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There are loads of exquisite hideouts in India where you can indulge in the rejuvenating sport of surfing. Pristine beaches, crystal clear waterways and natural beautiful rivers are in plenty here. Listed here are some of the most popular surfing destinations in India:

Shivas: This is a popular Hindu holy place situated on a small peninsula on the Arabian Sea at Murdeshwara. Large sheltered bays on either side of the peninsula make for ideal surfing conditions.

Ten Thousand Peaks: The beach stretches for about six kilometers creating all sorts of wave possibilities and has got to be one of the most unique surf spots on the west coast of South India at Maravanthe.

KanyaKumari: The southernmost tip of India, this is probably one of the windiest places on Earth. An occasional offshore wind comes along from time to time and then you get some good waves making surfing an exciting sport here.

Kovalam Beach SurfingAndaman Islands Surfing

Kovalam Beach: This is probably the best known surf spot in India. More so, because, apart from it being a great spot for surfing, it also has some cheap hotels and places to hang out if you are on vacation. It is sometimes possible to rent a board but better play it safe and bring your own.

Alwars: This is potentially the best surfing spot in India. It is far off the beaten track and not so easy to find. The point is beautifully formed by a millions of years old lava flow that extends into the water. When the waves are at its best, you can expect up to a 400 meter ride, so be prepared for some long walks back to the point!

Varkala: It is not far from Kovalam Beach. The surfing ride here isn’t that long but it is pretty fast! The area is alive with tourism and people coming to India to recuperate their health at the local nature cure clinics and mineral water springs.

Mahe: This is a place in Kerala. From Madayi Point, north of Mahe, to Talakkolattur river mouth, south of Mahe, there are numerable good spots for surfing. Finding them on a road map is very difficult. You will just have to rely on your sixth sense to get you there.

Auroville: More famously known as Pondicherry, this is a very unique place with a mix of Indian and French. The spot is your typical beach break ideal for surfing. There are a few local surfers in Pondicherry and a few European surfers who also live there permanently.

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kovalam-beachsurfing in andaman islands

Vizag (Visakapatanam): If you are traveling or staying on the east coast of India then you should definitely check out Vizag. This is a place with big beaches, good hotels, a commercial harbor and some really nice spots for surfing.

Dwarka: At Dwarka you will find some of the clearest water along the India coastline. This is the quintessential experience of the Arabian Sea.The town is very ancient and is said to have existed for the past 5,000 years. Parts of the old city are now submerged below sea level and can be seen while scuba diving adventure in sea.

Gokarna: Situated just north of Goa, this is India’s latest hang out spot for back packers and surf wanderers. The place is beautifully situated with a foreground of coconut trees and a backdrop of the Shyadri Mountains. Cheap hotel and camping are available. Waves get good here several times a year but watch out for the shore break or we will have to come out at low tide and dig you out of the sand.

Goa: The most popular beach town in India, Goa has plenty to offer to surfing enthusiasts. Go to Goa at the end of May or the beginning of June and find waves that are between 5 feet and 10 feet plus in height!

The options are plenty. Gear up for this adventure trip by first looking up important tips on surfing and then plan your surfing trip to one of these exotic destinations. An easier way out is to contact Thrillophilia today and get all the arrangements readied for you with perfection. Besides, you can even enjoy some kayaking, rafting and parasailing too in the middle of the sea! Just go and enjoy the best holiday you have ever been to and cherish the memory for ever.
Surfing Wavessurfing destinations in india
surfing destinations in indiasurfing destinations in india
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