(Last Updated On: February 2, 2017)

Usually, road trips are meant to be exciting and happening as well. Friends along, wide-open roads, new places to discover, plenitude of expectations and what not! But wait…this is not it!

The realities of road trip are way different than what is usually expected. To be more precise, all our expectations from a road trip can come true only in the movies and not in real life.

Here are the 13 funny examples of expectation vs. reality on a road trip. Check out, how many came true during your last trip:

  1. Peace of mind

    Expectation: One of the main reasons you planned this trip: you want peace of mind away from all the hassles. And you will achieve this without a fail!

    m_Peace of mind Exp

    Reality: Just drive/ride away from the town and random calls from office, family members and boy/girlfriends will surely put a full-stop to your peace of mind.

    Peace of mind

  2. No Honking

    Expectations: It’s a road trip; expecting hassle free roads and no honking are obvious! You will not give in to road rage.


    You break your own rules of less honking as someone cuts you off, and you become a monster.

    No Honking

  3. Music

    Expectation: Music is in fact the first element for every road-trip. You will sing in the car, not caring what other people may think.


    Reality: You care what other people think.


  4. Lifts Along the Trip

    Expectation: There will definitely be someone gorgeous asking lift from you!

    m_Lifts Along the Trip Exp

    Reality: Yes, there are plenty of by-passers asking lift from you. However, none of them matches your expectations!

    m_Lifts Along the Trip

  5. Fun and Adventure

    Expectation: Today will be the day, when you can hit the top-speed and drive/ride the entire way to your destination!

    m_Fun and Adventure Exp

    Reality: Just 1 hour with the steering or accelerating the bike, and all the fun and all the expectation will turn out to be having zero resemblance with reality. Forget about the top-speed, you might even no longer wish to be in the driver’s seat!

    Fun and Adventure

  6. Back Home Thoughts

    Expectation: By now, you might have completed the trip and is at your destination. It’s the time to celebrate the new vicinity without any worries!

    m_Back Home Thoughts Exp

    Reality: Once you reach the destination, the holy thoughts- whether I have locked the main door, closed all the taps or might have left the gas open, starts conquering the mind. All you can do now is take a U-turn and end up arriving at your door-steps!

    Back Home Thoughts

  7. Inspiration from the Movies

    Expectations: Yes, most of our road trips are inspired from the movies. And in return, we do expect the smooth roads, stunning views around and a lot of exciting happenings!

    m_Inspiration from the Movies Exp

    Reality: Once you hit the roads, the only movie part you have: ‘all the characters and incidents shown here are purely a work of fiction and has no resemblance with anything called reality’. You’re the only one with a drivers license, so you do all the driving.


  8. Foods

    Expectation: It’s always that before starting the trip, you google up all the popular eateries along the way and you know, you are definitely treating yourself over there.

    m_rocky mayur kochi

    Reality: The tiredness and distance between two eateries are enough to make you change your plans and visit any of the local food-stalls.


  9. Travel Sickness

    Expectation: The thought- ‘Yes, I can make it to the final destination without even falling sick’, drives you all through the trip.

    m_Travel Sickness

    Reality: If not you, at least one from the group will be having a reason to take a break to clear up last night’s messy foods.

    Travel Sickness

  10. Long Drive/Rides without any Stoppage

    Expectation: All you plan for the trip is to drive/ride for 3-4 hours, enjoy the journey and then take a relaxing break for 30 minutes.

    Long Drive without any Stoppage Exp

    You stop every half an hour as one from the group needs to get a bit lightened!

    Long Drive without any Stoppage

  11. Trip Duration

    Expectation: A bit of googling before the trip, not only saves a lot of time but also gives you the exact duration of the trip.

    m_Trip Duration Exp

    Reality: Once you are on the road, you realise there are things called ‘flat tyres’, ‘toll booths’, ‘police check-points’ and blah blahs that brings in an added amount of time to your plans.


  12. Drive/ride Only Through Awesomeness

    Expectations: Before starting the trip, all that you plan is a drive/ride through lush greeneries, traffic-free and smooth roads.

    m_Drive Only Through Awesomeness Exp

    Reality: In reality check, you end up driving/riding through dusty and jam-packed roads.

    Drive Only Through Awesomeness

  13. Relaxation

    Expectations: At the end of the trip, you will be relaxing over or dozing off amidst charming and lush greeneries.

    m_Relaxation Exp

    Reality: Even before you reach your destination, the so called traffic, stupid drivers/riders on the streets and manholes in the middle of the roads make you feel exhausted!


Forget about all the myths, just plan a road-trip with your friends and family members. You will definitely be achieving what you had planned or aimed for!