(Last Updated On: August 10, 2017)

Heading off to an adventure with nothing between you but the road and the promise of excitement – that’s what dreams are made of! Today’s empowered Indian woman and her newfound sense of adventure are blazing a trail in uncharted territories and setting an example for others to follow. Zipping across town, making her way through hills, rivers, jungles and more – she’s making good on her promise to give direction to her life. Matching her thirst for adventure is the Zest110, a powerhouse of a scooter that has everyone talking. With a well-engineered partner in crime by her side, there’s no place too challenging for the modern adventurer.

So what makes the Zest110 such a zesty and edgy sibling of the earlier versions? Find out here!

1) Adventure is not Easy. But Wheels make it Fun!



What’s an adventure without a few challenges to spice things up? The Himalayas have even experienced travellers scratching their heads sometimes but isn’t that part of the experience? Getting on the road to take on tight corners is more thrill than fear, however, if you have a trusted partner that guarantees superior stability – the Zest110. Imagine riding off to take on the rugged terrain of Ladakh and manoeuvring the high passes. Putting your riding skills to the test and meeting challenges head-on with a friend that helps you through – life on the road will never be the same and you’ll be left wanting more!

2) Who Says you Need Wings to Fly?



Ladakh’s steep inclines and treacherous roads are legendary but that’s half the fun. They’ve drawn people from far and wide eager to experience the ups and down and turns. With the Himalaya’s looming tall and arid mountains creating a stark yet stunning landscape, thoughts of danger won’t really be the first thing on your mind. Excitement will dominate and together with the Zest110, you’ll whizz by valleys and rocky outcrops with the road snaking out before you.

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3) What Makes it Vroom



So what really makes the Zest110 vroom? For starters, it’s the lightest scooter in its class and paired with the same engine that its predecessors have, this little mean machine will have you zipping to your destination in no time. A small turning radius lets you handle corners easily, which is perfect for those winding Ladakh roads.

Chilly climates can be hard on any vehicle and getting them to start is a pain. Yet, the Zest110 ensures that you don’t struggle to bring it to life even as you make your way to the Himalayas and its cold desert climate. The auto-choke system makes cold-starting so much easier so you can get it up and running in no time.

4) Keep your Kit Handy



What girl steps out of the house without her essentials in place? Whether you’re travelling to the hills or the coast, you need your must-haves with you. A road trip to the Himalayas may have you fretting over how to take your stuff – after all, you can’t be lugging kilos for days on end – but there’s really no need to worry. There’s plenty of space to store your belongings unless you plan to take everything you own with you! Put your worries to rest, hop on your ride and set off into the exciting unknown!

5) Flaunt those Flirty Curves



Who doesn’t like riding in style? Watching passersby turn in appreciation as you ride towards the towering Himalayas gives you a sense of pride. With the Zest110, you’re guaranteed second – no, third, maybe fourth – looks! The soft curves and trendy colours perfectly complement the easy handling and make travelling to the top of the country a smooth and unforgettable experience.

6) Shout out Loud



Getting to the world’s highest motorable pass is an indescribable feeling. Khardung La, for many, is too far and too tough to reach. Yet if challenges make your pulse race and get you eager to conquer them, this is the road trip you don’t want to miss out on. The Zest110 has been tried and tested along this same route and came out with flying colours. With you in control, there’s no terrain too difficult and no conditions too harsh. Let your sense of adventure take over and head off on one of the most exciting journeys you’ll ever take.

It’s been long in the making but women travelers in India are steadily forging ahead and breaking stereotypes. They’re beginning to grab the bull by the horns and go where they want to, how they want to. They’re living life on their own terms and owning their right to be happy and free. The Zest110 symbolises this new era. Here’s saluting the dawn of a new age, one where adventure and freedom prevail!

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