(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)


Sometimes overlooked in favor of its neighbors like Austria and Italy, Slovenia is a dream-like destination that will leave you wondering why you never visited it before and planning how soon you’ll return. If you’ve come across it in magazines, you’ll notice page after page of shimmering lakes and craggy mountains. But if you’re yearning to explore it in ways that not many have thought of, you’ll be over the moon to know that there are numerous ‘less explored’ places to see and things to do. They’ll open up Slovenia to you in ways you wouldn’t imagine.


Feel your senses buzzing in Slovenia


1) An Artsy Affair With a Twist of Healthy Living

‘A picture is a poem without words.’ If Horace could’ve visited the Ljubljana of today, he would’ve seen just how true his words echo. An abandoned barracks transformed into a vibrant ‘city’, visiting Metelkova is like you’ve stepped into a sprawling art gallery where every style of street art holds sway. It’s bright, beautiful and a testament to the power of art.

But it’s not just art that dominates here. Just take a walk through the city and you’ll realize there’s something missing: cars, save for bicycles and kavalirs (electric cars that ferry around the elderly and disabled). This lends the city a fresh appeal that’s a far cry from what you’re used to and you wish you could linger here long after dark.

Beauty is in the eyes of…..all those who witness Metelkova’s visual delights


2) Yummy, Yummy, Yummy I’ve Got Love in My Tummy!

One of the best reasons to travel is to eat. Those who don’t indulge themselves are just losing out on the best things in life, don’t you agree? We’re not talking about stepping into a restaurant to grab a quick bite or getting something to-go. We’re talking a real gorge fest where all your senses are satisfied and Slovenia is the perfect place for this. Burek, potica pastry and foods you’ll only find in certain locations and nowhere else will have you craving for more.

If money is no object, a private food tour of some of the best food regions in Slovenia is the perfect way to eat your way through. As you sample traditional flavors with hints of Italian and Austrian influences, your guide will introduce you to the rich culture and history of the land. You’ll sit down for a meal at a traditional restaurant where the old methods of cooking produce culinary delights to make you swoon.

Forget about your waistline; indulge each of your senses!


3) What’s The Color of The Sky?

It’s a no-brainer and something you don’t really think about. But in Ljubljana, the sky is a reminder of the many shades of blue that change without a moment’s notice. Martin Bricelj Baraga’s Cyanometer is arresting in its contemporariness. As you stand in front of the mirror-like structure, you notice the sky going from an azure blue to celeste, navy and black as day turns to night.

Cyanometer is mesmerizing. Whether you’re passing by when the sky is overcast or when the sun is shining bright, it never fails to take your breath away. And it’s not just a thing of beauty too; the structure records the quality of the air. A testament to how seriously Slovenia takes its commitment to being a green destination. Yet another reason to travel to this often overlooked country!

Reflections of space and time


4) Where Elegant Horses Command All Your Attention

Few animals make you stop dead in your tracks faster than a horse. And in Lipica, you can bear witness to these majestic creatures. The world famous horses captivate with their beauty and agility and watching them and learning about them is an experience to remember.

The green landscape of Lipica is stunning and exploring it in a horse-drawn carriage gives you a whole new perspective. It takes you back in time before cars became ubiquitous and you realise how nice it is to slow down and stop to connect with your surroundings.

Poetry in motion – that’s what Lipizzan horses are!


5) An Ancient Vine That’s Seen It All

Imagine having lived through the Ottoman invasion, World War II and many historic moments. That’s over 400 years! Well, there’s one thing that has but it’s probably not what you think it is. Head to Lent in Maribor and you’ll find it: the Old Vine that even has its own museum. Each year, wine lovers come together to pay tribute to this piece of history and if you’re one too, you can’t afford to miss it.

Slovenia’s rich wine culture offers you the chance not just to sample different wines but to explore wine routes, wineries and learn about the region’s wine history. Picturesque locales that make you want to sit down and paint or photograph the lush landscape; traditional meals and local wines that leave you feeling satisfied to the brim – this is where you come to truly relax.

History is alive in Lent, Maribor


6) Relax in Beer And Wine

Yes, we actually mean in. You may know beer and wine only as drinks to relax with but in Lasko and Ptuj, Slovenia, you can feel their healing effects, just not necessarily by drinking them. Wine saunas and beer spa treatments will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed, which is exactly what you need to continue your adventures in Slovenia! And if you’re eager for more wellness and spa therapies, you can book a treatment at Sava Hotels & Resorts where Prekmurje herbs soak your body in healing goodness.

Goodness in a barrel. Of the healthy kind!


7) A Lacy Affair Coated in Sweetness

Sugar and starch woven into intricate designs that would fool you into thinking they’re actual lace. That’s what Katja Richter of the bran LACEnia has created and if you’re in Slovenia and are looking to sample something  unique and delicate, her creations will have you in seventh heaven. Seeing the lace carefully placed on cupcakes, muffins and coffee, you’ll think twice before eating it. You don’t want to ruin a good thing but you can’t help but reach for it and savor it.

Delicate creations you’ll want – and not want – to eat


8) The Sky is Your Dining Room – Quite Literally!

Culinary experiences aren’t just about food but you already know that if you’re a foodie. It’s about all your senses being stimulated. Dvor Jezersek guarantees to do that with its unusual dining choices, some hosted in a cable car! Image sitting down to a feast with clouds lazily floating by overhead and the city laid out below. It’s an experience you really don’t want to miss! And if you’d rather be closer to the ground, Dvor Jezersek also arranges boat dining and dining in an open market.

Dining in a restaurant is so passe; dine in the sky instead!


Slovenia is an adventure-filled destination and you have only to search a little to find experiences that are one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s exploring the wine regions and finding idyllic locales perfect for photo ops or seeing the sky beautifully reflected on ground, there’s excitement at every turn.