(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

The most Magical time of the year is just around the corner. This is when the entire landscape of Europe is decked out in all its holiday finery with the aroma of Christmas trees and the tunes of jingle bells. For the idyllic Christmas celebrations to enchant you like you are living in a Disney movie, Europe is certainly the best place to be.

Make your wish to Secret Santa come true this year and take a vacation in Europe’s most magical destinations. Here’s top 11 places in Europe worthy to skip town this Christmas:


1. Hamburg: Germany’s Gateway To The World


Why to Skip Town for Christmas here?

Make a toast to the enthralling festive spirit in Hamburg to experience the winter magic in the Hanseatic City. With bustling markets, twinkling Christmas decorations, delicious delicacies and the fairy-tale like scenes, Hamburg is something you’ll surely never forget this time of the year.


Indulge in shopping your heart out the along the vibrant streets of Hamburg or revel in the air that smells of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine, Hamburg is a delight for all Christmas lovers.


In Hamburg, one can find the resonance of its vibrant culture and amazing sights coming alive in all the places where you look for an accommodation. If you’re looking for something unique and resplendent to appreciate the revelries, then homestays in Hamburg are your best bet to make your Christmas unforgettable.


Explore the Serenity of Hamburg

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Hamburg’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:

Take a lively stroll to the Hamburg Town Hall Christmas Market for your splendid antiques and the latest fashion trends. To enjoy the enchanting winter atmosphere in Hamburg, one can enjoy a mug of glühwein on a lake Alster boat tour or you could visit a Christmas exhibition in one of the city’s museums.

To add some festive treat to the eyes, Hamburg is best known for its Christmas parades and the whole city is dotted up with illuminating attractions.


2. Lille: France’s Cultural Hub


What makes Christmas Best time to visit here?

Cherish your Christmas break at Lille browsing through the lively Christmas markets and gorging on some sumptuous French dishes this year. The warm and festive atmosphere with colourful facades sets a brilliant sparkle to the magical ambience of this amazing city.

Lille turns into a winter wonderland during Christmas and the best places to be are
Grand’Place with the enthralling Ferris Wheel and the ornate Christmas tree. Just a few metres from Grand’Place, you can find Place de Rihour overflowing with the finest Christmas decorations crafted by artists as far away as from Poland, Russia and Canada.

Whether it is comfort or luxury you’re seeking, Lille is replete with fantastic accommodations to help you take delight in French revelries. One can find some great value for money holiday rentals throughout the city to soak in the Christmas joy.


Have a Taste of Fineries of French Culture

Lille’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:

After the joie de vivre in Lille, you can make a stop at Bruges known for its wonderful Christmas market. Wander through medieval cobblestoned streets rejoicing the Christmas spirit or lose yourself with a few cups of the best cocoa in Bruges to take home some unforgettable memories.


3. Barcelona: The Paris of Spain



Why Holiday here on Christmas?

Barcelona turns into a brilliant spectacle as the Christmas revelers round up to celebrate. Barcelona hosts the best Christmas festival with concerts, nativity scenes, markets and fun fairs leaving a smile on everyone’s face.


Take a tour of Fira de Santa Llúcia Christmas market, find your Christmas tree ornaments and gifts next to Sagrada família, indulge in street food and music at Van Van Passeig de Gràcia and finally call it a night with a midnight mass in the churches of Barcelona.

Explore the local culture of Barcelona and enjoy a lovely holiday with friends and family on your Christmas retreat. At various homestays in Barcelona, you can enjoy your favourite festival while you explore the breath-taking city.


Revel in a Classic Holiday at Barcelona


Barcelona’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:

Add some charm to your Christmas celebrations with a quick sojourn to Berguedà from Barcelona. Well known for its traditional festivities, the city is often visited by tourists for Fia-faia, held every Christmas Eve in Bagà and Sant Julià de Cerdanyola. If you’re looking for a more sombre experience, then Costa Maresme is the best place to go from Barcelona.


4. London: The Grand Old Town of England


What makes Christmas Magical here?

London makes it a holiday to remember when you’re there for Christmas. From Christmas markets and Christmas shopping in London, to ice skating rinks, Winter Wonderland and festive events, London reverberates with everything Christmassy.


The iconic metropolis puts up spectacular displays whether it is the twinkling lights of West End, Christmas tree of Trafalgar Square, a meet with Santa in the departmental stores or the most awe-inspiring Christmas carols on London streets.


