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Warren Keelan, an avid photographer and oceanscape artist from Wollongong has created some of the most stunning images on the shores of Australia. He has used a perfect combination of light and water interacting at the most opportune moments to create images that embody a totally different side of ocean waves. Each photograph tells a story, each photograph has a personality of its own and each photograph shows us the ingenuity and artistic ability of the creator himself.

  1. Teal


    Warren says in a candid confession, “I’m lucky where I live, to have so many amazing and varied beaches and breaks to shoot, all of which boast unique characteristics and ‘personalities’ so to speak, producing all kinds of shapes, textures and colours – a real playground for a water photographers.”

  2. Contours


    He uses the Canon 70-200mm IS II 2.8a and 15mm Fisheye lenses forcreating spellbinding effectsunderwater vortex and behind the wave images. The use of underwater flash just adds an additional dimension of light play.

  3. Sea Hawk

    Sea Hawk

    Magnanimously, Warren Keelan says, “I work hard to make photographs that hopefully tell a story and leave an impression or feeling on the viewer. If it does, then I feel I have achieved something special.”

  4. Kryptonite


    Acknowledging the dynamic and vibrant nature of the ocean waves, Warren says. “The ocean is an ever changing environment, but over the years I have learnt what to look for and when.”

  5. Pastel Sunset

    Pastel Sunset

    In Warren’s opinion, although it is important to have the necessary elements such as crystal clear water, clean offshore waves, heavy reef breaks and crazy ocean light, an intriguing perspective is what matters the most.

  6. Sea Dragon

    Sea Dragon

    Humble to the core, Warren says, “I am very new to the world of ocean and wave photography, but after spending almost every day in the ocean with my camera I have been able to learn quickly how important light is and how to use it to create images.”

  7. Lucent Arc

    Lucent Arc

    All of Warren’s seascapes have a personality of their own an no photograph look like the last, each is unique in its own way.

  8. Aquatic Elements

    Aquatic Elements

    Sharing his beautiful perspective of looking at the world, Warren says that being able to create something that he can share with the world is truly a blessing that he cherishes.

  9. Ocean Light

    Ocean Light

    Dabbling in various professions, Warren says he finally wanted to settle down on something that challenged him mentally.

  10. Nautilus


    Warren says enthusiastically, “I guess you could say it’s a healthy addiction, one that provokes and keeps me thinking.”

  11. Rupture


    On this particular picture Warren shares that every time he looks at the ocean, there is a new perspective to discover.

  12. Silver Helix

    Silver Helix

    Although, he had always had a fascination for ocean and the waves, Warren only started dedicating his time towards capturing what he felt are special moments in the sea, 4 years ago.

  13. Crystal Eye

    Crystal Eye

    Obtaining a digital camera, he began to find patterns and interesting perspectives to capture on lens.

  14. Dark Crest

    Dark Crest

    Warren opines that all the beaches, breaks and waves have unique personalities that present a gamut of pictures, textures and colours that he plays around with.

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