(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

With the internet flushing with some of the exotic destinations, I am sure most of you have been searching for some destinations with extra spice.  There is no second guessing that definitely you want to explore the sin cities. It’s time to break free and let go of yourself. Whatever you have in your mind, there is no holding back. Be it the walking street in Pattaya or the carnival capital Rio De Janerio, you will be famished with these cities. I tell you guys, don’t tell mama about these places. 😛 😛

What’s more in these Sin Cities is that you can pursue your vice and get high while smoking up. Sounds crazy right? Well then check out these Sin cities which are the most liberal places on the planet and nothing is taboo.

1. Pattaya, Thailand

You Can Never Take Your Eyes Off the Streets Here!


Source: retoxpattaya

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2. Manama, Bahrain

Get Ready for a Beer Spree!

3. Moscow, Russia

Once A Gambler, Always A Gambler!

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4. Las Vegas, USA

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas!

Source: game-lab.net

5. Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Care to head out for topless beaches!

Source: photo.sf.co.ua

6. Berlin, Germany

Be carefree while you enjoy the burlesque performances

Source: i.ytimg

7. Tijuana, Mexico

Be the saint or the sinner

Source: c2.staticflickr.co

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

How High Are You? Oh! Hi, How Are You?

Source: wallpapers.ws

9. Macau, China

Eat. Sleep. Gamble. Repeat.

Source: cnbc.com

10. Kingston, Jamaica

Once Again Let’s Say Cause We Are Young And Wild And Free!

Source: pinimg.com

11. New Orleans, Louisiana

Let The Good Times Roll


12.  Hamburg, Germany

Indeed, We Can Say It’s A Sin City!

Source: drinkadvisor.com

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