If you’re looking to celebrate a Christmas holiday like the locals appreciating all the traditions and festivities, it is best to book a homestay to feel at home. London is abound with every kind of stay differing from the unique and regal to economical and comfy.


Relish resplendent Christmas festivities in London

London’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:


Enjoy an extended London holiday at Lincoln to appreciate the finest remnants of history while the city is packed up with Christmas joy. Over Christmas, the town heats up with a magical market that showcases the finest local cuisine and crafts.


You should also visit the Cathedral and the Norman Castle that offer a setting for a vibrant, festive season in one of the prettiest urban settings in the UK.


5. Paris: A Romantic Rendezvous in France


How the most Enchanting Christmas celebrated here?


The City of Lights is one of the best places to be on Christmas eve in Europe.  Markets, Nativity scenes, merry-go-rounds and a host of other activities and events take over the city, offering fun for all the family.


The festive spirit of Paris comes alive with its gourmet food put up at the finest restaurants, plethora of chocolates to sample, Christmas concerts and endless shopping at Paris’ Christmas markets.


Exuding romance from every corner, there are many homestays in Paris that will capture your imagination. Paris has an array of luxury villas where you can stay and appreciate all the good things in life while Santa delivers your Christmas wishes.


Find your Heavenly Abode in Paris

Paris’ Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:


Continue your wonderful celebrations from Paris to take a day long excursion to experience the best of Versailles or taste the stars in the legendary Champagne Region of France as you wander through the Roman chalk caves of Grand Maisons de Champagne.


Take a short detour to the French countryside to Chateau de Fontainebleau to see Napoleon’s lavish apartments and take delight in a gourmet lunch. Visit an open-air market, shop for your favourites and spend some time at the festive skating rinks for the best Christmas.


6. Rome: Italy’s Ancient City With A Modern Twist


Why to Skip Town for an Italian Christmas?


From the taste of culture to the taste of Italian delicacies, Rome is a special experience for anyone on Christmas. Whether it comes to Christmas markets or the finest Christmas trees, Rome puts up the best show. To top of the entertainment, Rome’s theatres live up to the artistic spirit.


Italians pride themselves on their crib scenes and people flock here to listen to the Pope’s Christmas greetings. Christmas in Rome is a fantastic time to visit because it lands you in a city completely different to the summer-time, museum trek, tourist-heavy version.


Relax and unwind at your vacation in Rome while you cherish the best European Christmas. Rome certainly lives up to the hype on providing amazing homestays for the weary travellers looking to invigorate with the magical festive spirit.


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Rome’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:

Spend some magical time of Christmas in Naples to witness the epicentre of Italy’s Nativity scene tradition and be enthralled by the myriad detailed figurines to adorn your Christmas tree. Taste the traditional delicacies and explore the brilliantly lit historic centre of the city. Christmas eve in Naples brings a colorful, lively atmosphere in the streets of the city, with its folklore and artistic sense.


7.  Zagreb, Croatia: City With A Heart


Why Holiday here on Christmas?


The Croatian capital of Zagreb is visited by millions of tourists during the time of Advent to get a taste of its most enchanting atmosphere. The city streets and squares invite you to let your hair down and partake in singing, dancing, and other kinds of entertainment with family and friends.


It boasts of the title of ‘Best Christmas Market’ and the fantastic celebrations add to the special ambience. Events range from sport activities, art shows, workshops, education to outdoor music gigs and dancing as the fun culminates into a grand celebration in Zagreb.


In Zagreb, tourists can enjoy a fantastic range of homestays that suit everyone’s needs and wishes. From cozy apartments in the heart of the city to the serene villas located on the outskirts, there’s something for everyone when it comes to finding the best accommodation in Zagreb.


Enjoy the most Unforgettable Staycation in Croatia


Zagreb’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:


For a short break from all modern festive revelries of Zagreb, Bratislavia is the perfect setting to capture the old world charm. The town lights up on Christmas with makeshift markets, spiced wines and dozens of colourful stalls to brighten up the landscape.


The Christmas atmosphere is complemented by music performance on the Main Square. For fans of ice skating, rinks can be found on Hviezdoslavovo Square and Primatial Square while the winter evening is illuminated by thousand twinkling lights in Bratislavia.


8. Nice: A Crown Jewel Of France


Why Skip Town for A Christmas in Nice?


