(Last Updated On: May 3, 2019)

What if your earliest memories of Switzerland were not Shahrukh and Kajol romancing in the meadows of Switzerland? What if it was Akshay Kumar skiing in the Alps? Or if it was Farhan Akhtar and Hrithik falling in love with life on a road trip in Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara?

No offence to the lovebirds and all the reason to cheer for the singles out there, we are here to tell you that there is an opportunity for you to witness Switzerland like never before. All you have to do is channel your wanderlust to have a magical rendezvous with Switzerland.

Find it hard to believe? Well, the enchanting land of Switzerland ticks many boxes on the tourist trail checklist beyond getting all lovey-dovey about it. We may glamorize the dreamy landscapes of Switzerland with umpteen memories of Bollywood stars dancing on our favourite songs. But the truth is Switzerland is many things for the tourists rather than just a love affair for couples inspired by the DDLJ trail.

Still not convinced? Hmm, let’s just take you on a mini journey of how Switzerland is where every wanderer finds his/her home.

1. Umm…Because It’s Always A For Adventure

Skydiving in Interlaken

Moving on from the picturesque beauty used to the scenes of romance, Switzerland is where adventure junkies find their dream come true. It has got everything from adventurous parks to some nerve-wracking outdoor playground landscapes to let you hop on an adventurous journey.

Best known for skiing, Switzerland boasts of a winter wonderland letting you have the most exhilarating fun in the snow. The most amazing place to take your skiing gear in Switzerland is Bodmiarena in Grindelwald.

After some fun on the land, one can soak in some visual delights from the air with a cable car ride in Matterhorn. Or, if you don’t want your zeal for adventure to be contained in, you can just take a jump from a height of 14000 feet when you are skydiving in Interlaken.

You can seize the day by hiking through the gorgeous trails where you can be enraptured by dramatic views on every turn. When you are in Geneva, you can enjoy numerous water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking and river rafting to test your levels of endurance. There is also boating in Rhine Falls which is another spectacular way to get your pulse racing in Switzerland.

 2. The Foodies Are In For A Treat

Swizz Wine & Swizz Cheese.

Maybe no good vacation can be complete without relishing your taste buds with the local food. So, when you are in Switzerland, you may want to shed the worries of hogging on those extra calories and not miss the mouth-watering delights that the country is famous for.

Say cheese? Well, we do mean it literally in this case and offering you a reason to see that wide grin on your face! From cheese fondue to chocolates, no foodie can ever regret stepping their feet in Switzerland.

The country boasts of having the happiest cows in the world and they help the food connoisseurs be happy by helping to produce the most amazing Swiss cheese popular across the world. With more than 450 variety of cheese, Switzerland is going to leave your mouth watering.

And when we are talking about famous Swiss delicacies, there can’t be any conversation without the sumptuous Swiss chocolates. It’s a nirvana for chocolate lovers where you can find your reason for elation by gorging on the sweet treats and take back some delicious souvenirs back home as well.

Also, adding a tinge of wine tasting to your food tour will probably do no harm. One can visit Chateau de Mont in Vaud or the Swiss Alps to savour the brilliant taste of Swiss wines and bask in some luxurious views of the countryside.

3. There Is Enticing Culture To Dive In

St. Gallen Cityscape Skyline

Want to know what makes Switzerland so special beyond its enthralling outdoors? If yes, taking a walk down the lanes of history and culture will help you learn some interesting tid-bits about Switzerland. Replete with an extravaganza of past remnants, the culture vultures can look forward to going gaga over the alluring culture of Switzerland.

You can have a glimpse of medieval monuments and mysteries at Bern or browse through the finest art collections at their museums. There are medieval festivals where you can revisit the past or go exploring the ancient world in the famous castles and abbeys of Switzerland.

Also, there is a thriving scene of music, dance and theatre in Switzerland. If you want a fun-filled night, you can find a number of Ballets and Operas, Cabarets and Musicals, Open Air concerts, cinemas and film festivals in Switzerland.

4. Doing Things Never Done Before

The Red Swizz Train

Probably one of the best things to explore a new country is by doing some unique things which you are not going to find anywhere else. So, how can Switzerland be left behind in offering such offbeat but exhilarating activities?

Take Bernina Express and enjoy sightseeing bliss as you pass through the postcard-perfect landscapes of Switzerland. The train ride takes you through the world heritage sites in Switzerland and offers something that you can’t resist.

Speaking of train journeys in Switzerland, you certainly cannot afford to miss going to Jungfraujoch where you can be literally at the top of the world at a height of 11,332 feet.

Also, if you like the feel of gentle breezes brushing against your cheeks as you roam through Switzerland, riding on e-bike makes for a compelling affair. You can chart your own Swiss trail on an e-bike on the mountain bike paths and explore this beautiful country like never before. It’s also a great way to interact with the locals as you go on and see the hidden nooks and corners of Switzerland.

5. After All That, All You Need Is To Just Unwind

Enjoy the View

The whole point of holidaying amidst the charming backdrops of Switzerland is a waste if you can’t find some moments to cherish the time by just relaxing and unwinding.

Hence, after you complete all your pulse racing adventures, food walks and off the beaten escapades, it is only necessary that you let the travel bug inside you rejuvenate for a while.

From carefree strolls along the lakeside promenades to having a love affair with nature on a farm stay. From having a cool dip in the lakes to enjoying a spa overlooking the mountain scenery, Switzerland will captivate you beyond words and will leave you with some beautiful memories.

One can find many resorts in Switzerland which will help you escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with refreshing spa treatments.

The scenic views will keep you reminiscing about the beautiful days you spend wandering in Switzerland. Whether it’s the cobbled streets, alpine landscapes or the idyllic villages that make a scene as if it’s just carved out of a classic fairytale, Switzerland is a surreal prize to wanderlust.

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The mega prize will lead you to a marvellous escape in the poetic countryside, ravishing settings, beautiful outdoors oozing with their storybook charm and everything so gorgeous that you will end up wishing you are bestowed with Swiss citizenship as well. Well, …we can’t promise that. But what we can promise you is a chance to grab your hands on a glorifying tribute to your wanderlust in the most stunning corridors of Switzerland.