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When it comes to connecting cords between two lovers the first word that comes to our mind is ‘Special’. With romance steaming high it’s time for the lovebirds to explore the most exotic destination they have been planning for long. And nothing matches well than the dreamlike romantic getaways in Bali. With a laid back atmosphere and soulful surrounding Bali serves as the perfect getaway for couples. 

Whether it is a honeymoon or a romantic escape, one thing is for sure that the romantic Bali Island will surely leave a ‘Cupid’s Stamp’ on you. There is no doubt as to why Bali is called the ‘Lovers Paradise’. No matter if you have just fallen in love or are married for couple of years, here are some of the best experiences that prove Bali certainly one of the favourite destination for honeymoon.

1. Break the waves as you Cruise through the Blue Ocean



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Your Bali trip would not be complete without heading out for a mesmerizing cruise and exploring the crystal clear blue waters. If you are planning for some reduction then the turquoise water of the Crystal Bay gives you the perfect backdrop for that majestic feeling. Also don’t miss a chance to visit the mesmerizing sister island Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

And while you are in the waters how can you miss surfing and diving deep into the ocean. The very thought of it gives a chill, isn’t it? Be it snorkelling, diving or cruising there are ample romantic experience in Bali that will get her head over heels in love with you. So just ‘Capture it, remember it’.

2. Sing by the seashore on a Romantic Dinner Date


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What could be more special than a romantic dinner by the seashore while enjoying the soothing music of the waves touching the shore? With the ideal setting and the coaxing dusk, enjoy a mouth-watering supper with your adored one.

It is said Jimbaran’s lovely white sandy shoreline and renowned fish suppers are not to be missed – the quintessential toes-in-the-sand eating background. The beach fronts of Canggu and Jimbaran are two destinations not to overlook when seeking the right place for a romantic dinner.

3. Never-ending stories of the Fireflies


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From the moment you arrive in Bali enjoy a welcome assault on the senses at every turn: the call of ancient temples; majestic mountains and serene green rice fields; the exotic sounds of foreign tongues and distant gamelan music; the powerful aroma of flavours blended with the fragrance of a hundred sorts of flowers.

What could be a perfect romantic holiday then this? Catching fireflies is something which we all loved to do during our childhood. Well, then why not repeat it again while you are in this majestic island. Ubud is one such place where you can go out for an evening firefly tour where you can catch some fireflies with your loved ones. Feel like the movies as you catch this creature and click some memorable pictures.

4. Kiss the sunrise with a Trek to Mount Batur

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How about the trek in the night under the gleaming stars shining bright at night? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Here is it, head out for an exciting night trek to Mount Batur and greet the glorious sunrise which will be a lifetime experience.

For the photography lovers, this will be a double treat as you can capture some of the best shots of the sunrise. Get closer to your loved one as you through trek through the uneven path. To make your trek more special take the route which is not much used by the people. This is definitely one of the best romantic experiences in Bali.

5. Feel young again with a majestic Couple Spa

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Well after spending a night ascending the volcanic mountains you will definitely be tempted to spend your day inside the room. Guys, yeah you guessed it right! A romantic couple spa will be your saviour. What could be fascinating than an exotic massage with a resource of hundreds of essential oils and natural ingredients?

Lose yourself as you enter this haven and the sweet aroma of the scented candles and the flowers will lure you away. It is said that the Balinese use various massage techniques which are very good for the blood flow and pains in the body.You can enjoy various therapeutic massages and spa treatment and make your summer time sweet with your special one beside you.

6. Propose with a self-made jewellery piece

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Now if you are tired about the same old beaches, mountains and want something different for your romantic Bali retreat then this will definitely cheer you up. How about gifting your beloved with a special jewel designed by you. Amazing right? Well, Bali is very famous for local craft which had been a hit among the people from a long time.

Carve your name in jewellery or make a love band with your names and gift it to your partner which will definitely make her feel special. This will be quite an offbeat romantic track where you can also get the traditional Balinese touch. Capture that candid moment while you gift your beloved with something unique which you have created.

7. Head out for a Helicopter tour in Bali

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Imagine getting a bird’s eye view of the amazing Bali Island from the top. Make your Bali adventure more hideous with this unique experience and enjoy the true beauty by a helicopter. This is one of the most sought romantic things to do in Bali. Marvel at the breath-taking view of the island as you fly through Uluwatu temples and enjoy the spectacular Bali coastline.

While you pass the Uluwatu temple you will be amazed by the sight of the limestone cliff towering 90 meters above the Indian Ocean.  As you slowly move your helicopter through south you will get the view of the Jimbaran Bay and Dreamland surfing beach makes it one of the most sought beaches while in Bali. Also, fly over the Bukit and Nusa Dua beach which gives you the most majestic view.

8. Prepare some  best dishes in Balinese Cooking Classes

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Wait!  Are you think we are done yet? Nope not at all. Check this things which is a must do on your Bali’s romantic retreat and I guess for the foodies another heaven. While you are in Bali you can never miss out to try the cooking classes and that too on your honeymoon. It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

So pretty ladies what are you waiting for? Make your beloved one the happiest with a tasty treat which he will talk about everyday once you leave Bali. Fill your stomach with all the delicious Indonesian cuisine and meet different people which will definitely make your day.

9. Escape to the countryside with a Bali Cycle tour

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For the fun-loving couples, this will be one of the best things to do in Bali on your Bali romantic retreat. Break away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and head out for a cycle ride through the countryside. Sound interesting right. Breath in the fresh countryside as you ride through the coffee and cocoa plantation, native villages and the breathtaking valleys.

As you ride further you will be amazed to see the lush green forest and the emerald green rice fields. What could be a better life than this as you ride through the amazing sights singing your heart out with your beloved?

10. Get close with the Elephant Bath

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Well, let’s get deviate from the usual activities and try something usual. How about bathing with the wisest being on earth. Make your morning special as you ride on the elephants and reach the lake. And once you are there experience the joy as you can see the elephants romp and play, splash, and dunk in their bathing lake which is said to be one of the most favourite rituals of the day.

Feed, wash and caress the elephants along with your loved one. What more! Enjoy a lavish breakfast as the elephants soak up and dry off in the dazzling morning light. You can also head out for an Elephant ride through the lush green jungle of Taro.

11. Morning calls for a Sunday Brunch


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Your Sunday morning in Bali will be very dull without trying a mouth-watering brunch with your special one. Bali is basically a famous destination which is known for its delicious cuisine. Relax and head out for a brunch in the cafes in Seminyak which is a hit among the people. It is said that the Seminyak beachside cafes and restaurants are filled with people from all over the world.

With the cosy ambience and the fantastic views, this morning brunch will surely make your day more fascinating. Soak in the beauty of the surroundings and get cosy with your with a cup of tea by the beachside. The best thing about these cafes is the price which is very considerable.

12. Feel the adrenaline rush with White water River Rafting


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Wait, guys! we have saved the best one for the last. If you love spending some time with nature then this will be one of the best romantic places to visit in Bali.  Head out for an extravagant white water river rafting in Ayung River which is one of the longest rivers in Bali. Break the waves and overcome your fears as you try this exciting activity.

And the best thing is you are with your beloved so what’s more. Feel the thrill as the cold water splashes on your face and row through the currents.  Get tanned as you feel the heat of the sun on your skin and listen to the noise of the gushing waters which will make it more romantic.

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