Ring in the festive season at Nice in France for Christmas celebrations with plenty of fun, unusual and traditional events taking place throughout the festive period. Its major highlight is the Christmas Village Market which recreates a typical winter landscape with an enchanted forest made up of 600 fir trees.


Take a ride on the big wheel to appreciate the fabulous views of the town or take part in the ‘ice breaker’ swim challenge on the coast of Nice. Christmas in Nice also houses fun games for children, ice rinks to glide through and the most spectacular show of lights and decorations.

Take your loved ones to Nice and feel the magic of the tranquilizing ambiance of the city help you unwind. The various homestays in Nice exude the serene vibes which the city is famous for. From budget stays to luxury getaways, tourists can relish an unforgettable vacation in Nice.


Find your Peace in Nice

Nice’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:


Complete your Christmas holiday by joining in the sparkling festivities of French Riviera with a day trip from Nice. The mild weather and all the pleasures of the Cote d’Azur makes up for an altogether unique celebration of Christmas here.

Watch gleaming yachts bobbing in the harbour in Antibes and St-Paul de Vence. Walk the red carpet of Cannes and behold the panoramic views of the splendid Mediterranean coastline for a balmy Christmas on the Mediterranean coast of French Riviera.


9. Vienna: An Artistic Treasure of Austria


If there’s one thing that can be rendered indisputable is that Vienna puts on a lavish, magical display of Christmas joy. Vienna’s Christmas markets will leave you spoilt for choice while you try to resist the temptations of culinary cravings here.


Vienna’s Christmas lights glitter without being glitzy and the nativity scenes boasts of cultural expression. Many museums, palaces and other attractions stay open throughout the Christmas period to offer the best Christmas entertainment in Vienna.

Vienna is a beautiful place to cherish things like where you get to stay due to the vibrant ambience of the city. Tourists can find a wide array of accommodations in Vienna coming at all sorts of prices and amenities, but the thing that’s for sure is that there’s a lot of fun in store for you.


Marvel at the Creative Wonders of Vienna

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Vienna’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:


As the festive eve of Christmas heralds, Salzbrug, located near Vienna is the place to conjure the fairy tale like atmosphere with its Christmas markets, Advent concerts and folk customs. Stroll around the charming alleys of Salzburg’s city centre or track down the origins of the most famous Christmas carols at the “Silent Night” museum in Salzburg.


10. Copenhagen: Denmark’s Pristine Getaway

What makes Christmas Magical in Copenhagen?

Oozing with vibrancy and festive spirit, Copenhagen turns out to be a real Christmas city for your next holiday. Take a stroll in the Christmas markets at Trivoli Gardens or sample some Danish delicacies in Copenhagen while you get at Restaurant Kronborg.

Explore the breathtaking visual delights at Nyhavn to the blanket of lights under Kronprinsensgade, enjoy mulled wine at Hotel d’Angleterre or visit Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas tables, you’ll be totally enchanted in this beautiful city.

If you fancy a rejuvenating break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can find various places in Copenhagen to forget all your worries and take joy in the little things of life. The homestays in Copenhagen offers an idyllic getaway to relive the holiday spirit over and over.


Embark on a Luxurious Vacay in Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:

Enjoy your Christmas break in Copenhagen with a day trip to the sunny island of Bornholm. Try one of the Christmas markets, explore the beautiful nature of the island, try an art exhibition, enjoy Christmas services in the churches of the island, the Christmas cavalcades with the Promenade Orchestra of Copenhagen.


11.  Prague: A Cultural Voyage


What makes Prague a Hotpsot for Christmas eve?

Appreciate the old world charm of this iconic town while you soak in the Christmas spirit at Prague. Prague shines bright on Christmas eve with its impressive Christmas markets at the Old Town Square with plenty to eat and drink for tourists.

Whether it is sightseeing in Prague, an opera in full swing, a classical concert or just leisurely stroll along its charming lanes, it all becomes another-worldly sight to behold when you are there during Christmas.

In Prague, one can find a range of accommodation suiting every pocket and every vacation goal. From high end luxury to the budget deals for backpackers, Prague is a best match for every Christmas reveller.


Rejoice in Christmas Fun at Prague

Prague’s Quick Getaways To Complement Christmas:

Only a 3 hour drive away from Prague, one can make merry in Berlin to soak up the Christmas spirit. It hosts the most attractive Christmas markets with a festive mix of culinary delights, carousels, ice skating and so much more. You’ll enjoy discovering rides, mulled wine and traditional toys among many other gifts here.