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How bad can it be when life gives you one shocker after the other! This story is about a man who got divorced with his wife and apparently lost his job. Normally you would feel like your life is shattered, so did he felt. He needed to move on and get over this. And, when life gave him lemons, he didn’t make lemonade rather he made life take the lemons back!

He called up his friend and they decided to drop down everything and let it go. They got onto their motorcycles and decided to take an epic road trip. They rode North to the Alaskan Arctic until the road ran out. Yes, the road that led to the end of the world! And they shared their entire journey by taking beautiful and amazing pictures.

They departed from San Francisco with some heavily loaded bikes.


They camped with their friends on the first night and made it to Oregon next morning.


They witnessed some breathtaking sceneries. Crater Lake, Oregon…


… and it has ridiculously awe-inspiring beauty.


Apart from serene landscapes, snow-capped mountains, Oregon had some carving rocks. This is Smith Rock.


The road seemed endless and life seemed beautiful. They headed Portland…


… and when their gas and gear ran out, they had to make some friends over there!


Sometimes when there’s no road ahead, you need to get a ferry!


Nature was all around them and had become their best companion.


The sky never looked so mesmerizing before! Canada was just a few miles away.


Making new friends is always so amazing, especially those who invite you along on a massive illegal bicycle rave!


If every morning gave you such magnificent views, who wouldn’t head the road ahead?


Surrounded by the wall of nature, in between the region of mountains. Tent sweet tent.


Passing through the mountains, they kept moving towards prairie of British Columbia…


… and later at night it was time to pitch a tent. Who would say that this is a 10 PM view?


Long, dreadfully boring roads up to Alaska at times meant relaxing with the hands up!


Well this is a cow pasture! Apparently they were chased off by a herd of curious cows and a big bull after this shot…


… and later at night because of a fence they were able to camp over there and have a peaceful sleep. Thanks fence!


Next morning, more towards north, and the first glacier merging through the sun rays. WOW.


Purely incredible scenery!


By the way they met some amazing local girls who were incredibly cool and showed them around. OH YEAH!


They returned the favor by giving one of them ride back home. Aww, the dog wants to do a handshake!


A small RV in the middle of nature’s beauty with new friends. Those rocks reminds me of Flintstones.


Look at those packed bags!


Sometimes there would be fallen trees to block their way. That didn’t stop them anyway!


A lovely ferry ride along the river!


The endless stretch of dirt road on the top of the World Highway.


And finally at Alaska!


The smooth buttery rides just started turning into more rough and tough…


… but beyond that was an inescapable beauty and vastness about the lower Alaskan landscape.


You hardly get to see old rail bridges with a combination of so much greenery.


They made it to the Arctic Circle but, they weren’t there yet! The destination still lies far ahead.


The foothills of the Brooks Range showed them the last mountain ridge they’d see until the Arctic Ocean.


They made it! Too freezing and cold to be excited. In the distance is the final human outpost before the Arctic Ocean: the Prudhoe Bay oil field and Deadhorse outpost.


And the happiness to ride back South the next day.


At this point the reason for their journey came rushing back!


The darkness and the lights. Breathtaking!


YAY! The view back home.


They headed back home, ready to tackle life again with a new vantage point. Their journey is over, but the memories will last a lifetime!


Here’s the complete album of their journey.
Three million people have shared their journey through these beautiful images. Wouldn’t you?

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