and postal stamps!

Source – Instagram/yourcr4zyexgirlfriend


4. Your feet can take you anywhere you want. Just show them where to go!

Source – Tumblr/Jo Gtz


5. Not sure which part of your escapades you want to etch? Ink them all in!

Source – Pinterest/shockmansion.com


6. Wanderlust! Give in to it.

Source – sortra.com — with Nidhi Verma andRitu Gour.


7. Have a favourite place you keep going back to? Keep it with you all the time!

Source – Instagram/freeorgy


8. We are all just footprints on the sands of time. Make sure yours is special!

Source – nextluxury.com


9. The magic of the world is at your fingertips. All you need is faith in yourself!

Source – nextluxury.com


10. The world is big. Have a good look at it before it gets dark!

Source – nextluxury.com


11. Sometimes the best road is the one you make!

Source – nextluxury.com


12. The poetry of the world around us is never dead. Keep it with you and you will never regret it!

Source – nextluxury.com


13. Let the waves, the moon and the sea, stay in your heart and set you free!

Source – nextluxury.com


14. If you are free as a bird, which cannot be caged, this one is for you!

Source – nextluxury.com