(Last Updated On: May 4, 2015)

Next time, if you happen to see your Mom or Dad making that grumpy face after you pay bills online, don’t get shocked! They are from the generation, where even planning a road trip was almost similar to launch a satellite in the space!

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Unlike today, things were not the same in the yester years! Especially when it was about planning a road trip, people in the 90s had to crack the rock and undergo a lot of hardships! From deciding the destinations to finding the routes, gathering the necessary commodities to execute the trip properly; everything were so tough and challenging in the 90s!
In case, you are one of those, who underwent through all these exciting challenges, relive your nostalgic moments you had during your road trips; and if not, know about how road trips were different in the 90s:

  1. Get Started With The Plan


    Image Credit: Alejandro – Flickr

    How hard life can be without ‘internet’? Forget an entire life, just assume the world without internet for just an hour! Well, whatever be the duration, life without the cult called internet is near to impossible!
    Things were pretty different back in the 90s! Now, when just a click on a platform like ‘facebook’, ‘flickr’ or others can bring us all the information about any road-trip, it was not the same in the 90s. People had to toil themselves day and night in order to get the exact info about routes, the break points or the food joints.

  2. Map Reading was a Compulsory Drill


    Image Credit: Virginia Guard Public Affairs – Flickr

    Do you still think map-reading is the skill of army men? If yes, then you must ask someone from the 90s and clear your notions! Back in the 90s, almost everyone knew the art of map-reading. After all nothing like ‘google maps’ existed back then.

  3. Getting Lost Despite Of The Route Map


    Image Credit: Lυвαιв – Flickr

    Even after the thorough homework on the route maps, getting lost on the way was inevitable in the 90s! And during these times, the locals came as the rescuer. However, relying completely on the locals was also a big question!

  4. Road Trips Truly Meant Fun and Not Traffic Jams


    Image Credit: Kiran Jonnalagadda – Flickr

    Road trips during the 90s were only about freedom of mind and soul! People back then were nowhere familiar about traffic-jams or road blocks. All they knew, was drive or ride as your heart says, have all the fun and thrill on the trip and make it awesome at every single move!

  5. Listening Music Had an Eternal Bond with Pens & Pencils

    You might wonder how music can be related with pens and pencils on a road trip! Well, in order to get the answer, you must ask this question to any trippers who had a soft corner for music in the 90s.

    Image Credit: RHiNO NEAL – Flickr

    It was the age, when the world was not aware of any smart music players or iPods other than the ‘Walkman’. And to be more efficient with operating the Walkman; to save the energy cells, people had to take out the audio cassettes and manually rewind them with the help of a pen or pencil!

  6. The Hot And Thirsty Rides


    Image Credit: Gabriel Jorby – Flickr

    Not conventionally, but the rides during the late 90s used to be very hot…literally! Doesn’t matter how long you drive or ride, those engines always had a craving for smoke and water. Feed them the proper dose of water, and they will take you to your destination without emitting any smoke!

  7. Ask Them about Toll Booths

    In the modern times, Toll Booths keep following us! No matter, you are in a rush or can’t afford to reach the destination without any delay, these so called booths will make you wait till you pay the toll!

    Image Credit: Paul Hamilton – Flickr

    Things were not the same back in the 90s. It was the era, where people just needed to have a plan in mind, destinations to reach and the never-ending fun on the way! Toll booths and the extended queue in front of it were purely, totally and entirely unknown to the road-trippers of 90s.

  8. Fuel Cost No Fortune

    As seen in the last few years, fuel prices are shooting up high in the sky. With such a rise, even before we plan the trip, we were forced to postpone it!

    Image Credit: Ian Britton – Flickr

    Now, if you rewind the tape and go back to the 90s, you will realise why road trips were so fun and thrilling during those days. It was that golden era when fuel charges were so negligible, one could have get their engines refuelled at the cost of two chocolate bars!

  9. Where Have All The Mechanic Shops Gone?

    Today, we are living in a world, where a mobile app is enough to manage life. Even when it comes to call for a mechanic to fix the broken engine, we have a blissful life!

    Image Credit: David – Flickr

    But talking about the 90s, things were not at all the same! People back then had to rely solely on themselves and call in for a mechanic. And yes, they themselves had to walk all the haunted miles to look for a mechanic; it was just an added amount of fun in the reverse direction!

  10. The Note-Book


    Image Credit: e_walk – Flickr

    Have you seen how the computers of the yester years look liked? If yes, then you must be aware, it was next to impossible to carry them along a road trip unlike nowadays. In the 90s, the road trippers had to rely solely on their manual notebooks in order to keep a track of the route, their every movement and especially the location of the important landmarks on the way.

    If now also you think, we are living in the most exciting age, think about it again! The era that passed by, had a lot to enjoy, feast and cherish; Road Trips being one of the most exciting and enjoyable one!